1. GB says

    Go Suze! Scare us into it. How did the economy survive for 200+ years without gay marriage? Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Audi-owner says

    Leave it to some c**ty f*g to make some ignorant,asinine comment about someone’s appearance. No wonder so many masc gay men despise the fems.

  3. Devonasa says


    The irony in your post is laughable. Talking about someone being ignorant, than in the same breath say “c**ty f*g”, and call out someone for being asinine, and then make an idiotic comment that generalizes and marginalizes gay men.

    Way to fight ignorance with ignorance, and stupidity with stupidity.

  4. Phil says

    She’s extremely articulate and an admirable leader. Too bad our community is always held back by shallow people who look at her hair rather than hear and comprehending the message. By the way, her hair is just fine.

  5. eb says

    People rip up superficial aspects of people all the time on here. It’s the first line of gay defense. Any gay in their right mind would attack a bi-level do in 2013. Seriously…must get back to tending to my “estate” Doomsday is always right around the corner with Ormon.

  6. T.J says

    @ Audi Owner

    You’re an idiot. Everything you just wrote proves what an idiot you are. Go off yourself you ignorant, brain dead bigot.

  7. Duration & Convexity says

    Want me to fill you in on a little secret on the comments section on this site?

    The same troll will make an outrageous comment about someone’s appearance as one handle, and that same troll will then respond to their own outrageous comment as another handle acting like they are so repulsed by the comment and proceeding to make a sweeping ignorant generalization about the gay community, and in Audi Owner’s case, femme gays as well.

    It’s a way to derail the conversation, troll, AND make gay men look bad while said person is just a troll.

    Audi Owner. We know your type here. You’re not even good at it.

  8. DaLurker says


    I agree. I’ve noticed that too. Someone makes a petty comment clearly trolling, like Josh, and instead of it going ignored, the person who responds soon after him uses the clear troll comment as a bait to bash the entire gay community. I’ve always found that and the timing a little convenient and wondered if it was the same poster making both posts.

  9. Gio says

    Audi Owner,
    How do you know a gay man wrote that post, much less a feminine gay man? You realize how many heterosexual conservatives pretending to be gay post in the comments on this site? You just showed your own prejudice and small mindedness with your comments.

  10. M says

    @ Gio
    Ummm Audi Owner IS one of those heterosexual conservatives pretending to be gay commenting on this site. It notoriously happens on here.

  11. Kevin says

    I really do wish Towle road would consider making it a policy to have people register and become members in order to post comments. Not only would it help curb the incredible trolling that takes place here but it would force people to be more accountable for their posts.

    Almost every LGBT blog, knowing so many trolls target our sites, now mandate user login either as a member of their blog or Face book, in order to comment on an article.

    On this thread alone here, the posters GB, EB and Josh consistently make troll like posts with an anti gay bias and snarky comments against any gay person, gay ally, or gay rights in general. It’s probably the same poster too, but since towle road allows it, we get to sit through all their trolling.

  12. Satyr Troll says

    let’s be honest.. it would be nice if she gets out of the miami vice style (eh, it feels very florida to me) – … it might have been trendy in the 80s, but it’s remake is just going to be a parody.

    the blonde on tan with a heavy chunk to the side that makes her look like the love child of mary jo buttafuoco (just after the gun shot) and tan mom.

    fit her up with a nice, dark burgundy.. maybe a little more of chocolate or brunette, less brassy than Sharon Osbourne — which incidentally, Mrs. Osbourne has had a similar hairstyle that could be a good fit.

    Just gingered enough to be accused of lacking of soul.

    (and that’s even without getting into the Georgia O’Keeffe style jacket that’s turning her into a talking vagina in those clips.)

    But her overall style is aging her by two decades… if she was ready to become a golden girl and settle into a retirement community or into a reality show on tlc it might get a free pass.

    And seriously, can we get some federal recognition already — stop wasting time pointing fingers at everything republicans have done since the dawn of the time and crack the whip for those supposedly working with us to stop throwing us under the bus or at the hands of individual states.

  13. Vincent says

    Thank Goodness for all the emerging new gay blogs on the net. While I like what Andy reports on, his site has gone to the trolls for sure! Whereas 4 years ago, this place was really the only gay blog for consistent updates and discussions; now there’s many more to choose from, with a great sense of community established within those participating in those blogs. Exact opposite of towle. I think the NOM crew figured how easy it was to manipulate the comments on this site, because it’s so easy to comment on this site, and had their sock puppets take over.

  14. GARY says

    I don’t care what Suze Orman looks like. Her information is spot on. I’m in the process of paying an attorney thousands of dollars to protect our estate, that if we were able to legally marry, would be a non-issue…the protections we must now pay for would be an automatic benefit.

  15. GARY says

    I don’t care what Suze Orman looks like. Her information is spot on. I’m in the process of paying an attorney thousands of dollars to protect our estate, that if we were able to legally marry, would be a non-issue…the protections we must now pay for would be an automatic benefit.

  16. pedro says

    I have decided that Josh is simply a mean-spirited person to be ignored. I do not know what some people get out of being vile over the internet. However…if it makes their lives more bearable, then may God bless them.

  17. Satyr Troll says

    Her advice is spot on … but we all know image matters.

    Even Rachel Maddow has made a radical transformation in the last few years — okay in reality, it was very gradual and subtle, but it was enough of a contrast that people sat up and took notice.

    just a slight edit… no surgery, no muss, fuss. And it did pay off just a little bit for her.

    It’s hardly insulting to suggest Suze could use a makeover or just a new hairstyle for someone who continually spreads a message of making a change… it might do her some good to take her own advice.

    Forget Ishmael, call me superficial.

    Try searching for a picture without some variation of that hairstyle. eh, there is one on her imdb page (reminiscent of an early kate gosselin and it does looks nicer) but still, I’m branding this as the feminine version of the donald trump comb over.

    *Also, I’m registered on plenty of sites … where I continue to roam wild and free with the other satyrs and trolls, if only to up the ratings for search hits and controversy.

    Are trolls really any worse than the ditto and bobblehead crowd? At least they get some kind of conversation started. Sure it’s a wet tshirt party in a flame war, but better than scrolling through twenty messages of self congratulatory claps about how they totally agree or booing (and then picking apart their looks) of those they don’t.

    (or meeting half on miracle whip and hairstyles.)

    ‘course I suppose I should take the time to enter the financial argument for marriage equality sometime or even the difference to a state’s budget if they were to include hate crime legislation, and the cost to the tax payers without it — at least when such crimes are investigated.

    But eh, hairstyles are easier to change.

  18. Fluffer says

    Why not concentrate on what people write, rather than who wrote it? You come off like small town gossips. It’s the content you need to ponder. This little world is so easy to send into a frenzy. Your speculation alone is hilarious. So easily baited.

  19. T.J says

    I have a policy of only reading and responding to posts by regular posters on here: Jamal49, Chi Town Kev, Francis, USC Trojans Fan, Duration & Convexity, David Eirhstien, Cali Ban, and a few more I’m forgetting. I ignore the regulars who always have something negative and snarky to say, and I figure all the “new handles” that pop up are the same poster. And they might as well be.

    If you focus strictly on the well adjusted gay posters, and not the trolls and self hating crowd, you’ll enjoy the experience. Although I will admit, those sites that have you login to a screename make for a more pleasant experience as they promote a sense of getting to know each other and eliminating trolls.

  20. Fluffer says

    Yes. Why not make it like a private club? Since you dreary snobs all seem to agree on everything. Many of the great gays have been witty bitches — least we forget. It comes natural to many. Better than segregating mundane –safe– socially agreeable thought. I’m doing my job, and being true to myself. It’s needed here. As the saying goes– F-you if you can’t take a joke. You all make it so easy! Thank you.

  21. my 2 cents says

    Rick…you sure ARE a Fluffer. I like this screename better than David Hearne. That was too generic. Fluffer suits you and your brain perfectly well.

  22. Nuffer says

    Fluffer: hows the ex gay conversion program coming along? we hear so many of you all end up taking your own lives. One can only hope, right?

  23. fluffer says

    Set back for Equality. Another death wishing, and totally wrong homo. But yet so “sure” about their comment. No conversion here.

  24. audi-owner says

    Sorry for my rude comment. I’m completely closeted, you see, and I get very angry whenever I see fems who are Out and have happy lives. My entire family and all of my friends hate fems, and I’m really effeminate deep down, and I have to pretend that I’m not in order for them to not hate me. It’s a hard way to live, and I apologize for projecting my hatred onto those fems. It’s not fem guys fault that my family hates my guts, after all. It’s my own, for being such a pissy little coward.

  25. uflyguy says

    I had to pay an extra $1200 in Federal taxes this year to cover my partners medical benefits and other benefits provided by the company that I wouldn’t have had to pay if we were able to be married.