1. ratbastard says

    Why is Phoenix so conservative on this issue? Are there a lot of evangelicals and Mormons there? Large conservative Hispanic population?

  2. ripper says

    You can’t be that dumb, Ratbastard. Oh, wait. Yes, yes, you are.

    Ignoring the fact that you carefully worded that comment to sneak in one of your patented race-baiting remarks, Phoenix, like southern Florida, is a retirement community. It is full of old people. There’s also a large Mormon population.

    Hispanics have little to no influence on Phoenix government.

  3. Lucas says

    Actually, the city of Phoenix itself is pretty liberal and progressive. It’s the surrounding suburbs that are packed with mormons and retirees.

  4. jakeinlove says

    Ratbastard: Yes, yes, yes. Also include a large portion of traditional old school racists, traditional GOP conservatives, and tea party lunatics.

    The desert sun has not done a lot of favors to the population here.

  5. ratbastard says


    Race baiting?

    1) Hispanics/Latinos are not a ‘race’

    2) Yes actually, I am ‘dumb’, i.e. ignorant of Phoenix and Arizona politics, but am aware there must be large numbers of:

    A) Moromons

    B) Hispanics [or I would think this would be the case since it’s like that everywhere in the southwest. And many new immigrant Hispanics are conservative on issues like homosexuality. And the type of Catholicism is very traditional, ALSO many Hispanics especially new immigrants are strongly attracted to Protestant evangelical / pentecostal churches.

    I understand the party line is we’re a beautiful mosaic of ‘oppressed’ so-called minorities, but reality,Ripper, is something else.

    C) I didn’t think of ‘old people’, which I assume you mean primarily those nasty, old white bigots….*sarcasm off*…but if their population trends old, then yes, that matters.

    And Ripper, I’m part Spanish….maybe not ‘Hispanic’ as Americans think of it, but never-the-less.