1. rdiac says

    Will many low-info conservatives realise that these guys are conservative stars? I’m not sure there was enough hyperbole to make it clear to LICs.

  2. MIke says

    Hey Tom, “Obozo” or whomever you are making up to misrepresent YOUR president never used an anti-gay political strategy for his personal political advantage. Revise history in your own mind as necessary to keep your sanity but the Bush presidency pushed for a Federal Marriage Amendment and its 2004 re-election strategy included putting Marriage Amendments on state ballots to bring out THEIR voters.
    False equivalency!

  3. NY2.0 says

    How convenient of them now that they have zero power or influence. The only reason Darth Vader supports same-sex marriage is because of his daughter, otherwise he wouldn’t give a rats behind.

  4. Icebloo says

    As much as I would like to see more support for marriage equality I still HATE these evil, backstabbing, self-serving pieces of sh#t.

    When they were in power they could have made a difference and they chose to go with the majority of Republicans and support hateful, anti-gay laws. Herd mentality. They didn’t have the balls to support us.

    Now they have nothing to lose they want to support us so we buy their new books.


  5. Mikey says

    Thanks but no thanks to these 3. Gays were nothing but villians when they were in power and trying to get votes and money. Now that they are no longer in power they admit that they don’t mind what gay people do. Guess what….we don’t need or want your support.

  6. Monrocsol says

    Why did they not talk when they were useful? Bunch of hypocrites. Laura and Cheney should have spoken out in 2004 when Idiot Bush, her husband was terrorizing the gay community.

  7. Jim in MA says

    Oh please! The only info I would like read about this group of horse’s arses is their obituaries. They had their time in power and did nothing but create war for the profit of their ‘job creator buddies’, screamed about protecting DOMA through each of their final fantasy elections and crashed they economy when they knew they would lose power.

  8. andrew says

    It was reported on Hardball tonight that Laura Bush has asked that her name be taken off these ads. Please don’t allow Cheney’s “liberal” position on gay marriage to allow you to forget that this FIVE Deferrments draft dodger during the Vietnam War is one of those most responsible for the deaths of thousands of U.S. Military and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis in the needless war to find the non existant weapons of mass destruction. In his youth he wanted nothing to do with war. In his middle and old age he loves military interventions. The difference is that now his butt is not on the line.