1. Jack M says

    So Pat is advocating the use of witchcraft to drive out evil spirits from inanimate objects?

    As far as clothing is concerned, I think some soap and water will do just fine. I feel sorry for that girl that wrote in with that question, who has to live with such a dangerous nutcase for a mother.

  2. Ryan says

    If the person who sent in that question is serious, someone needs to put them in a space shuttle and blast them off into orbit where we never have to hear from them again or, imaginary god forbid, let them reproduce. Seriously, this stuff makes me not want to be on this planet any more.

  3. gregorybrown says

    I think it’s great that PR can take time from the Great Cosmic Matters to answer a little, practical question. He’s a genuinely compassionate spiritual adviser. I feel better knowing that.

  4. e.c. says

    Why do I feel like that question was submitted by someone from someplace like The Onion just to see what sort of response it would get. It’s almost too ridiculous to be real.

  5. SC David says

    As the Rev is not one to let a business opportunity go by, will CBN be marketing some sort of Evil-Spirit-Be-Gone spray kit? For only $19.95 you too can have confidence that with a single spray any evil spirits attached to your used sweater will be cast off.

  6. StevyD says

    Ever since I was a young child (I’m now 55), I was taught the reasons why I should respect the elderly. When I hear this pathetic, vicious and obviously senile cretin, I totally find that none of those reasons apply.

  7. Book says

    Pat, I think you are confused. It was The One Ring. It was cursed by Sauron, not a witch. That was Mordor, not the Philllipines. And that wasn’t a girl affected by it, that was Elijah Wood. Sir, you have got to stop falling asleep with The Lord of the Rings playing on the TV.

  8. UFFDA says

    This is comedy from the all time straight man. God and he are Laurel and Hardy, Cheech and Chong. It’s so stupid…Sooooo Stooopid…gasp…we haaave to call it comedy.

  9. FFS says

    America’s fundamental problem is this: Getting convicted for possession of coke will strip you of your voting privileges, but nobody seems to have any objections against people who seriously believe crap like this having a say in who runs our country!

  10. susan j. sager says

    When I want a good laugh, I tune in to see what the latest comments are from the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson.

    Demon’s attaching themselves to thrift store clothing????????????

    I am laughing so hard I have tears on my cheeks.

  11. David says

    The follow up question that begs to be asked is…..If you buy your clothes at The Salvation Army are the demons pre-rebuked or should you still pray over them just in case?

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