1. Marc says

    That’s why it’s called “Peanut Butter” by RuPaul. Not “Peanut Butter” by The Cute Guys. Lol
    Although, I’m all for encouraging the cute guys to put out their own track. I’d gladly watch.
    Love me some RuPaul. She certainly knows how to celebrate life in all its silliness, sexiness and campiness. Sometimes a jelly-shake is just as important as anything written by Thoreau.

  2. Billy Crytical says

    I’ve never seen Ru with so much padding. It’s nice he went outside his comfort zone.

  3. Shaunie says

    YES! I knew this was a bounce song as soon as I heard it (on Drag Race). I didn’t even need Big Freedia to figure it out. <3

    Thanks for posting, Mr. Towle.

  4. don't a tell la says

    this is watered down sissy bounce. guess it will give rupaul some hip points and big freedia some exposure.

  5. QJ201 says

    ..I made the “peanut butter” hook a ringtone 2 months ago

    ..I find myself singing in head “must be jelly cause jam don’t shake” all the time

    …I want the mashup video of Peanut Butter with Ice Cream Truck