1. says

    Oh weird. That is my old apartment building that the WBC are standing in front of. It was a really nice place to live. I’m glad the students of Santa Monica HS aren’t putting up with their nonsense.

  2. GB says

    Following the fads. College kids never change. I wore a black arm band as a Freshman in High School. Damn if I remember what it was for. Life experience has a way of changing things.

  3. Caliban says

    This is why I think the WBC may be good for gay rights despite themselves. Who else could have motivated most of an entire school to demonstrate in support of gays? Nobody.

  4. ian says

    @ CALIBAN.

    you are exactly right. Haters have historically benefited those they sought to oppress. Look at what the attacks on African Americans during the 50’s and 60’s accomplished; they only benefited the civil rights movement. Hate is self defeating.

  5. says

    I agree Caliban. I think the WBC are one of the best things that happened to gay rights. Especially when they started protesting military funerals. The sort of ridiculous extremism they have been so openly promoting just seems absurd and hateful to even many conservatively minded people.

  6. bambinoitalianoba says

    WBC is like any reality star wannabe, there’s no bad publicity as long as you get your face infront of the public. People will slow down to look at a squashed squirrel in the middle of the road.

  7. UFFDA says

    WBC really is a good example of backfire. Is it possible that anyone would join them after their protests at military funerals or upon seeing their hateful public signage? Are they an organization that has grown in numbers?
    Extremism begets distaste and defence putting many on the alert for it in all things.

  8. Caliban says

    I agree, UFFDA. It’s not dissimilar to the effect the KKK had on racist rhetoric. The extremists actually become a moderating influence because nobody wants to sound like “those people.”

    Really the only difference between the WBC and groups like the AFA and their spokesman Tony Perkins is a matter of style and media-savvy, the “kinder, gentler” face of hate. But with the WBC as a shining example, even then many people see them as being on the same continuum and reject the message. Except for the hard core Evangelicals and fundies of course, who we weren’t going to win over anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong- the WBC is despicable. But ultimately I think their antics work in our favor. The gay community couldn’t have invented a better face for our enemy if we’d appointed a committee.

  9. Fensox says

    It’s presumptuous to think that “god = love”, you are doing the same thing as the WBC when they say “god hates fags”. God is made up so god could be anything.


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