1. QJ201 says

    If all the experts in science agree that homosexuality is not a choice and if the American Psychological Association (and others) denounce reparative therapy and toss out members who endorse it, then it is time for “educators” like this to have their teaching license revoked for promoting personal beliefs ahead of science. Same goes the anti-evolution “educators.”

  2. Rob says

    This is certainly a church and state issue. This teacher needs to be reprimanded and or fired. The damage she is doing to children is reprehensible! I wonder what witch doctor preacher is responsible for this woman’s oss of her career. She is done as an educator.

  3. John says

    So the kids who are developmentally challenged or have some type of birth deffect like Autism or Down Syndrome CHOSE to be that way too huh? Why would anyone choose to be autistic let alone homosexual? We are all born equal she says? We are all born different, it’s these edged up religious people who choose to be assholes

  4. Caliban says

    Nothing I have to say about these students and their “teacher” would make it past TR’s profanity blocking software.

    I’d hope even in Indiana this the swan-song for this stupid c*nt’s public education career.

    Oh, and don’t like that word? Neither do I really, but this is one of those times when it’s both appropriated and well earned.

  5. acorlando says

    How can any parent send their child to be ‘educated’ by this woman. If enough parents demanded that their children not come in contact with her, the district would have no choice but to let her go.

  6. ratbastard says

    It sounds like a small group of evangelicals are behind this.

    Radical fringe elements from both the far left and far right have successfully infiltrated America’s educational system.

  7. Jim says

    Ouch. A special ed teacher – in charge of helping special needs kids to somehow cope with a hostile world is herself hostile to gay teenagers. They have no purpose? Statements like that help prompt gay kids to kill themselves. She should apologize immediately or lose her job.

  8. terry says

    The moment a public school teacher uses religion to justify bigotry they should be removed. I was a high school teacher for 23 years and saw teachers removed for much less. But its Indiana so she’ll probably get a raise. Its hard to believe she is talking about excluding kids from an event that is a milestone in their lives because she doesn’t understand what being gay is.

  9. KuMiCu says

    Lets hope the majority of the school does not show up or support this fringe group and this teacher. She needs to be fired, bringing her religion into a public school is a very big no-no.

  10. TampaZeke says

    When I was in school in Mississippi people were still arguing about whether or not black people should be able to come to “our” prom or whether we should have a separate “traditional” one.

    These people don’t know it yet but they are securing their place in history books right alongside George Wallace and segregationsists.

  11. RK says

    The teacher needs to be removed and we need to put pressure on it. This is how true homphobia looks like and the damage it can do. I cannot imagine having someone so morally and ethically corrupt to be a teacher! Get rid of her ass!

  12. db says

    First, Madley shouldn’t be allowed to council or even talk to children. But then I question whether any gay students would actually go to a special education teacher for advice.

    Second–are there actually any out gay kids planning to attend the prom with same sex partners? They don’t say in the report so I wonder if this is just these people trying to stand up or their bigotry without cause.

  13. says

    This is just sad on so many levels. Do they really have a number of ‘out’ gay students to feel threatened by? And if so….how could a teacher of all people look at their faces and say those things about them. Sad, scary and unacceptable.

  14. Rob says

    I play a little game in my head and when I read somethign like “a group of students and teachers at Sullivan High School in Indiana want gays banned from teh Sullivan High School Prom”; I substitute some other oppressed minority and see how it flies. Try it, this is hate filled bigotry at its worse.

  15. says

    Ok, this actually makes me want to cry.

    Young LGBT people fighting for visibility and the freedom to be just who they are, supported by the liberals in society who value truth and facts over religious-based nonsense…and what are they met with? Profound willful ignorance from grown adults who choose to ignore facts, logic, evidence, rationality, and anything resembling intelligent logic. And those pathetic adults in turn contribute to the trickle-down-ignorance and bigotry that is leading these awful students to feel they need, and deserve, a prom that is separate from “those gays.”

    That “special education teacher” should be fired. And those students putting their hatred into action should be haunted by this for the rest of their lives.

  16. Rob says

    Is anyone else completely exhausted by these people whose beliefs are so out of touch with today’s society? I live in Indiana and love my state and know so many people that are not like this. This woman and these particular students make me ashamed to be a hoosier. Grow up and live your own life, stop trying to destroy other people’s lives. Blerg

  17. John says

    You gotta love the passive-aggressive, bullsh*t attitude of, “We love you but, get out!” that “Christians” seem to have in abundance. Okay, not just Christians, but most religions. “OMG! It makes me uncomfortable, therefore it must be banned!” Isn’t it interesting that, for the most part, the rest of us don’t try to pull the same sh*t when it comes to how uncomfortable they make the rest of us?
    I try to be tolerant and accepting of the endless religious bull-crap that hounds us everyday, but sometimes I just want to be a huge hypocrite give it right back. Why do I have to be so f*cking reasonable? In fact, I used to support things like, not ‘forcing’ religious organizations to marry gay people out of respect for their beliefs. I believed that only on the government level should this occur, and whatever churches were accepting. More and more I am starting to care less about how they feel, or their completely false beliefs. There may be a creator, but I’m quite positive all religions were made up by humans. Humans who didn’t even know the world was a globe or that those shiny things in the sky weren’t angels looking down on us, but other “suns”, or that storms, earthquakes, etc. were not from an angry God, but natural occurrences due to any number of natural occurrences on Earth. Screw them all…and not in a good way.

  18. says

    @Kyle – there’s likely, if any, like FIVE.

    you’ve gotta be a profoundly bigoted and insecure human being to get upset about this the way these pigs are.

    this is truly galling.

    btw, there aint nothing in the bible that says two men or two women cant’ attend a dance together.

  19. Neil says

    It’s not clear from the story, but I believe this teacher doesn’t teach at this High School but is a teacher from another unnamed school “in town.” She’s not listed as being a member of the faculty on the school’s website.

  20. David Hearne says

    The real outcome of this depends on where the prom is held. My prom was in a hotel ballroom and was in essence a school sanctioned event but no public school dollars went to pay for the prom. In many places, proms are held in gymnasiums in a public school building, and are clearly an official function of the school.

    So once again- if it’s private then they can invite or exclude anyone they like. If it’s government, then it’s open to all students.

    BTW- Prom was boring.

  21. BETTY says

    “Do you think they have a purpose in life?’ No I honestly don’t. Sorry, but I don’t. I don’t understand it.”

    To say that about ANY person or child, be they gay, straight, special needs or whatever is the most appalling statement. Every person is a child of your God. We are all put here for a purpose (or so your religion believes) are you doubting him? Blasphemy.

  22. Ben says

    John: Most autistic and gay people don’t consider themselves birth defects, as you put it. I’m both, and find your comment unnecessary, uninformed and short-sighted.
    I’d bet that the few people who’d want to change their neurology or their orientation are motivated by dealing with the day-in, day-out hatred, intolerance and misunderstanding of the so-called ‘normal’ assholes around them.

  23. BETTY says

    BTW, how very “Mean Girls”. So typical “high school clique”. “We’re going to have a prom but you aren’t invited” Ha Ha. Are they going to exclude the nerds, ethnic kids and the unpopular kids too? Ick.

  24. Ben says

    BTW, no human being is put into another person’s life for a ‘purpose’. our lives are our own, and nobody needs a reason to exist, much less to teach someone about their own bigotry, or to provide ‘challenges’ to overcome.

  25. Mike says

    THANK YOU for the link on the petition calling for her termination. I signed it immediately and strongly encourage others to do the same AND pass along this petition to everyone you know!

  26. BETTY says

    From the story:

    “Christians have always been prepared for a fight. Jesus gave us armor for the front, not the back; we’re not running anymore,” said Bill Phegley with Carlisle Church.”

    Maybe that’s the problem: too much fight, not enough love. I think that is what Jesus would want. Be a lover, not a fighter.

  27. SoSeriouslyY says

    “Blah, blah, blah blah blah.” Translated: I am a bigoted and deeply messed up ‘educator’ who likes to compare LGBT folks to other Special Needs folks.

    Only person with special needs is this tired bee-ach. She needs to remember the Bible says women are to stay at home and keep there mouths shut.

  28. Anonymous says

    What makes them think they have the power to “condone” or “condemn” anything? I hate when people like this assume they are in power and they are allowing the rest of us whatever their graciousness seems befit to bestow.

  29. jakeinlove says

    “I believe that it was life circumstances and they chose to be that way; God created everyone equal,” said Medley.

    If everyone is created equal regardless of choice or environmental influence, who are you to make the judgement of whom can or cannot go to a prom?

  30. Robert G Smith says

    Robert Smith ZIONSVILLE, IN · 3 minutes ago · Liked 0 UEvidently Ms. Medley has not had much contact with the gay side of life. I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could even begin to think that any person would choose a life where we were bullied, shunned, threatened, beaten, murdered, etc. because we made a choice of our sexual orientation. She is much more special needs than any of the children she teaches and that is sad, because they deserve so much better than she will ever be able to give.

  31. Bernie says

    I don’t know whether to be sad, angry or both…..I am more bummed out and angry about this teacher who teaches special ed students…..her response about gblt students has me very disturbed as anyone with an ounce of brains has to realize if you give the kind of response to kids questioning their sexuality, they are going to internalize this response and possibly end up a statistic…. the separation of church and state is sadly lacking from this teacher and has no place in a public school setting……….here’s hoping she gets fired

  32. PH says

    Ignoring the obvious, scientific flaw in Mrs. Medley’s claims, I find it hilarious that after assuming that we cannot be born gay, she goes on to compare us to special needs kids, somehow missing the point that they don’t chose to be born that way.

    But the funniest part of this story is definitely the girl saying that “We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don’t think it’s right nor should it be accepted,” because those two are obviously mutually exclusive…. oh wait.

  33. ***** says

    Medley said:”Homosexual students come to me with their problems, and I don’t agree with them, but I care about them.

    Well, I would be willing bet that she won’t have to worry about any “homosexual students” approaching her to help them with any of their problems in the future. I would think that any student with an iota of homosexual feelings would run to the nearest exit when she walks into a room.
    She should NEVER be allowed to use the title of teacher; bigot would be much more appropriate.

  34. Bill says

    PH: just as a “point of order,” special needs kids may not be “born that way” as childhood illnesses or accidents can also be responsible. Of course neither is a “choice”.

  35. Stefan says

    Yet another example of why it would be helpful for SCOTUS to treat homosexuals as a protected class. I’d have to think that a prom held on school grounds would constitute state action and therefore held to federal constitutional standards.

  36. EJ says

    I am living proof that gays have a purpose in life. I’ve been a trauma nurse for 10 years and I’ve saved many lives throughout those years and will still do. I am respected by my colleagues, coworkers, and patients. To say that I don’t have a purpose in life and I did not make a change in the world is abhorrent.

  37. JT says

    Excerpt from “Everyone invited to high school prom” by Gina Glaros

    “SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTHI) – First Christian Church in Sullivan lent its room to a group of people Sunday.

    A topic of discussion: creating separate proms for straight and gay students.

    “First Christian Church in Sullivan Indiana doesn’t promote any political or social agenda. Some individuals of our church have strict convictions which we neither officially oppose of disapprove,” First Christian Church Senior Minister Dale Wise said.

    Minister Wise said the phones rang off the hook all day Monday.

    That’s because word of the separated proms got national attention.

    Parents supporting the separate proms said gay and lesbian couples shouldn’t be able to go to prom together.

    “That’s not your business to question whether or not two girls can go to the prom together,” Sullivan High School Principal David Springer said.

    That opinion is not shared by Sullivan high school staff members.”

    So let the Church provide a ‘christian’
    prom for the folks that want a “traditional christian” prom and let the school provide a normal “everyone’s invited” public school “leave your religion at the door” prom.

    All of these educators need to leave their “personal religious beliefs” at the door everyday they show up for work. That is what MILLIONS of Americans do everyday when they walk through the doors of their workplaces.

    The “religious” parents need to enroll their children into private christian schools and not into “public” schools and then they can have their “private little angels” go to their own private, religious angels only prom.

    Kudos to Principal David Springer for his statement, now get rid of all of those idiots who don’t agree because there are PLENTY of teachers who ARE willing to leave their religious beliefs at the door.

  38. Nick says

    Good on Sullivan High School for taking the stand for equality. It’s a small town in a rural area and it’s a really refreshing change to hear THAT bit of good news coming from such a place. Their actions now mean that the views expressed by this minority of students and the very misinformed and ignorant ‘Special Ed’ teacher are more likely to wither away as kids grow up accepting same sex relationships for what they are – just another part of life.

    I hope the school stands firm and the bigots have to take their business elsewhere. It will do them good to be the ones looking on from the sidelines; they’ve dished discrimination out for too long and need to learn that enough is definitely enough. Go Sullivan High, the world really is watching and learning not all of small town America is buying what Faux Noise and the Bible bashing televangelist crooks spew out :-)

  39. Rob Zeleniak says

    The justification and rationalization of homophobic bigotry takes many forms. Employing religious dogmatic rhetoric on how one should “love the gays” while this narrow minded group of zealots systematically discriminate is a puerile attempt to sugar coat their hate speech. I’d have more respect for them if they were honest about their entrenched homophobia.

  40. Jerry6 says

    The solution is simple! Let there be two events: One for the teacher’s friends, and one for the Gays and their friends and supporters. I suspect that the Teacher will spend the evening talking to herself.

  41. David Hearne says

    The most obvious “purpose in life” for gay people is as caregivers. I assure you that if you sit in the surgical clinic waiting room (pre-op and follow up appointments with surgeons) at Tampa General Hospital you would think that there is something in the water. On any given day, it seems like a third to half of the people bringing their parent (or some old person) to the clinic is gay men or women.

    From primitive society onward, it would make sense that a family or tribe with gay genes would have advantage over one which doesn’t have this. Naturally, this is counter to the rudimentary understanding of natural selection that many anit-gay people put forth- but then they aren’t geniuses like we are.

    Gay genes in a tribe would mean extra adults to support the breeding pairs, men to assist in the hunt and women to assist in the care of the children and their mothers, or replacing mothers who died in childbirth. Granted, in a really primitive society whether a female is gay or straight doesn’t matter as she will be mated with. But the extra males are undoubtedly advantageous.

    Favored tribes would be more numerous and prosperous than those without gay genes. Perhaps the Hebrews didn’t have the gay genes, and that explains why they viewed the Babylonian conquerors as sinful homosexuals.

  42. Bill says

    @David Hearne: It might be worth mentioning that Leviticus was apparently written after the Babylonian exile. Cyrus (from Persia) had just conquered Babylon and then let people who were
    exiled return home. It was a smart move on Cyrus’ part as he’d have fewer people to deal with in Babylon and the ones returning home would be very grateful to him. He allowed them to recreate their religious institutions, but wanted a written report on what they intended to do. Supposedly Leviticus was written as that report, hence all the details about religious practices.

    When the exiled religious leaders returned home, they discovered that their former followers were being assimilated and enjoying the customs at the local pagan temples. These included fertility rites were some hot bottoms would dress up as women and perform sex acts for the ostensible purpose of ensuring a good harvest, but more likely because that was just a convenient excuse to have some fun.

    This was pretty stiff competition for the returning priests, who reacted like the Taliban did when they were running Afghanistan – if it is fun, stop it. They didn’t want to be priests without portfolio, so they screamed about death penalties for anyone who didn’t obey.

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