Ted Nugent, Who Threatened Obama at the NRA Convention Last Year, to Attend ‘State of the Union’ Address


Congressman Steve Stockman has given one of his gallery tickets for the State of the Union address to rocker Ted Nugent, a staunch gun rights activist whose remarks at the NRA convention last year — "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year" — prompted a Secret Service investigation.

Said Stockman: "I am excited to have a patriot like Ted Nugent joining me in the House Chamber to hear from President Obama. After the address I'm sure Ted will have plenty to say."

Nugent tweeted on Monday afternoon: "well well well, there will be a freedom addicted all American uppity Motown guitarplayer facing the POTUS at the SOTU addresss tomoro-lovely"


  1. gr8guyca says

    This is just asking for trouble. Nugent would have no hesitation to heckle the President during the speech. I am surprised the Secret Service and smarter members of Congress will let this happen.
    Nugent has nothing to lose by causing a scene. In fact, his base will love it!

  2. Mikey says

    Based on his previous threats, it should be a very easy decision to say, “Sorry, Mr. Nugent is considered a threat to the President. He can watch at home.”

  3. Tio says

    He’s made threats, was interviewed by the Secret Service, and had a notorious outburst on TV. I agree with the commenter above that there is a real risk of a disruption to the speech. It really is amazing that there is no push back on this. If I were Obama, I would move the speech and shame the GOP.

  4. says

    whenever I hear the conservative right fawn over Nugent I have to ask why these same folks were out to crucify The Dixie Chicks a decade ago… and then I remembered it’s stupid to apply logic or expect consistency to folks who have an excuse for everything and a reason for nothing.

  5. ***** says

    We can only hope that if he shakes his finger in the face of the President, a la Governor Brewer,the Secret Service will ventilate his forehead.

  6. bkmn says

    Can I hand the GOP a mirror?

    Putting on the crazy is not helping you in general elections, so you put on more crazy?

    Just keep on reinforcing the old, white, male threatened stereotype and keep losing elections, but don’t change one bit girls.

  7. Scott says

    I believe President Obama could really use this to his advantage. Call the extremist out on national television. The T(oilet) Party started moving to the fringes when that whacko hollered “you lie” from the floor. When the rest of the country sees these folks for who they really are, the will become even more marginalized, to the point that one of then will react in a very violent physical manner that will harm someone in public service and forever render the republicans as a product that will be tainted and stained by extremism. Go for it, Ted, you deserve the dishonor.

  8. dave02657 says

    For Progressives, Gun Control Advocates, and those in the Reality Based Community:

    The. Greatest. Thing. Ever!

    We can only “pray,” so to speak, that this cretin does, indeed, make some type of scene; hopefully of major proportions (as suggested by his quote above). There’s not enough money in the world to buy the publicity that his outburst will engender on behalf of liberalism.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Little Kiwi: this definition of “patriotism” is part of the Republican’s amnesia of pre-2009 history

  10. says

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the man who pooped his pants to avoid the draft asked his sponsor if he’d like join him while he publicly urinates on the names of the suckers who served engraved on the Wall. Republicans and draft dodgers go together like love and marriage.

  11. Paul R says

    He’s an awful person, but I’m quite sure that he’s been warned about his behavior at a presidential speech inside Congress.

    That said, I would love for him to try something (even a rant) and be taken out by security. Though he’d just be escorted out; no way would he get in with weapons. Still, it’s really a sad state of affairs.

  12. Shannon says


  13. says

    I’m hoping he does something stupid, like hollering in the gallery and has to be escorted out. It would definitely reflect on the Republican Party and their extremism.

  14. AriesMatt says

    Ugh. He was on Piers Morgan last night and I literally could only listen to one sentence before he disgusted me and I had to change the channel. He is an embarrassment to this country!

  15. Paul R says

    They won’t allow him in, and if they do he’ll be surrounded by six agents. You can’t make threats against a president and get away with attending a State address. So insane.

  16. bobbyjoe says

    Seriously, Nugent throws in the word “uppity”? Yeah, they barely try to hide it these days.

  17. candide001 says

    this time obama will be ready to put nugent in his place if an outburst occurs. i’m actually hoping he pulls something. it will be a very public humiliation of the baggers.

  18. Dan Cobb says

    Dear FBI:

    Please have a sniper with a gun trained on Nugent for the duration of Obama’s appearance.
    It would not surprise me if Nugent were to bring one of his buddy guns to the SOTU to try to kill the president. He has already said that he would try to do just that.

  19. Jack M says

    What’s even worse is that we have a member of Congress who thinks Nugent is a “patriot.” Disgusting.

  20. Bill says

    Real class act. Will this father of 7 kids from 5 different women (Family Values!) Vietnam War draft dodger (Patriotism!) sex offender whom Courtney Love has stated she had sexual relations with when she was 12 (more of those Family Values!) and epic bloviator of mind blowing ignorance and hypocrisy – will he sit in his seat and act like a human being or scream out “LIAR!” the first chance the cameras turn on his media crazed neediness? What a sad and pathetic excuse for humanity.

  21. kdknyc says

    Yes–he soiled himself and wore the same clothes for a month, not bathing, to appear crazy to get out of the draft. Now he’s a patriot and gun rights advocate. Indeed.

    That said, I’m of two minds about his attending. First, I think it shows profound disrespect of the President, for Stockman to give him a ticket, and wish he hadn’t. But if he’s denied, it will give him a platform to show how “persecuted” he is for his “patriotism”. Let him make an ass out of himself, and cover himself and the tea party with disgrace, just as he covered himself with excrement and filth to get out of the draft while real patriots served like real men.

  22. justin says

    You guys are idiots. You are dissing a man just because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind? This whole gun control crap needs to stop. Let us citizens keep our guns were losing all of our rights as americans, and all of you are going to sit on the sidelines and watch… how pathetic can you really get? Like uncle ted I will stand up for what I believe in. This so called president is just making it easier for the government to controll us like puppets.

  23. Doug says

    He should not be allowed to attend. What’s up with the Secret Service. He is an embarrassment to the nation. One of those who should not be allowed to own guns. A patriot, how wash!

  24. BETTY says

    I find it funny the same trolls commenting above were silent when their rights were really being taken away under the previous administration. The moral of the story is: when a republican takes away their rights, it’s for patriotism.

  25. EchtKultig says

    ” It really is amazing that there is no push back on this. If I were Obama, I would move the speech and shame the GOP.”

    Unfortunately, he’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. (Obama that is) If he bars Nugent, Nugent becomes a martyr. Yes, his base will love an outburst, but it will just make the tea party look even more idiotic to the remaining American MOR voters.

  26. david from Edmonton says

    Well the Louisiana Governor called it correctly, “the stupid party” continues to, and you will pardon the pun, shoot themselves in the foot. Ted Neugent is a buffoon, and the only reason he getsw any air time is he is “famous”, otherwise people like him don’t get air time. He’s trading on his name but in the end it’s the whacko crap and utter stupidity that will attach to him like the racist hate spewing is attached to Mel Gibson – and no one cares to hear from him anymore. Sometimes freedom of speech has it’s benefits.