1. Paul R says

    Jeez of course he’s gay. There’s a ton of facts that he is, and very few that he’s straight.

  2. says

    If he is gay, then I feel really bad for him.
    Not because of the fact, but it’s an impossible situation.
    That is an awful position that he may have felt compelled to put himself in.

  3. chris says

    …or it’s an opportunity for him to live an authentic life rather than an unhappy, repressed one.

  4. Bollux says

    @nino I trust you’re being rhetorical since we do not live in vacuums, or even in tolerant societies in which each and every person we encounter is across-the-board accepting of all manners of diversity. Geez what a world that would be. So when you are done riding unicorns around on rainbows, you might realize it does matter to a lot of people – for and against. Being dismissive has never added to a conversation.

  5. Eric says

    Ignore all pundits… especially sports and political… it’s the only way to get rid of this infestation.

  6. Caliban says

    IF he is gay, and I don’t have a strong opinion either way, he may not have accepted it himself yet. From what I gathered in news reports at the time he is from a very repressed/repressive Mormon family, not likely to be accepting of a gay child.

    It seems to be a fact that the other guy presented himself as female for whatever reason. Whether T’eo knew that or not is open to interpretation. He certainly lied either before or after. Either he lied about having met his “girlfriend” in person or he later lied about never having met “her.”

  7. Francis says

    This isn’t surprising. The smoke is there with Te’o, and the issue of closeted guys in sports is becoming more and more of a forefront issue and an issue that has become more than an issue in sport and has become a societal and global issue, and a reflection of our societies’ acceptance, or lack their of, of us. NFL executives are probably scared as hell at the thought of a player coming out because I’m sure they don’t have any policies in place to deal with what undoubtedly will be a calamitous situation, as sad as that is. Sports executives in general probably know that, sooner than later, players are going to come out. Whether they’re willing to have a gay player on their team, whether they’re prepared to handle the aftermath of a gay player coming out (or being outed), whether players are actually OK about it in the locker room instead of saying they will be to look good for the media……….we’ll see what happens.

  8. SC David says

    We’re talking serious money here. Manti’s a little under-sized, but with his speed and competitiveness he had been commanding a huge amount of interest. But he did not play well against Alabama in the high-profile national title game (right when the distractions came out), and his 40-yd time at the combine was meh, so there are several excuses other than the whole catfishing/gay peccadillo as to why Manti might drop out of the top draft round.

    If Manti was a first-round draft pick then drops down the charts and isn’t drafted until much later, many millions of dollars that would have gone to Manti, don’t. We’ll have a dollar figure on the cost of gay rumors and homophobia–compare his actual draft position to what was anticipated before all of this started. Unless you want to blame the drop on the other issues. Paging Nate Silver…

    I understand Manti is very religious. Nevertheless, I’m surprised he hasn’t had a publicist or agent counsel him to quickly get a girl pregnant. Or at least release some “incriminating” pictures of him at strip clubs, or with a woman, maybe two. I wager a few of the gold star gays here would agree to be photographed licking some woman’s boob if they knew it would mean an extra $5M in their paycheck.

  9. Fensox says

    Here is the real dealz: Being gay is not a terrible thing anymore, it’s great and we are great.

    SO, if you ever, for any reason “stay in the closet”, then you are saying that you don’t want to join the awesome people at gay.

    IE, if this guy says he is straight, then he is! If in reality he is super gay, irrelevant!, means nothing until he comes out, then he can experience all that stuff, like ramifications and freedom.

    When someone suspected of being gay is called out or pondered over in media, take the position of “who cares” and/or “we can’t all be awesome”. If they don’t want to come in it doesn’t matter, we are great with or without.

  10. BABH says

    The guys in the barracks of my Special Operations unit 10 years ago didn’t have a problem with me being gay. I can’t imagine that the locker room of an NFL team today would be any less accepting. Come out, already, gay football players. You’ll be glad you did.

  11. Bob says

    @SC DAVID — if he followed your suggestions, he would tear apart his family and his local mormon coven.
    If you are not familiar with mormonity, it is hard to understand the repression and restraint against emotional growth.

  12. LCR Jay says

    Wasn’t he already asked if he was a homosexual, and didn’t he say that he wasn’t? Just like the homosexual community to want to keep on pressing something like this in hopes of browbeating the answer they want.

  13. redball says

    INSTITUTIONALIZED homophobia. they should be ashamed they even want to know and that it’s an issue that even made THIS headline.

  14. Kim says

    What facts are there that he is Gay? A gay guy fell in love with him and used a female voice and face to trick him.

  15. Cal says

    @LCR Jay – He did. He said he wasn’t so the issue needs to be dropped. Sure, he could be lying, but so are about 1% of the other players in the NFL.

  16. bandanajack says

    i wrote dan patrick and explained about dungy and suggested he canvass some other coaches and owners. at least he’d get a mix. i also mentioned the NHL as how you get a league ready, from the top down.

  17. CPT_Doom says

    For the record, Teo is not “far from” gay. He had a two-year relationship with another man. Even if it is true that he did not realize this was another man – and I find that incredibly hard to believe – he did connect on an emotional level with this guy. That is pretty close to gay, in my book.

  18. says

    This is silly. In his interview with Katie Couric, she asked him point blank if he was gay. He denied it. Let it drop. Interviewers don’t need to continue to hound him with the same question over and over again. His reps have made it clear to all who interview him that he is there to talk about the game and that all questions regarding his sexuality are off limits.

  19. Firestorm says

    How ironic. Te’o started this whole fake girlfriend mess to hide his homosexuality, and all it did was draw attention to it.

    How fitting that his gayness fell victim to “The Streisand Effect”.

  20. Tom in SF Bay Area says

    After the 49ers debacle prior to the Super Bowl and now all this business, I’m DONE with the NFL. I will spend my energy, enthusiasm ans sports dollars elsewhere.

  21. Firestorm says

    @LCR JAY: Denial doesn’t mean anything nowadays.

    Remember how many times Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken and Anderson Cooper said no when asked if they were gay?

  22. Swiminbuff says

    What if living his real authentic life is a straight life. He was the victim of an internet hoax. If he is straight his possible NFL career may be hindered by NFL homophobia. If they do ask him if he is gay and he says no he is straight will they believe him? Will his answer make any difference?

  23. Rrhain says

    Hmmm…. All these people so desperate to get involved in someone else’s sex life and yet knowing that they’ll be hounded for it if they do.

    You know, there’s a great, big, festive clue in there: Perhaps you shouldn’t be getting involved in someone else’s sex life if you aren’t an active participant in it.

  24. Randy says

    Here’s what he should do: Claim to be straight. Sign the contracts, get the first pay check, and then come out.

    Let the sons of bitches at the NFL deal with it if they have a problem.

  25. andrew says

    Pro football teams want to know but are too afraid to ask. LOL Is that anybody’s idea of macho?

  26. M.Scott Hernandez says

    Who the f- cares, if the man is gay? Gullible, yes. Gay? If he says yes, he will get hate mail, give NBC Sports a hard on and will get bullied in the locker room.

  27. kode says

    There’s probably homophobia involved here with the NFL but in my eyes Manti Te’o doesn’t seem very trustworthy person because of the whole fake girlfriend thing. The teams are probably worried that something else might pop up about him, and it’s not necessarily about his sexuality then.

    And you can’t forget the Manti Te’o meme of people taking photos holding their invisible girlfriends, I mean the dude was laughed at all over the world.

    If he’s gay, though, I wished he’d come out as fast as possible and try to move on with his life. But let’s face it: he’s in a quite difficult spot right now with his family and the religion and everything. I feel a bit bad for him actually, it’s a tough situation for him whatever his sexuality is.

  28. anony6 says

    So Teo needs to be asked if he is gay because of locker room issues and his homosexuality being a distraction to the team?

    Bringing up the locker room issue is tired, talk about insecurity. Its time to expect some basic maturity from pro athletes. I can’t believe someone who is a public figure, makes millions, and has been in locker rooms all their life would just crumble under the “gaze” of a gay teammate. If they do then it is their issue, and their issue alone. Not the gay athlete, not the team, not the fans.

  29. DC Arnold says

    People, People… Teo has constructed an elaborate closet and an exit strategy. If he is drafted in the first round, this is moot. If he is not gone by the second round he will come clean when he retires. The Not Forever Lucid knows that he is a cash cow at the moment either way: If he succeeds they make money, if he comes out they make money, if they don’t wanna take a chance on him the homophobic base will still buy season tickets. Remember Michael Vick?