14 of the Most Romantic, Adorable Gay Wedding Videos Ever Made











1) Clinton & Callum


This Australian duo got married in Watson's Bay down under after having a civil ceremony in the UK. They prefer to thnk of their special day as not a wedding between two men or a civil ceremony, but simply just a wedding. 



2) Andrew & Rob


These two aren't officially married yet, but their 'Save the Date' video is super fun and cute. Plus it features their dogs




3) Tony & Kevin 


This couple read from Harry Potter before they exchanged vows in Lake Tahoe. How adorable and literary!



4) Aaron & Danny


After Danny wooed his soon to be fiance with an adorable proposal video, these two rode down the aisle on a unicorn. If that doesn't say gay wedding, I don't know what does. 




5) Dave & Eli


This entry is in the "Best Animated Wedding Video" category. Check out the absolutely stunning 6-minute trek through Dave and Eli's ancestry. 



6) JoAnna & Jenny


JoAnna and Jenny's beautiful wedding video features interviews with them and their families and highlights the difficulties facing lesbian and gay couples. With testimonials from their parents, it's a must watch!



7) Jason & Paul


Husband and husband exchange vows and then get down to a flash mob in this energetic clip. 



8) Aaron & Corvette


'Somebody to Love' must be a gay wedding staple because this is the second video in a row that contains man and man walking down the aisle to the Queen song. Before things turn into drag heaven, that is



9) Kenton & Johnny


An adorable Navy man marrying his man in a wonderful Hawaiian ceremony! We salute them.



10) Ruben & Joaquin


This D.C. couple share a Capitol kiss before getting down to business and dancing up a storm at their wedding.



11) Amir & Chandler


Chandler and Amir's wedding is a beautiful example of what I am sure are many LGBT weddings that take place in Provincetown



12) Robert & Nathaniel


These two, who got married in Kentucky, could be an inspiration to any gay fraternity brothers who are feeling less than accepted. 




13) Paul & David


This simple video of an Army man marrying the love of his life shows us what we are all fighting for.




14) Two Italian Couples


It's been a year since this pro-marriage equality video was released in Italy, but it is still as adorable as ever! And makes us want to vacation in Italy even more.