14 of the Most Romantic, Adorable Gay Wedding Videos Ever Made











1) Clinton & Callum


This Australian duo got married in Watson's Bay down under after having a civil ceremony in the UK. They prefer to thnk of their special day as not a wedding between two men or a civil ceremony, but simply just a wedding. 



2) Andrew & Rob


These two aren't officially married yet, but their 'Save the Date' video is super fun and cute. Plus it features their dogs




3) Tony & Kevin 


This couple read from Harry Potter before they exchanged vows in Lake Tahoe. How adorable and literary!



4) Aaron & Danny


After Danny wooed his soon to be fiance with an adorable proposal video, these two rode down the aisle on a unicorn. If that doesn't say gay wedding, I don't know what does. 




5) Dave & Eli


This entry is in the "Best Animated Wedding Video" category. Check out the absolutely stunning 6-minute trek through Dave and Eli's ancestry. 



6) JoAnna & Jenny


JoAnna and Jenny's beautiful wedding video features interviews with them and their families and highlights the difficulties facing lesbian and gay couples. With testimonials from their parents, it's a must watch!



7) Jason & Paul


Husband and husband exchange vows and then get down to a flash mob in this energetic clip. 



8) Aaron & Corvette


'Somebody to Love' must be a gay wedding staple because this is the second video in a row that contains man and man walking down the aisle to the Queen song. Before things turn into drag heaven, that is



9) Kenton & Johnny


An adorable Navy man marrying his man in a wonderful Hawaiian ceremony! We salute them.



10) Ruben & Joaquin


This D.C. couple share a Capitol kiss before getting down to business and dancing up a storm at their wedding.



11) Amir & Chandler


Chandler and Amir's wedding is a beautiful example of what I am sure are many LGBT weddings that take place in Provincetown



12) Robert & Nathaniel


These two, who got married in Kentucky, could be an inspiration to any gay fraternity brothers who are feeling less than accepted. 




13) Paul & David


This simple video of an Army man marrying the love of his life shows us what we are all fighting for.




14) Two Italian Couples


It's been a year since this pro-marriage equality video was released in Italy, but it is still as adorable as ever! And makes us want to vacation in Italy even more. 



  1. Not Impressed says

    For me, this list was ruined by your choice to include #4, videos of which I’d hoped we’d seen the last. You had so many better options in your archives of sweet, touching ceremonies which focused on the commitment being made between two people in love and even, in at least one instance, the effort of the couple to do something for the most vulnerable members of our community. For you to instead choose to again honor the gaudy materialism of two seemingly self-absorbed individuals who appear to have no shame in spending an obscene amount on a wedding ceremony is disappointing and takes away from the impact of the entire post. I’m not sure what is more of a turn off, the proposal video or the wedding video. If you want to warm the hearts of your readers on Valentines, keep posting videos like the one from last evening of the elderly couple or some of those above. #4, on the other hand, is not Valentines. It’s not romance. It’s pure materialism.

  2. Alex says

    I agree – enough of #4. Notable that the lyrics of the proposal song are “I love the way you look at ME.”

  3. UFFDA says

    Oh phooey…number 4 was just great, relief of sorts from all of the usual wedding videos of straights and gays. They’re all alright. They’re all happy. They all look like good people. It’s THEIR wedding. I’m far too dazzled by living in a time – the first time – when two men, or two women can actually get married to fuss over how they do it. The complainers can get over themselves.

    And Sam, you sound like a sweetie, one who will certainly find the right man one day. I’m proud of you.

  4. Carlos says

    For the record, #4 put a big smile on my face, this Valentine’s Day morning….Happy Valentines ‘d Day to all!

  5. DW says

    #13, of the soldier and his love tying the knot in Iowa, made me misty-eyed. (Couldn’t help but notice the civilian guy popping an obvious woody… but who wouldn’t!)

  6. Not Impressed Must Die says

    They’re all adorable…they all seem to come from a place of happiness and love.

  7. I wont grow up says

    As I watched these videos of my gay brothers and sisters emulating their straight friends, I could not help but think of that wonderful line from Steel Magnolias “An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure”. It perfectly fits these ostentatious displays of excess wealth. Or to quote yet another famous movie “That’s right baby, when ya got it, flaunt it, flaunt it!”

  8. Hugh says

    @ Not Impressed
    Who the f-ck are you to go on a tirade and criticize other people’s weddings, a gay couple no less? Get the f-ck over yourself you POS!

  9. J.T says

    I love all of them. I really appreciate gay people who pride themselves in being in love and showing it off. Not hiding behind a dark closet.

    and @ Not Impressed: you sound poor. And very jealous. Poor thing.

  10. Kevin-in-Honolulu says

    I can’t believe I have lived to see the day where we can marry now – so many of my generation did not live to see it, but I think they are smiling beyond the veil.

    Congratulations and best wishes to all of the happy couples!

  11. Not Impressed says

    Happy to have a reasoned discourse with anyone who disagrees with my point of view but, when the best you can offer is “Jealous!” and “You’re a POS!” and “You Must Die”, I’ll instead recommend that you return to your playground or enroll in a debate class. And no, J.T., I’m not poor by a long shot. Jealous?

  12. Howard says

    By far, #13 was the most moving video and it was also the simplest, showing that weddings don’t need to be over the top to be effective. Sometimes less is more.

  13. liz margolies says

    Really? You couldn’t find more than one lesbian couple and you couldn’t find even one transgender person? Really?

  14. Emeraldsmile says

    If they want to show off their fortune,go on then because they can afford it..hey its their money that they spent out,its no a big deal! I certainly don’t have problems with how they want to celebrate their wedding, whether they want to celebrate it under water or up in the sky its their Big Day and they are the ones that will remember those wonderful moment :) even though its a small wedding,as long they are together,respect their vow and work on their marriage and not walk out,that satisfy me 😀