1. Adam says

    Yawn – how many more articles are we going to get on Madonna and GLAAD? Both are redundant.

    GLAAD ceased being relevant about 10 years ago, around the same time Madonna lost her credibility. The many negative comments about GLAAD on various gay web sites is symptomatic of a growing disconnect between the elitists of the gay community and the ordinary gay folk who couldn’t care less about celebrity types masquerading as gay rights supporters.

  2. Cburg says

    Personally, I’m a bit fan of Anderson so I’m delighted his work is being recognised. Although I appreciate that Madonna is trying to make a statement about inequality with her costume, I just think she looks a bit ridiculous. And that’s saying something considering what she wears on tour..

  3. FakeOutrage says

    Gay white men celebrating other gay white men for their “courage” in sacrificing their “privilege” only to recreate it within the gay community….thanks!!

  4. Randy says

    WTF? Madonna did NOTHING for gay people in the 20th century, and she’s late to the party in this one.

    She used us to get rich, and that’s all.

  5. Marc says

    I guess we’ve come a long way in terms of LGBT rights if we can get snarky comments of people yawning when they hear about another person getting an award for helping advance our visibility and acceptance.

    Can we just stop being so negative and catty? My God. Would you like to go back to hiding in underground bars waiting for the moment the cops come in to arrest everyone?

    Just be glad people are making life easier for you. The fact you are on a gay site criticizing what you consider “lame” shows how far we’ve come. You should be grateful.

  6. RD says

    Thank you Marc… Some of these folks obviously weren’t around in the 80’s… Yes Madonna made money off the gay community, but she deserved to.. Anyone who was alive then can tell you that we were rarely spoken of, and never positively..

  7. iban4yesu says

    while you are patting yourself on the shoulder, some fellow Americans are exporting to and cultivating in Africa the US style homophobia!!! That’s one of many reasons why our concerted efforts should be effective and relevant! Giving this semi lifetime achievement award to a guy, how charismatic he may be, who has been out only for a year is hardly fit that criteria!

    What is Madonna saying? While the Boy Scouts insists on being a bastion of homophobia, is she prepping to send her son to them? And does she have to say that at this backstage , of all places? Once again, she plays that coy cunning manipulator/fencesitter here! Some gays refusing to rush to the feet of these dubious divas..THAT is the indicator (among many) that the community has grown and matured, if you ask me !!

  8. Pig says

    Anderson spent 43/44 years of his life in the closet, and gets an award just for coming out? And Madonna is simply there to get some publicity.