1. kit says

    Now every time one of the evangelical right-wing religious wackos goes on the teevee to talk about how they are standing firmly against marriage equality, I hope the interviewer responds by saying, “So you agree with Al Qaeda, then. Why do you hate America? Is it because of our freedoms?”

  2. Bollux says

    Barney Frank retired months ago. But I’m sure that’s just the dial-up in Al Qaeda’s guano-smattered PR cave running a little slow. Nor has he ever represented a single one of my dreams. So what’s their message other than stating “no values” and some particularly pleasing stats on the American shift back to a secular tolerant society?

  3. Zam says

    @Kit – you hit the nail right on the head! It would be awesome to see campaign ads making comparisons between wingnut candidates and terrorists.

  4. macmantoo says

    You know President Obama is doing it right when the Taliban attacks him. They’re not the group we want to praise him. And I agree with Kit, we really need to go after the right wingers for supporting the taliban.

  5. JJ says

    NOM should pledge a few hundred grand to up Al Qaeda’s PR game. And if the West is so inferior, why is AQ publishing in English?

  6. anon says

    Al Qaeda was never that popular, as the Bush administration played them way up. The Arab spring has also changed the dynamic in the ME, as Islamists can now see a political way to power rather than a terroristic approach. This probably won’t harm the US, but could be an issue for Israel for several years, making it harder to support peach treaties with their neighbors. The main trouble spot is still Pakistan.

  7. andrew says

    All religions are the enemies of human freedom. Islam just happens to be the worst.

  8. millerbeach says

    Who cares what they think about us? I certainly could not care any less than I already do about a bunch of criminals roaming some third-world nation which cannot even master such simple tasks as personal hygiene. Maybe this will sway a few in the deep south, but as for the rest of the nation, forget about it…it does indeed reek of “epic fail”.