1. jed says

    i must have missed something. i like anderson cooper, i watch 360 every night, and i applaud him for coming out recently, but i don’t remember him doing anything extraordinary to “break barriers” or “make life easier for the rest of the LGBT communities.”

  2. igor says

    did we ever find out who anderson’s partner was kissing in those pictures last year? that story went away faster than mariah carey’s weight loss regime.

  3. jamal49 says

    Mr. Belonsky, get your damned facts straight.

    Vito Russo was an historian, author and a brave, bold activist for the LGBT community, not a “groundbreaking filmmaker”.

    I don’t mind your usual rash of errors with your news items, but this one is egregious.

    Research first, then post.

  4. EchtKultig says

    Was this a modern digital camera image subjected to an instagram setting that made it look like a 1950s orthicon tube television camera, or a real screen capture from a 1950s orthicon tube television camera?

  5. jed says

    i don’t begrudge anderson his award. i say good for him. i’m just puzzled with glaad’s choice. isn’t there someone else more deserving?

    the award is meant to be for someone whose work and life appear to be dedicated to promoting or advancing gay rights through the media. yes, anderson presented a good documentary on bullying recently and has covered gay interest stories more frequently since he publicly came out 7 months ago. all good work. but his coverage of ENDA, DADT, DOMA, marriage equality, immigration discrimination and other gay issues of national interest is just like the coverage from any other reputable journalist. it doesn’t appear, to me at least, as a life’s worth of dedication to gay rights promotion in the media.

    anyway, it’s just my two cents. congratulations anderson.

  6. says

    he did a lot more before he “officially” came out than many folks accomplish in their entire Out lives. and by making it “official” he’s removed and any all doubts. Out, Proud and known the world over.

    you had betta WERK!

  7. johnosahon says

    i am with Jed, i don’t understand why he is getting this award, he is NOT a civil rights activist nor does he fight for gay rights, he is simply a news anchor who covers gay issues sometimes in his show. Has Maddow gotten this award? she is more deserving that him.

  8. iban4yesu says

    @ jamal49

    YEP, A NEW LOW FOR tr.

    Something’s wrong with the forgetfulness and the ignorance prevalent in the community!

    No wonder how the whole gay commnuity shifted to the (far) right! Only because it forgets how the gay lib started in the first place! Milk worked intensively with the Labor, now the most prominent gay sup in SF is doing his best to squeeze the working class out of the city!!!

  9. iban4yesu says

    With the ED, my hope for GLAAD was kinda revived but reading these comments makes me realize that it’s still basically … same old same old! A “silly” glitz fest is what it is!

  10. iban4yesu says

    With the ED, my hope for GLAAD was kinda revived but reading these comments makes me realize that it’s still basically … the same old same old! A “silly” glitz fest is what it is!

  11. iban4yesu says

    With the ED, my hope for GLAAD was kinda revived but reading these comments makes me realize that it’s still basically … the same old same old! A “silly” glitz fest is what it is!

  12. Perry says

    Beautiful speech and he mentioned his bf Benjamin at long last. AC recognizes that some don’t think he’s worthy of that award (I think he is) and he said it himself, but he also said if receiving it helps spread the word about who Vito Russo was and how important he was to the LGBT community. I saw some of the previous celebrity recipients of this award and don’t see why AC is less deserving than any of them.

  13. Zee says

    @igor, no one knows but the guy sort of looked a bit like Josh Wood, a promoter Ben’s friends with, but I’m probably quite wrong indeed. Anyhow, those pics had no effect on AC and Ben’s relationship as they seem to be very much in love and closer than ever.

  14. Graphicjack says

    I agree that Rachel Maddow and even presenter Madonna have done much more, all while being more open about who they are, but hey, glad to finally have him on the side of openness at long last. Maybe this was mean as an encouragement for others in Hollywood to come out… Hey look, “it gets better” and hey, you get an award, too!

  15. elangay says

    While our beloved Vito Russo would find humor in being called a “groundbreaking filmmaker,” he would be more honored to be identified for what he was, a film historian, visionary and LGBT and HIV/AIDS activist. He literally gave his life for his people. When writing about the person for whom an award is named, it can’t be that difficult to get the identification correct.

  16. Houndentenor says

    I like Coop and even before coming out he was good about covering gay issues in more depth than we usually get on cable news. But this is typical of GLAAD to award the already famous mainstream media figures and ignore people doing important and very dangerous work reporting on gay issues in places where it’s potentially dangerous to talk about gay issues at all. I don’t blame Anderson Cooper for this. I think he’s a good guy and a decent journalist in an era when stenography passes for reporting, but like so many gay organizations it wastes a lot of money to allow a small group of A-list gays to pat themselves on the back. We deserve better.

  17. Anastasia says

    LAME! Why is GLAAD even giving him an award, he’s riding on the shoulders of Rupert, Ellen, Don Lemon, and even Matt Bomer. He could’ve done so much more for the community. He could’ve said in his speech what he plans to do for the gay community, yet he just gloated about kissing Madonna and his career. So disappointing.

  18. Marc says

    Anderson, I adore you. You’re such an inspiration. This was absolutely poignant, humble and beautiful. I love your way with words, your class and your humanity. Thank you. Well-deserved.

  19. Monty says

    I don’t know what was up with those photos of Ben and non-AC dude, maybe they were taken long before they ever met but whatever the story, they apparently had no effect on the stability of their relationship.

  20. millerbeach says

    The pics were posted on-line last August, 2012. It allegedly took place in Central Park. Who knows, who cares, maybe he’s the filling of the Anderson/Ben sandwich. Sorry, it seems to me Anderson spent a lot of time and energy trying to deny his sexuality…so he comes out, and less than a year later, he gets this award? Wow…I never knew it was so easy to get an award. Hey, I came out in 1987, where’s my award? LOL

  21. Wilberforce says

    The photo is heartwarming, The Silver Fox smiling at Madge, a gay icon.
    But this is typical of the Hollywood set, kissing each others’ asses to promote their own places in the hierarchy.
    And the proles are buying it, as usual. It’s why we have incompetent leadership, because we’re to obsessed with looks and popularity to recognize brains and competence.

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