AP Backs Up Story About Gay Man Stoned to Death in Somalia

Yesterday I posted about a report from Identity Kenya that a man had been stoned to death for being gay in Somalia.

Map_somaliaThe AP is now backing up the report:

A militant official and a Somali resident say al-Shabab fighters have stoned to death a man for carrying out a homosexual sex act. The resident, Yusuf Abdi, said the group buried a blindfolded man to his waist last Friday and threw stones at him until he died.

An al-Shabab official said one of its judges sentenced the man to death because he forced a 13-year-old boy to have sex with him. The al-Shabab member insisted he not be named.

It's important to note that such charges are often trumped up in extremist countries in order to produce a sentence.

A group, Somalia Gay Community, published photos on a Facebook page said to depict the stoning, though it appears they were from another horrific incident in 2009.


  1. coexxi says

    … he “forced”…. this sounds like rape to me. Btw: if he had raped a 13 year old girl it probably would have been her stoned to dead.

    Stoning is barbaric. Religion is the true poison of humankind.

  2. afdhere jama says

    hi, andy,

    we have never met, but i’m a queer somali… who has been writing about lgbt somalis since the late 1990s. this story is more than likely fake. yes, yes, the ap has published the story, but the ap published the story from the story that was already published in somali a week earlier. in other words, the ap writer just picked up this story from “local” (it was never published in print in somali, but only on websites), which in this case only applies to the language.

    you can read more;


    it’s probably fake mostly because the named 13-year-old (which all the somali original sources have named) has a name which is the same name of the leader of the al-shabaab… except it’s backwards.

    of course the problem with news agencies like the ap today is that they are too large. the ap has over 3000 “journalists” in nearly 300 locations globally. some of these places, like somalia, have no local standards for journalists… because they don’t even have functional organizations to control, manage, or reward their journalistic work.

    i hope that helps.


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