AP Backs Up Story About Gay Man Stoned to Death in Somalia

Yesterday I posted about a report from Identity Kenya that a man had been stoned to death for being gay in Somalia.

Map_somaliaThe AP is now backing up the report:

A militant official and a Somali resident say al-Shabab fighters have stoned to death a man for carrying out a homosexual sex act. The resident, Yusuf Abdi, said the group buried a blindfolded man to his waist last Friday and threw stones at him until he died.

An al-Shabab official said one of its judges sentenced the man to death because he forced a 13-year-old boy to have sex with him. The al-Shabab member insisted he not be named.

It's important to note that such charges are often trumped up in extremist countries in order to produce a sentence.

A group, Somalia Gay Community, published photos on a Facebook page said to depict the stoning, though it appears they were from another horrific incident in 2009.

Posted March 21, 2013 at 10:32am ETC by Andy Towle
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