Arizona House Panel Approves ‘Bathroom Bill’ Shielding Businesses That Discriminate Against Trans People


After a seven hour hearing late yesterday, the Arizona House Appropriations committee approved a bill targeting trans people and their ability to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, the AP reports:

The 7-4 vote concluded an hours-long parade of transgendered and straight people who tried to persuade the panel to oppose Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. John Kavanagh’s bill. The crowd broke out in chants of “shame, shame, shame” as the vote on the bill sponsored by the conservative Republican passed.

Kavanagh had radically altered the bill after being faced with an outcry from advocacy groups…

The original bill would have made it a crime for a transgendered person to use a bathroom other than his or her birth sex. The new bill instead seeks to shield businesses from civil or criminal liability if they ban people from restrooms that don’t match their birth sex.

The bill now goes to Arizona's full House for consideration.


  1. says


    what ugliness.

    even this won’t end up making them “happy” in the end, and by the i mean the bigots who passed this.

    now they’re gonna be confronted with someone that they might recognize as being “their gender” in the bathroom and will promptly freak the f**k out.

    “I thought it was a man!!! I thought it was a woman!”

    and we all think you’re a bunch of neanderthalian whitetrash. thanks.

  2. Hagatha says

    I can’t recall ever seeing an outhouse that accommodated several people at once. The outhouses that were “two holers” were to accommodate children.

    I’m given to believe that the multi-user bathroom was designed to save space and expense in the installation of public restrooms. I can’t see any other benefit to it and I have never liked them…. except the “ladies lounge” at Bonwit was pretty spectacular when I was little.

    This entire question can be resolved by respecting the needs and privacy of everyone: build single user bathrooms.

  3. GregV says

    Someone should do a documentary following actual transgendered people going into their “birth-assigned sex bathtooms” in Arizona. I picture a bald, muscular Buck Angel greeting throngs of screaming women as he enters the toilet stall or Tula Colley (James Bond girl and former Playboy Playmate) showering off her vagina after a swim with a bunch of naked Republican men and their sons at the shower heads on either side of her.

    Thr idiots who come up with these laws seem to imagine they are proving some kind of point, but the whole point is really nothing but animus toward people thry don’t understand.

    @Hagatha: Single-person bathtooms waste space. I hate waiting for 10 minutes when I need 10 seconds to just rinse my hands before dinner or I need 15 seconds at a urinal.
    But when there are two (or any number) of single-person bathrooms, I’ve always thought it’s non-sensical (and time-wasting) to assign each one to one gender. In that case, a sign on each one that just says “restroom” makes a lot more sense.

  4. Dana says

    Good for Arizona. About time they did something right.

    Little reported aspect of this story is that a number of LGB people worked to help pass this bill out of committee and will continue to work to get it enacted into law. They did this primarily because it is a good bill, but also in direct response to trans activists’ attacks on LGB civil rights bills and marriage equality.

    Trans activists actively oppose gay civil rights when they don’t cover everything from crossdressing to hermaprhodites, even when it means that the entire bill goes down to defeat. They have destroyed gay civil rights protections in Anchorage and Hutchinson, KS and of course, in the never-passed ENDA.
    Just as bad, a number of trans activists last year urged people to vote “no” on marriage equality in MD in order to punish gay and lesbian families for failing to do their bidding.

    Although this bill deserves to pass on its merits, I won’t deny that payback is sweet.

  5. Rick says

    “Little reported aspect of this story is that a number of LGB people worked to help pass this bill out of committee and will continue to work to get it enacted into law. They did this primarily because it is a good bill, but also in direct response to trans activists’ attacks on LGB civil rights bills and marriage equality.”

    Excellent news. Glad to hear that.

    I would have loved, however, to see a confrontation between straight women and trans/effeminate males trying to use the ladies’ room because it would have been an excellent lesson for those who advocate the culture of effeminacy that straight women do not identify with them, feel any particular bond with them, or have any particular sympathy towards them…..and that they (trans/effeminate men) are delusionsl for imagining that they do.

  6. TheDrDonna says

    Oh hey it’s the same tired claims that trans people as a bloc oppose gay marriage, while providing no proof. You know, there are gays who opposed gay marriage too, so I guess we have to evict them from the fold as well. Or at least target them for discrimination, because some gays sometimes do things that are illegal or threatening. Obviously that behavior must apply to gays as a whole, because that is how logic apparently works.

  7. David Hearne says

    GregV – My many years in hospitality have taught me that while most males don’t care where they pee, many woman specifically do not want to use a bathroom which is used by men. It probably harks back to the cultural myth that women can get pregnant from using a toilet seat on which a man has ejaculated. Having discovered in my twenties that male friends from high school had masturbated in just about every restroom where they lived, worked, or studied I can’t blame women too much for the fear of germs even if pregnancy is unlikely.

  8. DB says

    Good for Arizona. This should not be covered on a gay website as it has no relevance to us, but I support this bill. It is just common sense that people should use the bathroom corresponding to their biological sex at birth, regardless of whether they like cross-dressing.

  9. Tim Staley says

    I agree with the commenters above who mentioned trans activist homophobia and opposition to gay equality. I know that the trans “pioneer” Renee Richards is opposed to marriage equality and I know that trans activist and radio host Rebecca Juro called for it to be defeated in Maryland as a kind of hateful punishment of gay families and their children. There are a number of other activists and bloggers who pushed the same thing. And none of the trans organizations who are quick to take gay money lifted a finger to help our fight last year. It’s disgusting.

    I don’t ever see transgenders calling out trans activists for their homophobia and support for discrimination against gay families.

    I also think there is something to the idea that trans activists view the gay movement as a resource to be exploited. It is only something to be used for money and political clout, and they get angry and vindictive when gay people have the nerve to work for gay rights instead of these bizarre trans bathroom issues. Trans activists see gay people as their servants who have some sort of duty to work on trans issues that don’t concern them and to neglect gay issues that do. To be blunt, f*ck them.

  10. Tim Staley says


    And? These are links to a trans-only legal group, which funds itself with gay money. Gee, I wonder why we don’t have any LGB-only groups funded with trans money.

    The first link is to a FAQ about the Federal Marriage Amendment, which has been dead for 9 years. The page selfishly focuses on how the FMA could affect trans people (so apparently LGBs can drop dead). It doesn’t indicate that the group planned to actually do anything to oppose the proposed FMA.

    The second link shows that this group has done nothing to help in any of the Supreme Court cases or in any of the state ballot elections in all the years since the FMA was killed. Basically, they filed a brief in one case involving a trans man who wanted to get married.

    That’s it for 9 years. One brief in one case and even that is trans-specific. Thanks for helping me prove that trans activists are completely self-interested exploiters of the LGB community.

  11. Hagatha says

    How is the ubiquitous boogeyman to know that the person using the ladies room is male? I seriously doubt that said boogeyman cares if a female is using the men’s room.

  12. DC Arnold says

    If you haven’t noticed Repugs don’t give a sh*t about voters anymore. Every Repug controlled legislature spends their time creating discrimination or stopping your right to vote them out.

  13. Francis says

    I know this is two days ago……….but Andy, you have to do something about the trolls on this forum. The same poster is making hate comments under at least three different names. At this point I doubt this person even believes what they say overall. Just seeking attention.

  14. says

    @Tim Staley I defy you to produce the evidence of where either on my show or in print I called for marriage in Maryland to be defeated. That is patently untrue.

    What I have said, and what I stand by, is that the focus on marriage at the expense of basic civil rights protections in the workplace, housing, and access to public spaces is hurting us as a community and there needs to be much more attention paid to these issues.

    My reasoning is fairly simple: If you want the maximum amount of community support and participation in the marriage fight, first you make sure that people can afford the money and the time off work needed to participate. If we could all pull together and get ENDA passed, I think you’d see a corresponding upsurge in the number of LGBTs who’d have the freedom and willingness to participate in the marriage battle.

    Consider: When a couple, regardless of gender makeup or sexual orientation, decide they want to get married, what’s the first thing they do? Call the caterer, book the hall, and plan the honeymoon, or do they first make sure they have good jobs and a safe and comfortable place to live in for when the celebrating is done and it’s time to begin their married life together?

    It’s just common sense.

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