1. DB says

    My family and I have been watching the Bay Bridge lights from our deck at home the last few nights as they are being tested. It is awesome! We are going to a restaurant on the Embarcadero tonight for the official start.

  2. BillinSonoma says

    It should be a magnificent sight. can’t wait to see it soon! And as for the ‘greenery’ aspect, PG&E, despite their corporate faults (which are several more than several), will be nearing 40% non-carbon sources for electricity in the near future. I think that compares quite favorably to the rest of the country.

  3. emjayay says

    The lights along the main cables (the curved ones hanging from one tower to another and to the anchorage) were only put in maybe in the 70’s. First incandescent bulbs (cheap and fast) then something more efficient. LED’s are so much more efficient maybe they’ve replaced them again. The Golden Gate Bridge towers were lit quite subtly by a lighting designer maybe in the 80’s. The whole idea of lighting up buildings and bridges is a fairly modern one. The Empire State Building recently went LED also. Less power, less labor (no gel changing), pure colors.

  4. millerbeach says

    Lights are cool. They did something similar to the Chicago Skyway Bridge, when they refurbished it, but not with traveling lights. It dressed up an otherwise dreary bridge, and makes me a little less bitter about paying $3.50 to cross the bridge. This should be great for tourism…plenty of people go just to see the bridge, now with a light show! Like LiteBrite on steroids…LOL

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