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Gay Couple Kicked Out of California Mall for Kissing: VIDEO


Daniel Chesmore, 21, and Jose Juzman, 24, were asked to leave the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, California Saturday for kissing, FOX40 reports:

WestfieldSitting on the couch at 21-year-old Chesmore’s parents’ home in Roseville, he and his boyfriend Jose Guzman, 24, share a few kisses while holding hands. “This is exactly what we did at the mall on Saturday,” Guzman said.

When a security guard confronted the couple about it at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, they began recording. “If you continue to kiss, you will be asked to leave the mall. Period,” the voice on the recording said. “I counted you guys kissing 25 times. I told you before, we contact any couple [...] about this.”

In an undercover investigation, FOX40 spotted dozens of straight couples sitting inside of the Galleria, holding hands and smooching, right out in the open. And as the hours passed, not one couple FOX40 witnessed was asked to leave the mall.


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  1. I actually LOVE the fact that the local TV station did not present a "difference of opinion", but actually followed up and filmed the hypocrisy.

    It may not be the major issue of our times, but a million little moments in the day when we are made to feel unsafe, or singled out, for doing what straight people totally take for granted does need to be given attention...

    Posted by: Strepsi | Mar 5, 2013 8:00:09 AM

  2. I hate malls.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Mar 5, 2013 8:11:13 AM

  3. I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Gay marriage has been legal in my province since 2003 and yet we still have things like this happening here. The other day when I called about new car insurance rates I had to explain to the woman on the phone that I - a man - was married to a man. "It's been legal in Ontario since 2003. You know that right?" She was speechless.

    I like the way the reporter handled this -
    filmed straight couples doing what the boys were doing without incident, and then confronting the manager as to what the policy is. "I have to go to a meeting," he said. Oh boy!

    Posted by: Gigi | Mar 5, 2013 8:25:56 AM

  4. So sue them...that's the only way many schools, organizations, public accommodations, etc., seem to get the point.

    Posted by: kelehe | Mar 5, 2013 8:29:25 AM

  5. The Westfield mall not far from me, just outside of Seattle, has free WiFi, but filters gay political blogs. The only one I tried that wasn't blocked was Andrew Sullivan, which isn't exactly a gay blog.

    Posted by: Merv | Mar 5, 2013 8:35:06 AM

  6. I had a VERY similar experience with my partner (of 10 years- not that it should matter how long we've been together) but to frame the story: we were celebrating our 8 year anniversary. Our public displays of affection do not go any further than holding hands of hugging, but we've been through A LOT in life, and after celebrating a fantastic dinner at an area strip mall's restuarant, upon exiting, we gave each other a very quick, very subtle and from the heart quick kiss. Within a minute a mall security gaurd approaches us and yells "gentlemen, this is a family friendly environment! take your crude behavior home!" Verbatim. And when I say what we did was tame, that's an understatment. It was awful to be called out like that. Because it was such a special night for us, we chose to walk away while telling the security gaurd off.

    I truly think the NEXT chapter in gay rights will be beyond legislative equality. It will be societal equality. Until I am allowed and felt safe to hold my loving partners hand in every mall, shop, and pocket of this country without being kicked out- I'm not equal. And that's unfortunate.

    Posted by: Alejandro | Mar 5, 2013 8:53:23 AM

  7. I feel so terrible for this couple. Just minding their own business and having a genuine moment of appreciation for one another and to be ridiculed like this? Ridiculous.

    Posted by: USC Trojans Fan | Mar 5, 2013 8:54:15 AM

  8. The solution to this is don't patronize shopping malls.

    Posted by: chasmader | Mar 5, 2013 8:58:13 AM

  9. @Chasmader
    Oh wouldn't you homophobes love just not seeing us avoid ALL public places. Funny how your solutions always revolve us avoiding any place that openly discriminates against us.

    Posted by: J.J | Mar 5, 2013 9:04:20 AM

  10. This is NOT okay. We need to hold this mall absolutely accountable for this.

    Posted by: Bamaman | Mar 5, 2013 9:04:44 AM

  11. Way too many gay couples are getting targetted, and I for one am completely sick of it. Yes, it's great we're winning the gay marriage stuff, but this sh-t is out of hand. Gay couples asked to leave bars, and restaurants, and hotels and now malls. For doing something straight couples do (but straight couples take it to a far worse degree). Where's our groups to fight this?
    What good is my gay marriage if I can't hold my damn partners hand or show appropriate affection without fear of getting kicked out of of establishments?!

    Posted by: Amir | Mar 5, 2013 9:06:32 AM

  12. Go to their Facebook site

    and let them know what you think of their treatment of this lovely gay couple and the way that General Manager Eddie Ollmann handled this situation.

    Thank you.

    Posted by: Peter M. | Mar 5, 2013 9:07:11 AM

  13. Correction....don't patronize WESTFIELD Shopping Malls. And was there any follow up with Westfield Corporate HQ? Or some of the larger retailers in the particular mall?

    Posted by: Bryan | Mar 5, 2013 9:08:19 AM

  14. HOMOPHOBIA is alive and well. What an amazing document of the inequality as to how the mall treats it's straight patrons vs. gay. Amazing investigative reporting!!

    Posted by: Emilio | Mar 5, 2013 9:08:53 AM

  15. This just proves how much work still needs to be done in society. As another poster noted, gay rights lesgilations are nice, but we also need to hold people accountable for employing anti gay practices in our day to day lives. No gay couples should be kicked out, and so forcefully, for kissing on the cheek or showing affection.

    Posted by: Scott Johansen | Mar 5, 2013 9:10:11 AM

  16. @Bryan: I'm with you, but think contacting the store managers will bring more action. Nordstrom, JCPenney, Macy's, and Sears are the anchors, and many of the tenant stores are publicly supportive of LGBT equality. Also, Westfield is a major owner of shopping malls in California. I suggest going to their website, see if there's a Westfield near you, and contact every Westfield mall manager to say: We are paying attention!

    Posted by: jpeckjr | Mar 5, 2013 9:13:56 AM

  17. Westfield Galleria number:
    (916) 787-2000

    This is not okay. Take a stand and let our voices be heard. Enough with us getting kicked and tossed every day in every corner of this nation.

    Posted by: IonMovies | Mar 5, 2013 9:15:05 AM

  18. This happens all the time. Not long ago, a gay couple was grabbed and physically forced out for holding hands at a taco stand counter. Some straight people around them started saying "they aren't doing anything worse than any other couple"
    We really need to collectively as a community start expressing that this form of blatant anti gay discrimination is not acceptable. Otherwise, homophobe will truly attempt to ruin every aspect of our lives.

    Posted by: Mimi | Mar 5, 2013 9:16:46 AM

  19. The bigots are trying to shame us back in the closet with things like this. They figure if they terrorize enough gay couples, we'll be shunned and think twice about being idetifiable in our relationships. I've gone through way too much with my partner to pretend like we're not in love. We never go past an appropriate line, and I do indeed hold his hands, or hug, or embrace. I shouldn't have to fear being persecuted for that.

    These bigots want us to essentially be closeted.

    I agree. Enough is enough, and I'm sick of hearing about this cases.

    Posted by: Constance | Mar 5, 2013 9:19:17 AM

  20. Whats crazy is I live not far from this mall and go here sometimes and the teenage STRAIGHT kids are constantly fondling and making out on the mall benches every single day. Heck, this mall is notorious for all the teeny boppers who are straight and starting basically going to third base in public view at the mall. NO security gaurd to be seen to ever escort them out. This is some bull that a gay couple is now suddenly where they draw the line.
    Come visit this mall and any given day you'll see straight teenagers on each others laps making out hardcore.

    They should plan a protest. No joke, my friends and I would go.

    Posted by: MercazKid | Mar 5, 2013 9:21:34 AM

  21. I think it's just going to take time for people to get used to seeing two men or women kissing each other affectionately in public. It's sucks, of course, that gay couples will continue to be harassed for showing affection publicly the same as heterosexual couples do.

    As someone above said, the next battle will be for societal acceptance. It is too ingrained in American culture for men of any orientation to show ANY affection to one another, let alone two gay men being affectionate.

    Incidents like these in other circumstances might provoke a violent response, which is really horrible to contemplate, so ingrained is America's homophobia.

    I hope the two young gentlemen will keep the faith and not ever be afraid to show their love, respect, devotion and affection for each other publicly.

    In a way, it good to be reminded how close and yet so far away we are from full equality and acceptance.

    Even more, I hope we gay and lesbian people can continue the challenge of educating our fellow citizens that showing love is a good thing. A very, very good thing.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Mar 5, 2013 9:23:44 AM

  22. Did you see that report? My mind is blown right now. The mall says they have a rule against that behavior, and yet this extremely impressive undercover report clearly shows plenty of heterosexual couples showing very prominent displays of affection throughout the mall with absolutely no consequence. I feel terrible for these guys. They seem like a perfectly normal and happy couple too.

    Posted by: Jordan | Mar 5, 2013 9:24:04 AM

  23. Am I crazy or would anyone else like to see these forms of homophobia eradicated more so than just getting gay marriage rights. I'm all for gay marriage, but as someone else noted, where's our concern when things like this incident happen? And they do happen. All the time. Where's anyone to combat this?

    Posted by: Latin Boy | Mar 5, 2013 9:26:48 AM

  24. Maybe equalityCA can get involved? clearly they are specifically targeting gay couples just harmlessly minding their own business. It's 2013. Grown consenting adults who happen to look like a couple shouldn't be targeted like this. Not in America.

    Posted by: DaLurker | Mar 5, 2013 9:28:07 AM

  25. Just for the apologist crowd who storm these comments and consistently brush off homophobia as fake and pretend, the undercover report observed straight couples doing exactly what the manager said they don't condone, and they documented straight couples not only getting away with it, but doing so all throughout the mall.

    NOW WHAT. Now what are you apologists (Ratbastard and crew) gonna say? How are you gonna spin THIS ONE and blame the gays. I know you will. You always manage to in a most calculating way.

    Posted by: 2 Dads | Mar 5, 2013 9:30:50 AM

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