1. Strepsi says

    I actually LOVE the fact that the local TV station did not present a “difference of opinion”, but actually followed up and filmed the hypocrisy.

    It may not be the major issue of our times, but a million little moments in the day when we are made to feel unsafe, or singled out, for doing what straight people totally take for granted does need to be given attention…

  2. Gigi says

    I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Gay marriage has been legal in my province since 2003 and yet we still have things like this happening here. The other day when I called about new car insurance rates I had to explain to the woman on the phone that I – a man – was married to a man. “It’s been legal in Ontario since 2003. You know that right?” She was speechless.

    I like the way the reporter handled this –
    filmed straight couples doing what the boys were doing without incident, and then confronting the manager as to what the policy is. “I have to go to a meeting,” he said. Oh boy!

  3. Merv says

    The Westfield mall not far from me, just outside of Seattle, has free WiFi, but filters gay political blogs. The only one I tried that wasn’t blocked was Andrew Sullivan, which isn’t exactly a gay blog.

  4. Alejandro says

    I had a VERY similar experience with my partner (of 10 years- not that it should matter how long we’ve been together) but to frame the story: we were celebrating our 8 year anniversary. Our public displays of affection do not go any further than holding hands of hugging, but we’ve been through A LOT in life, and after celebrating a fantastic dinner at an area strip mall’s restuarant, upon exiting, we gave each other a very quick, very subtle and from the heart quick kiss. Within a minute a mall security gaurd approaches us and yells “gentlemen, this is a family friendly environment! take your crude behavior home!” Verbatim. And when I say what we did was tame, that’s an understatment. It was awful to be called out like that. Because it was such a special night for us, we chose to walk away while telling the security gaurd off.

    I truly think the NEXT chapter in gay rights will be beyond legislative equality. It will be societal equality. Until I am allowed and felt safe to hold my loving partners hand in every mall, shop, and pocket of this country without being kicked out- I’m not equal. And that’s unfortunate.

  5. USC Trojans Fan says

    I feel so terrible for this couple. Just minding their own business and having a genuine moment of appreciation for one another and to be ridiculed like this? Ridiculous.

  6. J.J says

    Oh wouldn’t you homophobes love just not seeing us avoid ALL public places. Funny how your solutions always revolve us avoiding any place that openly discriminates against us.

  7. Amir says

    Way too many gay couples are getting targetted, and I for one am completely sick of it. Yes, it’s great we’re winning the gay marriage stuff, but this sh-t is out of hand. Gay couples asked to leave bars, and restaurants, and hotels and now malls. For doing something straight couples do (but straight couples take it to a far worse degree). Where’s our groups to fight this?
    What good is my gay marriage if I can’t hold my damn partners hand or show appropriate affection without fear of getting kicked out of of establishments?!

  8. Bryan says

    Correction….don’t patronize WESTFIELD Shopping Malls. And was there any follow up with Westfield Corporate HQ? Or some of the larger retailers in the particular mall?

  9. Emilio says

    HOMOPHOBIA is alive and well. What an amazing document of the inequality as to how the mall treats it’s straight patrons vs. gay. Amazing investigative reporting!!

  10. Scott Johansen says

    This just proves how much work still needs to be done in society. As another poster noted, gay rights lesgilations are nice, but we also need to hold people accountable for employing anti gay practices in our day to day lives. No gay couples should be kicked out, and so forcefully, for kissing on the cheek or showing affection.

  11. jpeckjr says

    @Bryan: I’m with you, but think contacting the store managers will bring more action. Nordstrom, JCPenney, Macy’s, and Sears are the anchors, and many of the tenant stores are publicly supportive of LGBT equality. Also, Westfield is a major owner of shopping malls in California. I suggest going to their website, see if there’s a Westfield near you, and contact every Westfield mall manager to say: We are paying attention!

  12. IonMovies says

    Westfield Galleria number:
    (916) 787-2000

    This is not okay. Take a stand and let our voices be heard. Enough with us getting kicked and tossed every day in every corner of this nation.

  13. Mimi says

    This happens all the time. Not long ago, a gay couple was grabbed and physically forced out for holding hands at a taco stand counter. Some straight people around them started saying “they aren’t doing anything worse than any other couple”
    We really need to collectively as a community start expressing that this form of blatant anti gay discrimination is not acceptable. Otherwise, homophobe will truly attempt to ruin every aspect of our lives.

  14. Constance says

    The bigots are trying to shame us back in the closet with things like this. They figure if they terrorize enough gay couples, we’ll be shunned and think twice about being idetifiable in our relationships. I’ve gone through way too much with my partner to pretend like we’re not in love. We never go past an appropriate line, and I do indeed hold his hands, or hug, or embrace. I shouldn’t have to fear being persecuted for that.

    These bigots want us to essentially be closeted.

    I agree. Enough is enough, and I’m sick of hearing about this cases.

  15. MercazKid says

    Whats crazy is I live not far from this mall and go here sometimes and the teenage STRAIGHT kids are constantly fondling and making out on the mall benches every single day. Heck, this mall is notorious for all the teeny boppers who are straight and starting basically going to third base in public view at the mall. NO security gaurd to be seen to ever escort them out. This is some bull that a gay couple is now suddenly where they draw the line.
    Come visit this mall and any given day you’ll see straight teenagers on each others laps making out hardcore.

    They should plan a protest. No joke, my friends and I would go.

  16. jamal49 says

    I think it’s just going to take time for people to get used to seeing two men or women kissing each other affectionately in public. It’s sucks, of course, that gay couples will continue to be harassed for showing affection publicly the same as heterosexual couples do.

    As someone above said, the next battle will be for societal acceptance. It is too ingrained in American culture for men of any orientation to show ANY affection to one another, let alone two gay men being affectionate.

    Incidents like these in other circumstances might provoke a violent response, which is really horrible to contemplate, so ingrained is America’s homophobia.

    I hope the two young gentlemen will keep the faith and not ever be afraid to show their love, respect, devotion and affection for each other publicly.

    In a way, it good to be reminded how close and yet so far away we are from full equality and acceptance.

    Even more, I hope we gay and lesbian people can continue the challenge of educating our fellow citizens that showing love is a good thing. A very, very good thing.

  17. Jordan says

    Did you see that report? My mind is blown right now. The mall says they have a rule against that behavior, and yet this extremely impressive undercover report clearly shows plenty of heterosexual couples showing very prominent displays of affection throughout the mall with absolutely no consequence. I feel terrible for these guys. They seem like a perfectly normal and happy couple too.

  18. Latin Boy says

    Am I crazy or would anyone else like to see these forms of homophobia eradicated more so than just getting gay marriage rights. I’m all for gay marriage, but as someone else noted, where’s our concern when things like this incident happen? And they do happen. All the time. Where’s anyone to combat this?

  19. DaLurker says

    Maybe equalityCA can get involved? clearly they are specifically targeting gay couples just harmlessly minding their own business. It’s 2013. Grown consenting adults who happen to look like a couple shouldn’t be targeted like this. Not in America.

  20. 2 Dads says

    Just for the apologist crowd who storm these comments and consistently brush off homophobia as fake and pretend, the undercover report observed straight couples doing exactly what the manager said they don’t condone, and they documented straight couples not only getting away with it, but doing so all throughout the mall.

    NOW WHAT. Now what are you apologists (Ratbastard and crew) gonna say? How are you gonna spin THIS ONE and blame the gays. I know you will. You always manage to in a most calculating way.

  21. LazerLight says

    The manager of the mall who enabled the policy that targets same sex couples is a real gem on facebook.

    His facebook page has Joe Arpaio as a hero. All sorts of anti Obama commentary. All sorts of religious commentary. Coupled with pledging his devotion to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and has the words ‘Proud of being Conservative’ plastered on his page as well.

    That’s the manager who employed a policy that allows security gaurds to badger gay patrons.

  22. Christopher says

    well, clearly the conservative clowns behind this mall want to really stick it to the gays, but there;s plenty of laws in California that prevent discrimination like this, and seeing how it’s perfectly illustrated in this report that this mall does NOT infact enact it’s policies toward another group – heterosexual couples- I think there’s definitely grounds for a legal letter to be sent here.

  23. Joseph says

    There are two sides to every story. While it may be true that the straight couples were not cited for kissing, these guys were kisssing a LOT. IMO, 25 times is just begging for a reaction. The alleged “victims” may well have had a chip on their shoulder and the guard took the bait.

  24. Markus says

    Yet another example of discrimination in public accomodations. The only way to deal with this is by hitting them in the wallet, sue their pants off. In California public accomodations must treat gay people the same as straight people, unless the mall can prove it is just as aggressive at expelling straight people for PDA as they are at kicking out gay people they are in violation. Of course, there are at least 16 million gay people in America, if a quarter of us just up and moved to a state like Oregon we would be the majority in the state, then the shoe would be on the other foot. Imagine how much fun it would be to ban straight marriage. Or, to give huge tax breaks to gay couples but deny them to hets. Or, ban the mention of heterosexuality in schools. Sometimes the only way to wake people up is to demonstrate how absurd their positions are.

  25. Marcus says

    A couple of points:

    1.) I’m just SO happy this couple is going public and speaking out about this incident. For far too long, we as a gay community were told to accept homophobia as a fact of life. It’s only when we stepped back and said, no it’s not right for me to be mistreated for being gay, that we encouraged society to go inward and do the same evaluation. It’s couples like this who truly ARE making it better for the next generation of LGBT.

    2.) If the mall is going to adopt such a clear bias with no accountability, either protest outside the mall and gather more media attention or use social media to let them hear your voices. We did something similar in a similar story with a local gym, and they changed their policy in no time, and even apologized. If you let homophobes be hoomphobic, we’ll all have to deal with the crumbs of homophobia.

  26. IonMovies says

    Does anyone have the number or emailing for the westfield galleria headquarters? I would think reporting this incident via email or a phone call to the headquarters would be more effective than calling the same rosevill branch that clearly is proud of it’s slanted policy.

  27. Cortez says

    @ Joseph/Ratbastard
    Try again. Epic fail. You love siding with the homophobes in every story. And in THIS story, that little argument of yours got debunked. Try a new theory troll. What next? the couple made unwanted advances toward the security gaurd? you knowww you want to go there.

  28. Gio says

    Actually, the couple clearly stated they kissed each other on the cheek. And not 25 times. 25 times according to the security personal who was stalking them. You didn’t watch the segment which clearly and beautifully captured the anti gay bias here. You and your ilk are just too quick to jump on here and manifest the story into absolving the anti gay individual(s) of their wrong doing, and automatically blaming gays. As if homophobia just doesn’t exist in our society.

  29. Jose says

    Guys, the poster defending the mall is ratbastard. He’ll post under his many user names and muster up some excuse for the mall, or any bigoted individual that displays anti-gay actions. Ratbastard and his posting style/agenda should be sniffed out then overlooked. We know his agenda by now.

  30. D. Roberts says

    This does happen far too often, and I also wish there were more of a prominent gay voice or committee to address homophobia displayed by businesses. We see gay couples mistreated often, and regardless of what those who want to spin the facts portray, the gay couples are often doing nothing harmless or inapporpriate other than being an easily pegged gay couple. GLAAD is for media, and ACT UP seems to be geared toward legislation, but I agree that there needs to be a branch of gay rights toward combating societal homophobia.

  31. says

    Make no mistake, folks – PDA is indeed a part of the Movement.

    Simple little gestures of affection. For anyone else, it’d be an expression of feeling. For us, it’s still an act of sociopolitical subversion. WOW.

    Get kissing, folks.

  32. Jordan says

    well, contacting the manager obviously won’t do any good. He’s an extreme right wing, militant, religious conservative. I agree- does anyone know the contact info for headquarter?


    What an asbolutely adorable and sweet couple. I hate having to hear about so many stories of gay couples being singled out like this, it’s not okay. And I wish there was more we could do :/

  34. says

    and ignore the trolls – there’s no possible “other side” to this story; kudos to this reporter for doing a bang-up job.

    yes, some folks will pathetically blame the couple. why? well, look who it’ll be criticizing: those who’ve never been, and never will be, kissed.


  35. Curt says

    I agree, I wrote an email to the local mall, which will be followed by an email to Corporate. I also think it is a great idea to contact the LGBT friendly stores withing the mall.

  36. Just A Fan says

    This is fascinating because just last week a straight friend and I went to a local outdoor shopping area in our city where we both thought it be an interesting experiment to observe all the public displays of affection by heterosexuals.

    Do you all realize how often straight people around you kiss, grab, grope, grind, and make out with each other? It’s a fascinating, fascinating experiement I reccommend all of you try.

    If gay people did a fraction of the things straight couples do in public, we’d all be kicked out of every establishment. And you can take that to the bank.

  37. jpeckjr says

    The mall manager has a First Amendment right to think, believe, and speak as he wishes as a private citizen, and that includes his personal Facebook page. So, don’t go after him personally.

    But, when he is representing his employer, the Westfield Corporation, he must represent their policies. As the news reporter noted, there is no policy, nothing in their Code of Conduct, prohibiting kissing or other public displays of affection. If there was, it should be applied equally, but since there’s not, it should not be applied at all, not only against same-sex couples.

  38. gregorybrown says

    The security guys claims he saw them kiss a couple dozen times. If the behavior is supposedly offensive, why didn’t he stop it earlier? Or did he have to make a quick trip to some private space to relieve his sex tension that was aroused by the sight of a cute couple before moving in?

  39. David Hearne says

    As I understand the case law on this, a mall is a private property that is used as a public way but is not a public way. As such, they can have things such as a dress code (no baseball caps, no sagging, etc…) but they have to enforce it equally and the policy cannot be discriminatory by design. So even though it’s pretty obvious that “no sagging” is aimed at black guys, because white guys do it too it’s OK to forbid it.

    So the mall has to have a no-PDA policy which of course they can’t and won’t because straight people would never put up with being harassed for acting straight in public.

    Righteous bust, Westfield is wrong. I will go out on a limb here and bet that Westfield will blame their security contractor and fire the guard rather than accept responsibility for their causing or allowing this to happen.

  40. Stash says

    There are severe laws against this type of bias in California. Like actual written laws that you can’t target gay folks in places of public accomodation. This story actually has concrete evidence, with footage, that this mall does indeed operate with two different sets of rules when dealing with gay clients and straight clients.
    I hope this couple doesn’t sweep this under the rug. Not just for their own sake, but for the sake of other perfectly happy same sex couples who don’t deserve getting a tongue lashing for living out their day.

  41. Michelle Lez says

    Ever been to a mall and observed people around you? It’s NOTHING but straight couples, especially straight little brats kissing and macking each other. Ever been to a food court at the mall? some straight people truly make it seem like it’s their honeymoon dinner with all the fondling and kissing. Go to your area mall and observe it. We just don’t take notice of it as a society because we’re soooo used to straight couples doing it.

  42. Gigi says

    Dear Apologists (you know who you are),

    Please know that whether this couple kissed with a quick peck on the cheek or were playing tonsil hockey with one another, it makes no difference. They were singled out because they are gay. Straight couples behave like this all of the time. People might think “get a room,” but 99.9 times out of 100 they’re left alone. Mall cops are not on the lookout for straight PDA. This report proves that.

  43. NOARNIC says

    I truly love that the news outlet clearly showed the bias and how partial management is at this mall when it comes to their treatment of same sex couples in comparison to straight couples. This is one of the most poignant, incredible journalism segments I’ve seen. And yet, extremely sad at the same time. Hold the mall accountable.

  44. Digital107 says

    That reporter was trying to get an answer out of the manager and they refused. There’s NO code of conduct that would have this couple be treated like this. They were sought out because of being gay. And they seem like an extremely respectable and sweet couple too. This is not cool.

  45. A friend of Jose says

    I happen to know one of these guys and they are the most giving, generous, kind soul you could meet. They do charity work, are loved by their family and friends, and are always kind and respectful to their surroundings. We all always comment on how cute they are. I can’t think of a less deserving couple for this to happen to. Really. If you guys knew them you’d know how special they are and how things like this demoralize people.
    Also, they kissed in a simple manner on the cheek. We hang out with them and they would never kiss 25 times and have a make out session like that. But they are in love, and kissing your loved one on the cheek and holding hands shouldn’t get you made to feel like a criminal.
    we’re so proud of them for standing up for what is right btw. They always have. No matter who they saw being treated poorly, regardless of background, they always stood up and spoke up for the under dog. We’re proud of them for standing up for what is right, to right a wrong.

  46. Tia says

    I loveeee how the news channel observed all kinds of straight people getting very close and PDA left, right & center with the straight peeps. And yet no whistles, or horns, or security coming to read them.

  47. Koroush says

    No one kisses their partner 25 times. No one. And this couple didn’t either. Even teh reporter didn’t buy that tale. What most likely happened is the managers or security noticed the gay couple, was stalking them and waiting for any excuse to kick them out, saw them show slight affection, and then went in for the kill.
    We had a similar experience happen to us. We got managers and made sure they knew we were on to their ignorance and were not going to let this happen to another gay couple.

  48. David Hearne says

    I’m reluctantly going to agree with Kiwi on his one point: that PDA is political.

    Back in the late 1970’s we called it “trashing”. Trashing was when you went out in public, most often a mall for the instant audience, and were “outrageous”. This could take the form of wearing club clothes, and trust me that even in the late 70’s a young man in six inch heel over the knee shiny black boots, riding jodhpurs, a Louis Vuitton clutch, and Clark Gable look stood out in White Flint Mall. Sometimes we dressed up in military uniforms and kissed at tourist spots in DC. We also went dancing in all the straight discos. Many of our gay friends disapproved of this micro-protest, but we had a good time doing it and only got tossed out once- at the Paddock Nightclub in Ocean City Maryland.

  49. Francis says

    Thank you Friend of Jose, for the account and these two seem very sweet. Jose and Daniel need to take this legal. This is blatant discrimination. Threaten legal action against this mall.

    This is beyond not cool. This is a CLEAR AS DAY representation of the FACT that what we as a community say is completely true……….we’re held to different standards and treated different (read: mistreated) because of our orientation when we do the same things and actually, do less, than what straight people do every day without ever thinking twice. This video pretty much makes clear that what tends to go down in situations like this. Even cases where a same-sex couple was deleted from a yearbook in Texas last week. These are blatant attempts to closet us.

    Just goes to show, as much things change, they stay the same. Make no mistake. We’re still the lepers of society.

  50. says

    wow – Hearne. So at what point did your balls shrivel up and turn you into such a wimpy lil’coward?

    feel free to make an incedibly moving video-log of your adventures in the 70s. it would help people.

    that is, alas, if a word of it were true.

    *wah WAHHHHHH*

  51. Ditto says

    Three options! and I hope anyone who knows these guys passes it on to them

    1.) change dot org. Encourage them to create a petition on that site to influence this mall to look at it’s own policy. I assure you, thousands of people would sign for that cause.

    2.) A peaceful protest/rally outside the mall. Many have suggested it. Pick a date, pass on the word on social media, get people to show up and make a statement. Respectfully but make your voices heard. Even if 50 people show up. That’s significant.

    3.) Get the local media involved to showcase the rally, or shed more light on the story.

  52. K says

    They could hire a lawyer and make some dough out of this incident. This isn’t the deep south. California has extremely strict policies against anti gay discrimination like this. They should have their gay friends go back in the mall, hold hands, or kiss on the cheeks, record it and see if/when the security comes harassing them. Then do the same thing with their straight friends who are a couple. Document it. Get a lawyer and expect a fat paycheck from the mall. That’s how you get even folks.

  53. Francis says

    PDA is political for sure. We need to assert ourselves in society and really make it clear, we’re going to kiss, where we want to kiss, and be gay, wherever we please. And that won’t be taken away from us. They cannot take away our freedoms. Hopefully these two men sue this mall.

  54. says

    PDA being “offensive” when gays do it, but not straight couples, is actually pretty similar to all of this “i’m a Christian, I can’t be in a locker room with gays” nonsense.

    you show me a locker room without ribald hetero-SEX talk, and i’ll show you a unicorn factory.

    but hey – talkin’ about sex and banging is fine. as long as it’s straight.

    just like a company may make a wedding cake for a couple that engaged in premarital sex, but won’t make a wedding cake for a “gay couple” – because, you know, they suddenly have a religious dedication to “tradition”…yeah. right.

  55. Anonymous says

    Flash mob time for thousands of LGBT people to go and kiss at the malls. Get lawyers and cameras to follow if harassed so they can file law suites and sue them for all you can. Then give the money to fight for equal and civil rights and freedoms for all LGBT people. You now know what to do.

  56. Kyle says

    This is blatant homophobia. Alejandro’s post (6th comment) contains a particularly discouraging anecdote. What’s acceptable for straight couples is acceptable for gay couples. A kiss, or any other display of affection, isn’t somehow made more perverse by two men doing it.

    FOX40’s reporting on this story is superb.

  57. ratbastard says

    @2 DADS,

    Apologist? WTF are you talking about? This looks clear cut to me.

    Apologists…LOL. What you really mean is I don’t take things at face value. This is not a bad attribute.

  58. LCR Jay says

    If they were creating a public disturbance, then they needed to leave. Obviously their behavior was apparent enough for security to notice them.

  59. beef and fur says

    Here is the “corporate office” for the group that operates this property:

    Westfield Group
    United States Head Office
    11th Floor
    11601 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 90025
    Phone: (+1 310) 478 4456
    Facsimile: (+1 310) 478 1267

  60. Kyle says

    @LCR JAY You have a bizarre reverence for the judgment and authority of mall cops. You also have a bizarre aloofness to homophobia.

    Your logic is totally circular: That they were approached is evidence that their being approached wasn’t inappropriate and motivated by homophobia?! The couple’s behavior was apparently completely innocuous and comparatively mild. They were singled out and reprimanded by a mall cop because they are gay.

  61. Saythetruth says

    Gays couples (and gays in general) of that area should organize to make a kiss in flash mob. Will see how they react. Reality is some things only change when people die of old age; there is a long road to walk.

  62. says

    Straight couples can do anything short of f**king on the floor in the mall and everywhere else and mall security wouldn’t bust them in a million years. Only one side to this, and it’s not the mall idiot’s or the get a room trolls’ here.

  63. jaragon says

    I really doubt that there is any rule in the mall about straight showing affection- obviously they would not allow anyone to have sex at the mall- but harmless hand holding and kissing.

  64. Thomas says

    Kudos to this reporter for actually doing investigative journalism.

    The couple took the first right step: contact the media. A couple people have mentioned suing. It would help if the city where the mall is located includes sexual orientation in its discrimination laws. But absent that, maybe they could sue for emotional distress (any CA law experts know how the state treats that?). The comments about contacting the anchor stores or having a protest are on point. Just as the right mobilized for Chik Fil A, we need a consistent framework in place for responding to this crap.

  65. J.J. says

    This is so wrong on so many levels and too many gay couples face these forms of bias every single day. We’ve got to take a stand and say no more.

  66. Galaxy says

    The homophobes love latching on to stories like this on the comments section here.





    Get used to that!

    No more Mr. Nice Gay for you POS homophobes to toss around!

  67. Ali Berzon says

    I go to this mall and all you see is straight teens making out everywhere. We’re shocked that they did this to a gay couple, especially one as seemingly normal and perfectly fine as this couple. Come visit roseville galleria because all you will see is straight couples and straight teenagers sucking face, without anyone ever intervening. And yes, I’ve seen plenty of security walk past teens as one boy grabbed the breast of another teen and they were fondling. This is a double standard and I hope our community rallies against this type of prejudice.

  68. Alfred says

    What’s this crap… first Fire Island and now a shopping mall? So not only we gay put ourselves in a closet, now the world is building closets all around us!

  69. UFFDA says

    These young guys are complete nincompoops. In the popular mind they’re not equal and neither are. We have a long way to go and the first distance to cross is knowing how to be discrete so that you don’t inflame the threatened passions of the hugely dominant heterosexuals who surround us on every side. Men kissing one another in public is as repulsive as cold puke to most people. Cry your eyes out if you want to, throw you’re inconsequential fits day in and day out, it will make no difference. Encouraging these socially insensitive, stupid-not-brave young men in their delusions of equality is tantamount to stuffing their empty heads into a loaded cannon.

    At the same time the Mall authorities should be firmly trounced and decried. But it won’t make a difference to the public at large…not yet. Gay liberation is the real thing and it’s happening fast, especially on paper and in the ever-sensationalist media. But it doesn’t mean squat to Joe the Plumber and his kids, his sons in particular.

    Get a grip crybabies, we’ve a long ways to go and explicit confrontation in public is a backfire tactic.

  70. David Hearne says


    You haven’t been paying attention. Two studly magazine quality men never kiss at Suburbiana Centre… they only make out at the Ecstasy Parties in Miami and Palm Springs.

    The public loves seeing beautiful people do whatever they want in public. Didn’t you see the Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone?

  71. Anthony says

    These two jerks brought this on themselves and I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them. No one said that they couldn’t patron the mall and spend up their whole pay check if they wish. But the sideshow of them making out and drawing attention to themselves was unnecessary and their being asked to leave was just. Malls are for shopping, bedrooms are for being all over each other.

    And let this gain a myraid of attention. Let the militants attempt to boycott and protest. I predict all that’ll happen is the same thing that happened with Chick-Fil-A and the pastry shop…a counter protest via more patronage from people who’re tired of private businesses being dictated to and told that they HAVE to accommodate the antics of gays in public.

    I don’t live in CA, but I do know that if I ever do visit the state and am in the area of this mall, I *will* go ahead and stop in…if they stick to their guns and don’t cower to gays and their butt wiping liberal fascists friends!

  72. Bill says

    They may not even have to sue – they can just file a complaint with California’s gay-friendly attorney general, and the TV station provided gobs of evidence.

    There’s a Westfield Mall in San Francisco, connected to the Powell Street MUNI/BART station. A protest there should be interesting!

  73. David Hearne says

    I have to say that if we are going to object to how these guys were treated, we ought to have something more than “Well Johnny did it too and you didn’t punish him!”

    Perhaps it isn’t that gay people should be allowed to be as common as straight people, perhaps we should aim a tad higher. I know this will sound school marmish to some here, but nice people don’t smooch all over each other in public.

    Couples do hold hands and dear friends greet with a kiss on the cheek perhaps. Do you honestly think that that is all these two did to get the security guard going? I didn’t think so.

  74. Mike says

    I live in Roseville. It’s a mostly white upper middle class,religious,GOP bastion. My husband & I are a respectable professional couple & while we’ve never experienced anything quite this blatant, we’ve been treated pretty poorly by any number of individuals. I totally believe this couple & will be contacting Westfield et al. The kiss in is this Sat 11:00 in front of the Starbucks by Tiffany’s I encourage everyone gay & straight to participate.

  75. Bill says

    @David Hearne: if your suggestion that there was more going on “to get the security guard going,” then why didn’t the manager state what was going on when the TV station tried to interview him? Keep in mind that he’d risk a lawsuit for defamation if he lied by accusing them of behavior that they did not engage in. The most likely explanation is that the manager refused to say anything because he knew they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

    Also, apparently a lot of teenagers go there for some passionate kissing – i.e., for behavior that they would not want their mothers to see. So you’d have to explain why they can not cite, or at least have not cited, any cases of straight couples being thrown out for kissing. It’s not a case (as you put it) of “well Johnny did it too” because lots of people have been doing it over a long period of time, and are still doing it. Only these two individuals were harassed, and the most likely reason is that they were harassed for being gay. has some information about how to file a complaint and when a complaint is appropriate.

  76. Richard Judkins says

    I spoke with Jeff Adams, media director for the Galleria corporation in Los Angeles. He said it is company policy that everyone, hetersexual and lgbt, are welcome to display affection on their premises but he would say that this policy was broken by company subordinates in Roseville. “I wasn’t there.” I told him it sounds like the company is waffling and I doubt the lgbt community will be satisfied with his explanation until this couple receives an apology.

  77. Bob says

    I fault the mall for not booting straight couples engaged in the same behavior vs. complaining about gay men being booted for it.

    I dont mind some pda but if it looks like you should be in a hotel room instead of a mall… go to a freaking hotel room, gay or straight. if the mall is dead and nobody is around, i dont care if these people had sex in the middle of the floor. Show a little freaking common decency in public when others are around gay or straight.

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