Canada’s House of Commons Passes Major Transgender Rights Bill

Canada's House of Commons has passed a major bill making it illegal to discriminate against transgender citizens, the Canadian Press reports:

CanadaThe Opposition private member's legislation passed by a vote of 149-137, with the crucial support of 16 Conservatives, including four cabinet ministers.

It was one of the first tests of the Conservative caucus' resolve on lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) rights in Canada at a time when Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has been mounting a strong defence of such rights abroad.

Baird, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and Heritage Minister James Moore were among the Conservatives who supported the bill. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, most of his front bench and the vast majority of his backbenchers opposed it.

Opposition parties were united in their support for the bill, sponsored by New Democrat Randall Garrison.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper opposed the bill.


  1. Douglas says

    Foreign Minister John Baird is a bit late to the party on these issues because he has been buried so deep in the closet. His own caucus and his leader the PM don’t support gay issues by a large majority.

  2. blonder says

    The Canadian govt is a mess.
    Gay marriage was the only good thing to come so far. Wish the best for the trans community and also isn’t it about time to legalize marijuana?
    I always look at what the Dutch do and see how far “oh kanada” has fallen behind.
    Not the great place to live like it used to be.

  3. says

    “Damn these trannies! They hijack our movement! No progress gets made with them! We lose everything when we include them and lump them in with us gays!!”

    *cough cough cough*

    Sorry, had a troll in my throat.

    This is wonderful progressive news. Harper, of course, is an embarrassment to Canada – he wants to be a 2002-era Republican, and it’s pathetic. He courts the religious plebes, but our charter of rights and freedoms hinders him from doing what he wishes he could. Thank God.

    It’s been wonderful to see how issues pertaining to transgendered or transitioning people are being met with sober eyes and open hearts up North.

    This is wonderful news for everyone. And I do mean everyone.

  4. Bill Perdue says

    Trans activists are extremely homophobic and misogynistic, so I don’t wish them well.

    BTW, an extremely narrow victory for them in super-progressive Canada doesn’t bode well for them in the US. So LOL.

    If you want to see extreme homophobia on display, visit any of the major trans blogs. They are full of vile, hateful stuff. Really shows what the Ts think of the gay and lesbian people that they are exploiting.

  5. Bill Perdue says

    @Little Kiwi, aka, Raymond Miller:

    Raymond, I am so happy for you. You are in Toronto, so now you can wear a women’s bra and panties – as you do in pics on your blog – without worrying about your job. Of course, that presumes that you have or will at some point have a job.

    Under the broad definition of transgender, your wearing a bra and panties makes you a tranny. Congratulations, tranny!

  6. ccbeach says

    blonder…gay marriage happened in Canada due to the previous (Liberal) government, not the current (Conservative) one. You’re right Canadian gov’t is a mess, due to our right-wing, fundamentalist, mean spirited, manipulative, lying, cheating, evil Prime Minister Steven Harper. Next election, vote Liberal. They legalized same-sex marriage and say they will do the same for marijuana.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Wouldn’t it be exciting if Left-wing socialist Bill Perdue and right-wing facist David Hearne could get together. The senior citizen sex would be fabulous (provided they have enough Viagra).

    It would be like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” at the retirement home. Bill would be Martha and David would be George. Electrifying!

  8. says

    anti-trans gay men are just sad and lonely solitaries. some folks are so lacking in dignity and confidence that they need a targeted group to hate in order to feel better about themselves.

    this is wonderful news. and Canada needs that right now, considering our PM has just devolved our country’s previously commendable stances on environmental issues.

    Blechhhh Harper…ugh.

    as more and more people become aware of what it means to be Trans, we’re seeing more and more non-trans, and non-gay, parents being open and understanding of these realities. aint no clouds in the sky – this makes my heart sing :)

  9. Canadian Observer says

    @ccbeach: you should check the record before awarding praise or blame. A substantial minority of the Liberal caucus consistently worked and voted against LGBT rights (including marriage). It was the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois that have been the standard bearers for our communities. I think it instructive that only the NDP whipped the vote on marriage, and only the NDP punished (by demotion) the sole MP who went against the party position. If I have to drink the Kool Aid, I would prefer it be orange.

  10. DB says

    This is an issue related to transgender people and should not be covered on a gay site. Transgender people in America blocked the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would have banned discrimination in hiring, promotion, and firing on the basis of sexual orientation. It should not be illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity. Transgender people are the enemies of gay people. Anyone who is not yet aware of this should read this article: .

  11. Tim says

    Thanks, DB. I am with you on this. Also, numerous trans activists tried to defeat marriage equality in Maryland last year and one of the most famous transsexuals in America, Renee Richards, opposes marriage equality. These people are not our friends. They are using us. It is crazy that we are allowing ourselves to be grouped with people who aren’t gay and who are often homophobic.

  12. Thedrdonna says

    @Tim: Do you have any links about these “numerous” trans activists and their efforts? Also, I cannot find any credible source for your assertion that Renee Richards opposes same sex marriage. Even if she did, that’s the opinion of one person, from an older generation. She’s hardly an activist any more.

    I don’t know any trans folks who haven’t worked hard for LGB rights in addition to those for the T. The canard that trans people are somehow using LGB people is trashy rhetoric from TERFs and other bigots who want gay rights but still feel like turning around and discriminating against other minorities.

  13. Sam says

    I am glad Canada passed that bill. And I don’t understand people saying transgender people are against gay people. I, for one, am a ftm and I know quite a few people who are gay. They often are more accepting than the average person. My neighbors are a lesbian couple and have been like a second set of parents to me. They recently were able to marry since it was legalized in New York state. They were happy to be together and it really made me happy to see that they finally were able to receive that right.

    Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people usually understand what it’s like to feel like the minority and that some people hate your mere existence. I find a kindred spirit in them. I wish for equal rights for everyone in the LGBT community across the globe. We are all the minorities and should stick together in order to get our rights.

    And Canada sounds nice. I hope I can move there someday. I just want a place I can be accepted and live a good life. I promise that once I’m there, I will work very hard to ensure equality in my country and protect freedoms of my fellow citizens.

    Canada is much more progressive than the U.S. Conservatives here often do not like same-sex marriage, let alone transgender rights. Canada sounds much better in this area so that makes me really optimistic for the future.

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