1. says

    you may never know what *might* happen next. Nobody expected ratzinger to resign yet he did.

    I do not expect changes to dogma, but maybe a change in tone is due, and from what I gather in Argentina this new pope felt “forced” to say what he did on gay marriage and adoption by conservative voices in the country. But now that he’s the freakin’ pope he NOW has the authority to at least change the tone, and at the most stop making gay people an easy target.

    But don’t expect the church to drop its obsession with abortion and birth control, the new pope for certain is VERY invested in THAT debate. For me that’s fine since its a total different issue away from the gay community.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Fensox says

    Spoiler: It will never happen. The only thing the church does is keep people down, if it should stop doing that it will literally disband. They only do that, the mission statement is to sew discord in man. It always has been. If there isn’t hate, nobody will go there to hate, this is where they revel in hate.

  3. J. Alan says

    Anyone thinking that the Catholic church would ever change it’s antiquated views are seriously deluding themselves. The Vatican rules the church from a dysfunctional vacuum.

  4. simon says

    I don’t agree that bigots are born that way. The church can change though may be slower than others. It took them a few hundred years to finally realize that Earth is not the centre of the Solar system.

  5. Jack M says

    Most of the voting Cardinals were given their positon by Ratzinger, so I doubt very highly that Pope Francis will make any major changes.

    On the other hand, he’s 76 already, so his tenure may not be all that long.

  6. chip321 says

    The only difference between the new pope and the old one is a different face, the new pope does not look like the evil sifi alien in a low budget movie.

  7. says

    “But don’t expect the church to drop its obsession with abortion and birth control, the new pope for certain is VERY invested in THAT debate.”
    -Very true. My cynical opinion is that the Catholic Church is so against abortion and birth control (at least in part) because then its membership may shrink…perhaps I am being too cynical.

  8. Bill says

    @jaragon: Gorbachev probably wasn’t elected/appointed to make any changes either. The problem is that in bureaucracy where you don’t get ahead if you make waves, the only person who will get to the top is one who follows the party line. Only a “stealth reformer” can fix things by not coming out of stealth mode until the others can’t do anything about it.

  9. anon says

    Actually, Ratzinger said several times that he would like to resign, so several people thought he might do so.

    While everyone wants the new Pope to focus on their own pet issues, in all likelihood, we aren’t going to see a lot of issues resolved. The are fundamental problems the church has (few people entering the priesthood for one and the low quality of those that do for another) will make the church very difficult to reform even if the new Pope were so inclined. He is also compromised by his involvement with the Argentinian dirty war. This was in some ways worse than Ratzinger’s youthful flirtations with the Nazis (he was only 13 and abandoned it not long after, while Francis I was already an archbishop in the seventies and eighties). Also, Francis I is not in the best of health, having only one lung and already 76.

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