1. says

    Not so brave? Clive Davis, who it is my guess is not as bisexual as he is gay but with a stable of beards over the years he has to explain somehow including two wives.

  2. Adam says

    Knowing Clive, I’m surprised he didn’t take credit for Frank Ocean’s coming out.

  3. TampaZeke says

    How clever that he went on that self-righteous tirade without even hinting to the fact that it’s he, and scumbags like him, who are telling gay actors and singers to stay in the closet.

  4. Thurts says

    @JoeBua: I agree with you completely. It has been well known in the industry that Clive has had beards for years including his wives.

  5. IAN F says

    Clive would have told Frank to stay in the closet if he was in charge of him.

    I do think Frank is one of the few people who actually benefitted from sort coming out. I’m not up to date on wether he is bi or gay. Regardless, the public didn’t know who he was until that letter he wrote when the album came out. It was brilliant marketing considering the big shift in public opinion over the last few years and the free advertising.

    I think it hurt Rufus, Scissor Sisters, Sam Sparrow, Adam Lambert, Mika (even though he wasn’t out but was flamboyant like Robbie Williams). Queen and Bowie both had trouble with radio after different gay/bi related issues. All this only in US radio.

    Frank has walked a line of telling about his sexuality in song but never showing or talking about anything that might make people uncomfortable like being seen with a boyfriend. He is seen as safe to like because “He’s not shoving our faces in it.” Still, a very big step for the urban community.

  6. rise says

    I’m taking a poll, which of my screen names do you prefer to see, jason, rise, Rick, ratbastard or David Hearne?

    I mean, we’re not all the same person, but we’re two very similar people.

  7. anonymous says

    Did Frank Ocean really “come out”? As I recall, all he really said was that the first person he was “attracted to” was as a teen and it was another male teen. I think he also said that the other male wasn’t interested so there was no relationship between them. And, I don’t believe he has ever stated that there has ever actually been a relationship between him and a man…..

  8. David Hearne says

    I’m not even going to google Frank Ocean to find out who he is. BULLCRAP! It’s brave for some teenager in East Podunk to come out. It’s not brave for a successful adult to finally wander out of the closet after lining his pockets.

  9. robroy says

    It’s ironic that this posts today since there was an article earlier in the day about Whitney Houston paying someone $250k to not divulge personal information in a blackmail scam the FBI was investigating. Let’s take two guesses what the info was- it specifies personal relaionship- and another two as to what record honcho probably was adament she shut it down. And rumor has it Phyllis Hyman was also shoved into the closet by Clive.

  10. ble.d_out.color says

    Ugh. I’m so over Frank Ocean. He never came out -.-. He doesn’t identify as gay or bi. He is basically just trying to get away with looking edgy by telling people he likes doods without actually having to take the negative stigma that comes with it. He’s being pretty cowardly in my eyes. If I could be out and proud at fourteen in homophobic eastern rural Kentucky where everyone basically wants to kill me, I think Ocean should be able to get over himself and come out asgay or bi (whichever he is, or pansexual even if that is what he identifies with) and take the opportunity to educate people about lgbtq issues as opposed to chopping out and saying he doesn’t like labels. Well Frank I’m proud to be gay and it offends me you “don’t like” my label and everyone else’s labels. Or is it just that you want to line your pockets but are afraid of the homophobes. Please.

    In other news, congrats to Clive. At least he has the balls to be out, even if it was later in life when he decided to come out. Sure as heck beats Ocean and his “queer, but not too queer” approach.

    Ugh. Sorry. /end rant

  11. J.R says

    Uhm, Frank Ocean has spent three recent interviews speaking about homophobia. How it needed to end in the hip hop community. How he’s glad to see sexual minorities represented in mainstream projects. He’s referenced not being straight many, many times since last July.

    Some of you just don’t keep up, or follow him. Those of us who do know he’s more of a reserved type, but HAS spoken out about the topic multiple times.

  12. Lorock says

    @ Anonymous
    He said he had deep feelings for that man. And in an interview, said that man was the first time he had intense feelings for another human. If anyone was trying to fight notions of not coming out, they would have said so by now. Frank Ocean has no issues with being perceived to be ‘out’

  13. Duration & Convexity says

    A mainstream male artist getting on the Grammy stage and signing about emotions, feelings, attraction of another man is inching every sexual minority closer and closer to being seen as normal and mainstream ourselves. That helps. It helps in the landscape where our attractions to the same sex is deemed JUST as valid, normal, common, and worthy as heterosexual attractions.
    Thank you Frank Ocean for doing that.

  14. MaryM says

    Frank Ocean is brave for coming out sure.

    But no braver than anyone who comes out, who does not have his wealth and status.

  15. ble.d_out.color says


    Actually I would say it is way braver for the everyday layperson to come out considering they don’t have the wealth and fame to support them. Especially gay teenage. They have everything to lose by coming out if their parents are anti-gay to the point they would be disowned.

  16. Laniece says

    This comment is directed to robroy:

    Was Phyllis gay? I’ve heard it said so many times that it has me wondering.

    I do know that Phyllis called out Clive on his bisexuality.