Louis Farrakhan Blasts Belize for Crumbling Under Pressure to Accept Gay People: VIDEO


Nation of Islam founder and leader Louis Farrakhan visited Belize last week at the invitation of religious leaders who want the Supreme Court to uphold the country's sodomy law, Blabbeando reports.

Ripped Farrakhan in a speech on Plus TV:

"How many of you see same-sex marriage and are falling for the pressure that's being put on government to sanction something that God don't sanction. America is attaching aid to you rewriting your constitution, rewriting your laws and because you become a whore for money and forsaken the principles and yet you put your hand on the Bible when you take your oath of office. For what?"

Wrote Andrés Duque at Blabbeando:

Let's be clear here: Although local LGBT advocates would like their relationships to be legally recognized, same sex marriage is not at play when the Belize Supreme Court takes up the issue of the sodomy laws in May. He also falsely alleges that aid from the United States will be cut unless laws are changed to accommodate gays and lesbians.

What Farrakhan is doing is urging legislators to keep a law that punishes and jails gay Belize citizens for who they are. Nothing less, nothing more.