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    did i read correctly that there was a time in his life when O’Reilly once gave a damn about human Civil Rights?

    when did his heart die? he’s now a part of the most bigoted outlet for Dumbing Down America.

    “a big gay marriage guy”……what?

    oh, right. it’s Fox News. they need to mention “gay marriage” to keep their plebeian base angry and upset at Gays.

  2. kpo5 says

    Yeah, yeah, I get it:

    Freedom of the press!
    Free speech!

    But at what point do we stop allowing so-called “News” networks to so blatantly lie and distort, angering and enraging viewers into violent behavior? Fox News will be the reason my father dies of a heart attack. It will be the reason he over-anxiously uses a weapon thinking he is “defending” himself or “standing his ground.”

    They make monsters out of people.

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    amen, KP05. that the nation’s most undereducated and misinformed are also the most ARMED, due largely to Fox News and right-wing talk radio, is a terrifying shame.

    incredible that paddy chayefsky’s 1976 satire has become a reality – even worse; there aint a single Beale on Fox News. it’s nothing but a calculated move to keep the population ignorant, in fear, and with their hateful eyes watching all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Thomas says

    I remember ten years ago when I still occasionally watched Fox News that O’Reilly was as best I could tell for gay adoption and civil unions. Still generally annoying but seemed occasionally (rarely) thoughtful.
    But that didn’t sell, I guess.

    In the next five years, you’ll start to see cases in which some “news personality” or “pastor” is sued for inciting violence. Personally I think the line has been crossed many times already, but the way the rhetoric is moving and with how militant parts of the audience are becoming it seems inevitable.

  5. Caliban says

    Fox News actually went to COURT to protect their right to lie and distort the news. I forget the specifics of the case but two reporters refused to “spin” a story the way Fox News wanted because it wasn’t true, was a politically motivated distortion of the facts. The two reporters were fired for refusing to report the story the way News Corp wanted, so they sued. Fox News defense was that it was their “First Amendment Right” to deliberately lie and distort news, to present it however they want regardless of the facts.

    They won.

  6. ratbastard says

    Yes, Fox ‘spins’, as do ALL media, at least 99% of so-called mainstream. Yes, they all ‘troll’, to.

    Colorado’s allegedly tougher laws regarding this subject aside, but ‘excessive mandatory sentences’ is a bad thing? Excessive mandatory sentences for child molesters including rapist and other skinners? I don’t think there’s any such thing for such people. Now I’m referring to genuine child molester pervs, not a 2o year old with a 17 year old GF/BF. Google ‘Jeffrey Curley’…that’s it, just search that name. Read what pops up and tell me the two things that did what they did to Jeffrey Curley aren’t deserving of ‘excessive’ mandatory sentencing.

  7. Anonymous says

    Proof Anti-gay Christians will do anything to attack people. What are these Christians doing about the Catholics Priest who are raping children in their own Christian Churchs? Where were they then and now? Somebody needs to investigate these anti-gay Christians and what they are doing to make trouble for people.

  8. Caliban says

    But that reasoning completely falls apart IF (and I don’t know) what Mark Ferrandino says is true, that the state sentencing guidelines ALREADY IN PLACE are more harsh than the sentences imposed by “Jessica’s Law.”

    It wouldn’t be the first time a politician has tried to get some PR by invoking the name of a crime victim on a proposed law despite the fact that law is either redundant or ineffective. They get the publicity for being “tough on crime” despite the fact their “law” doesn’t do a single thing to actually alleviate the problem. It’s grandstanding, not governing.

  9. ratbastard says

    ‘Neo-Con’? You need new material. I question things I see from media whether it be Fox,MSNBC, BBC, the Guardian, NYT, WSJ, whatever. They all have biases and often engage in lame reporting of actual facts concerning a situation or incident, in addition to the all too familiar sin of omission.

    I’m FAR from being ‘Neocon’…LOL. For one thing I don’t believe in kissing Israel’s bum.

  10. bobbyjoe says

    The correct way to deal with a Bill O’Reilly ambush is to start screaming back questions about Andrea Mackris’ sexual harassment lawsuit. O’Reilly won’t be able to use any of the footage, unless he wants to open up a subject he doesn’t want to talk about (and probably can’t under his hush-hush settlement).

  11. says

    ratbastard, the irony is that coward’s like you who defend Fox News are also its victims.

    Fox News is the reason your cowardly trolling self is such a wimp about being gay.


    stockholm syndrome. THE MUSICAL!

  12. says

    O’Reilly’s moron gang tried the same thing in 2007 with Jessica’s law (again, existing VT law was better already) specifically targeting a gay VT rep, accusing that he cared more about transgender rights than child molesters. They ambushed him while he was eating breakfast in the State House. The FOX thugs were booted out by the other reps and then by security. Targeting respected gay people for an ambush didn’t fly in VT. The rep later got a standing O for standing up to the creeps.

  13. Rob says

    There are no words…..It was an ambush. Big gay marriage guy, big pot legalizer. Last I looked O’Riley, the people of Colorado voted to legalize pot in the last election, and the Republicans got voted out the last election because of their dirty dirty politics.

  14. ratbastard says

    Lil’ K,

    Shut up, you moron. I’m not defending Fox or anybody else. Just shut the F up,already.

    And if you said the stuff you say about my father [yes, you little POS, I actually had a mom and dad, did you?] it can’t be said enough that I’d send you to the hospital. And you deserve it, you little POS.

  15. Jake says

    Too bad they didn’t catch him with his pants around his ankles. Ambush does raise the honestly level jut a bit. And isn’t KIWI precocious knowing about Stockholm Syndrome! He’s on top of everything.

  16. ty says

    Why was Farrandino so nice? he should have asked for names and case numbers for the cases in question. And seriously Heck of a job Brownie?? Fox commenters are all disgraced hacks!!

  17. ratbastard says


    Intentional ploy to connect gay men to pedophilia? Yes it was. And I wish some gay ‘advocates’ wouldn’t help them do this.


    If I joked about your relatives dying in the Nazi holocaust, would it make you angry? That’s how I feel about Little Kiwi. I like jokes and sarcasm. Some things though are off limits. What do you think, David?

  18. mason says

    for those wondering:

    i’m from colorado and this “ambush” happened not only to feradino but others. and is not being widely reported so that’s good news.

    jessica’s law is a mandatory 25 years while the state has already mandated life in prison for a number of the charges that would come under the law.

    also the republicans are crying foul that this died, when no one testified for it, and after having control of both houses and not trying to pass it then.

  19. anon says

    The speaker of a state house of representatives should know how to handle the press and fend for himself, regardless of the line of the questioning. It’s just part of the job description. He’s hardly a victim of unfair journalism when that’s how all negative press looks to pols. I would suggest he go on the O’Reilly show and set the record straight, so to speak, which will also embarrass the host. Or pick a more friendly show to go on. This is very simple stuff for a professional politician.

  20. says

    This wasn’t journalism at all, @ANON, fair or otherwise, it’s propaganda. FOX is transparently targeting a gay rep, as they did in VT several years ago, to imply that because they aren’t supporting a bad child protection law they must be sympathetic to child molestation, or child molestors themselves. They time the ambush to when there is also gay civil rights legislation, so that they can both smear the gay politician while trying to turn people against the gay rights legislation. Their tactic was called out in VT and now they’re giving it a yet another spin, trying to give old propaganda new life. Notice how O’Reilly made sure to highlight that he is a “big gay marriage guy,” as if that explains it all.

  21. TLP says

    I don’t understand why everyone got so pissed off about what O’Reily stated on his show… All he did was mention the top things that Ferrandino had as priorities in the local government. Jessica’s Law wasn’t one of them. As speaker of the House it wasn’t one of his priorites, as was proved by O’Reilly. As for his being gay, what’s the big deal, if he’s openly gay, and proud of it, what’s the problem? O’Reilly NEVER once stated that if you are openly gay you was automatically a pedophile. That is pure bull on the part of those who want to make something out of nothing.

  22. Steve says

    @TLP….go shove your bible up your moms a-ss. You bible thumpers are losing and will continue to lose. We gays WON the culture war. WE WON baby!

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