Flight Attendant Goes the Extra Mile for Gay Couple Flying JetBlue and Serves as Witness for Their Wedding


JetBlue has posted a charming tale on its blog about one of its flight attendants who made a couple of gay customers very, very happy:

When our Inflight crewmembers Nickeloa, Virginia and Daniel heard that an engaged couple was on board their recent BUR-JFK flight—en route to City Hall in NYC for their wedding— they got ridiculously excited to make the flight special for them.
The couple, Rick and Liam, were so touched by the amazing customer service that they wrote us a note overflowing with kudos for our three rockstars. Not only did Virginia serve as the couple’s witness on her day off, but she made a stop at the New York institution, Billy’s Bakery, and picked up their Famous Icebox Cake and some cupcakes to celebrate.

You can read the couple's letter on JetBlue's site, and hope you get service this good next time you fly!


  1. Randyowen says

    Whats great about this is that it was in their own newsletter, and they are talking about it as just a wedding not a “gay” wedding, things have changes so much in such a short amount of time…. oh and now i am looking to see where i can fly on Jet Blue….

  2. says

    It’s really uplifting and deeply comforting to hear a good personal story like this.
    And the kindness of individuals is always somehow shocking…..and it shouldn’t be.
    And there is always Hope……good old Pandora.

  3. Tim says

    To claim that if someone had a negative experience and others did not, that it must be the person’s own ‘fault’, is faulty logic. That’s like the people who tell me that the local gay community is wonderful and beyond reproach. Well, perhaps if you fit into its parameters; if you don’t are you are still gay, then it’s NOT wonderful FOR YOU. A scenario in which one person has a negative experience and everyone else has a positive one in no way presumes the first person’s respone/experience is invalid; it’s just different.

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