1. Lance says

    I guess I should have known I’d eventually find a gay web series that I don’t like. Garbage.

  2. jamal49 says

    Must be me. I thought this was cute. I’ll watch the next one so please keep on posting them.

  3. jubba says

    i thought gay web content could only be bad. but this is awesssssommmmmeeeeee. looking forwrad to the dyke one

  4. James says

    In the first episode a couple of gay guys try to negotiate an orgy? How’s that for originality… Not interested.

    Get back to me when they start featuring some gay series that isn’t based on addiction and dysfunctionality.

  5. says

    i understand that some of you want a gay-themed show that more closely reflects your own lives, but i just don’t think a show about a bunch of gay guys who never get laid and live in fear of sex who use the internet to anonymously state their disdain for gay men who actually *do* get laid, and have fun talking about it, would make for a terribly interesting series….