1. says

    It looks interesting and fast and a break away from the QWERTY board, or at least a variation.
    But I don’t get how you can have a keyboard on your skin or on a watch…
    But I wish these guys success……it’s a wonderfully innovative idea.

  2. NE1 says

    hmm.. dunno if i think it’s neat, or a stupid waste of time, but i watched the whole video.

  3. Dimitri says

    Looks interesting but the experience was ruined by the quality of the movie itself. It should be remixed because the stupid music was competing with the narrator and I had to strain to hear what he was saying behind the loud music.

  4. Caliban says

    It’s an interesting idea, but I couldn’t help but think “the auto-correct replacements from that are going to be hilarious!”

  5. Paul R says

    Exactly, Dimitri. It’s like no one watched this before they released it.

    Also, the statement that “You don’t have to change the way you type” is fairly self-evidently false. The keyboard is different; of course you type differently.

  6. JT says

    I think I’d much prefer the swype method. I like not having to lift my finger and just glide to the keys. You don’t have to be that accurate there either. I’d give this a try, but I feel like there are too many instances where auto-correct would get my “sloppy” typing wrong and make it frustrating to use.

  7. David says

    I always thought that texting on those old phones with T9 was much easier. Each number had 3 or 4 letters, you’d press the numbers and it’d guess (quite well) which words you were going for. Much faster than the touch screen texting…

  8. ATLJason says

    OK, I realize I’m tiptoeing up on 40 which is ancient in gay years but, my God, TURN THE MUSIC DOWN. Good grief, I could barely hear what the guy was trying to say.

  9. JC says

    This is not new technology… the folks making the Swipe software have been using this same premise for a while, it’s just been crammed together even more here. Looks promising though.

  10. Zlick says

    Bad music mix aside, I’m suspicious of anything that puts more reliance on auto-correct.

  11. says

    “you used to have to choose between accuracy and speed…”

    Seriously? That’s fairly ignoramic (as is likely my coinage of adulterated words). It shouldn’t be a choice. If you can’t type correctly and clearly, and don’t bother to do so, then don’t bother.

    If you were dating an nymphomaniac, and had to choose between accuracy and speed, I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t be dating for long.

  12. John says

    So this is basically the T9 concept applied to the smartphone. Good idea. I don’t recall having as much difficulty typing on a T9 than I do with typing on a full keyboard on a tiny screen.

  13. says

    Totally agree with the above comments: that music is far too loud. It makes the video more annoying than informative.

  14. Zeke.Ial says

    It’s not a fake – I saw an early prototype in action a month ago. It’s really neat and the auto-correct was better than Swype’s even then, so I can only imagine how much better it’s gotten since.

  15. brion says

    I agree with the whole music thing. What got me more was the narrator’s voice vs appearance ratio! This boy does not talk like that. And by the end you an hear him loosening up and talking like his normal self.