1. Brian G says

    “We lost the issue when we started allowing the word ‘marriage’ to be bastardized and redefined,” Limbaugh explained
    Coming from the man who’s been married three times….and we’re the ones who have bastardized the word

  2. woodroad34 says

    This huckster is sooooo out of touch. His drug addled brain is so muddled and his thought processes are so rotted by oxycotin that it’s amazing he could even come to this logical conclusion — although the route is still paved with sh*t. The reason conservatives want to keep “traditional marriage” is because they think gays are icky and they wanted to keep it a private club. That’s bigotry that they’re spouting and he should be called on his lying.

  3. says

    This man is a hypocrite and a pig. As Brian G pointed out in his comment, he’s got his nerve saying anything on this subject. I’ve been married once. My husband and I have been together since before we could legally get married–going on 18 years–and Rush Limbaugh is going to tell us about the true meaning of marriage?

  4. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @Brian G: It’s worse…. This bloviating sack of Oxycontin and Viagra-fueled horsesh#t has been married FOUR times.

    I might also note that he has NO children.

    Given that his side whines about marriage being about procreation and won’t someone please think of the CHILDREN!!, doesn’t that make his marriages illegitimate?!

    This hysterical reaction to marriage equality has one ultimate source: Straight white men’s panic over the fact that they have become irrelevant and no more privileged than anyone else in the world. Some minority men have fooled themselves into thinking that they have parity with white men in the US, but here’s a newsflash: They don’t. They’re being played.

    And Rush Limpd!ck here is absolutely losing his sh#t over this. Face it: Without the money he makes by being a lying sack of bloviating crap, he’s a fat, ugly, unf#ckable troll.

    Like that dumba$$ Antonin Scalia, the no-necked, hairy-backed goombah pile of fat and hot air. And all other conservative men. Unf#ckable a$$holes, every single one of them.

  5. JR says

    I’d like to believe him, but we may be undone, especially in regard to Prop H8, because the man we counted on, Justice Kennedy, who we believed to be an ally, may vote in favor of straights’ rights and throw the Constitution to one side. The other four conservative Justices are cowards of the first order.

  6. AdamTh says

    I remember seeing bumper stickers that said “RUSH is RIGHT!” …. I guess that was just their way of “bastardizing” the word ‘right’.

  7. David says

    Marriage was redefined years ago by heterosexuals who stopped regarding it as a transfer of a woman from her father to her husband (for the purpose of procreation) and instead view it as two equals who love each other who are committing to a life together. Gay couples did not redefine marriage, that has already happened.

  8. walter says

    old drug abusing rush who needs viagra to even his penis in a mirror
    should be one of the last people to defend marriage after 3 divorces and 4 marriages. elton john should return the money he got for singing at rush wedding or donate the money to a gay charity. always remember flush rush

  9. walter says

    old drug abusing rush who needs viagra to even his penis in a mirror
    should be one of the last people to defend marriage after 3 divorces and 4 marriages. elton john should return the money he got for singing at rush wedding or donate the money to a gay charity. always remember flush rush

  10. ian says

    Conservatives are not losing, bigots are. The problem is too many bigots confuse their bigotry with conservatism. Historically, conservatism has been about maintaining the status quo: race relations, women’s rights and now gay rights. In each case the conservatives have fought against change and for the right of the majority to oppress a minority. A real conservative is opposed to a “Tyranny of the Majority” as laid out by our founders and imbedded in the Constitution, a bigot seeks to impose a Tyranny of the Majority upon any given minority. Thanks to demi-gogs like Rush et al. who have stroked bigotry for votes, for far too many people bigotry and conservatism are one and the same.

  11. Vint says

    @One of the CA 36,000: You say that ‘Without the money he makes by being a lying sack of bloviating crap, he’s a fat, ugly, unf#ckable troll.’

    But I’m pretty sure the money doesn’t make him thin, beautiful, or f@ckable.

  12. anon says

    The lesson of Glen Beck is that you can’t push paranoiac nonsense forever. You can’t just up the ante ad nauseum. To go from here, he’d be calling huge swaths of the population pedophiles and polygamists.

  13. Craig says

    People seem to forget that “marriage” hasn’t even meant just “matrimony” for a long time. You’ll hear of the marriage of wine and food often mentioned in foodie circles. Yes, not only can men and women marry but even flavors can marry. I never see people get upset about that definition.

  14. bcarter3 says

    “If you hang on a horse the sign that says ‘Cow,’ it does not make it a cow.”

    On the other, hand if you hang on Limbaugh the sign that says ‘Pig’….

  15. Houndentenor says

    It’s hilarious that someone who is now on his fourth wife can claim to support traditional marriage. How does this guy have an audience? He’ll say anything and he obviously doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

  16. Caliban says

    So here it is, Rush Limbaugh defending the “bible thumpers.” He’s absolutely right. Bill O’Reilly is a hypocrite. And he points out that Fox News is Bible Thumper central!

    But for the most part Rush Limbaugh has never based his appeals on religion. Idiotic reasoning sure, but not religion.

    But suddenly Rush Limbaugh is the spokesman for religion, bible-thumpers everywhere, against Fox News?!

    Mr 4-times-married?! Sorry, but that is comical.

    Oh, and I’d also like to point out that Elton John is STILL a complete piece of sh*t for playing at this turd’s FOURTH wedding! Before people started protesting that fact “Sir Elton” was more than f*cking happy to pocket the fee and doesn’t give one wet sh*t about anyone other than himself.

    I’d rather lionize herpes than Elton John.

  17. Bryan says

    Now might be a good time in American history to begin to distinguish between conservatives and bigots. It’s in everyone’s interest to do so… A one party political system will benefit no one.

  18. FFS says

    Proof that this man trades in absolute nonsense.

    When, exactly, did the d-bags on his side begin “allowing” that word to be anything other than the cudgel they used to browbeat advocates of equality? They’ve been carping on that “We can’t treat all American citizens equally under the law, cuz then we’d have to reprint the dictionaries!” BS for decades now, nonstop.

  19. Robert says

    Homosexuality is the same as being a pedaphile or a drug addict. People give themselves over to degrading passions. Doing things against nature .Far from being love they do their utmost to destroy themselves and others physically, mentally and spiritually. Then they try and foster this evil on a whole generation. Unless they repent they will only find the righteous judgment of a holy and good God. No homosexual ever enters the kingdom of heaven but many former homosexuals have found grace and mercy and turned from their wickedness.

  20. Bad Humor Boy says

    Rush Limbaugh has small claims to some authority on much, but when it comes to the bastardization of marriage, his claim is huge. Most will find their place in line is well behind him!

    Education-wise, that law school left RL short of the condition. This may help. The first rule of semantics: the map is not the territory. You just use it to get from “point a” to “point b” which in real life is what is called “the journey.” The prudent pilgrim will note where his map has led him astray. With any human empathy, the honest one will have the courage and grace to share that knowledge with others.

    Who’d have guessed Bill O’Reilly would come to see that? It appears reasonable to assume RL is totally committed to a map that guarantees him a permanent place on the wrong side of history and he wants all the company he can muster!

  21. DC Arnold says

    Really Andy? You want me stop reading this blog? Keep putting Runny Limbowels in here. Almost made me regurgitate looking at this addict so early in the morning. Breeders made a mockery of marriage long before we wanted same federal benefits as they enjoy.

  22. jamal49 says

    Gee, Rush, ya sound kinda pouty and pithy. Rush, don’t take it so hard. I know, I know. Ya thought you could get the base riled up on this one, the marriage equality thing, but even they think you’re out to lunch on this one. Rush, look at the bright side. Maybe all those married, gay couples will set an example for you multi-married, multi-divorced heteros on how to make a marriage last and you’ll learn something. OK, Rush?

    Now, sit down and shut up.

  23. Jerry6 says

    Old Rush Limpbrow is such a good example of what “Marriage” really means. After all, he has done it three times. You know, “Love, Honor, and Obey till DEATH Do Us Part.”

  24. FFS says

    Robert, keep telling yourself that. Maybe your imaginary friend will let you in to Heaven after all, despite being an awful person.

    And despite those times, late at night, when you touch yourself while thinking about Ryan Gosling.

  25. RJ says

    Preachers are very selective on what parts of the bible they want to follow. The bible also says to kill your child if they curse. “For anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother; ahis blood is upon him.” Leviticus 20:9 Do preachers recommend parents kill their children when the bible requires it? No!

    According to the bible, A stubborn and rebellious son — all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die
    Deut: 21:18-21

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