1. LessonLearned says

    I guess if your teen son (thought to be gay) throws himself off the top of a building in Los Angeles, you reassess even if you’re a Mormon.

  2. AngelaChanning says

    Jon Huntsman, Harry Reid, and now another prominent Mormon supporting marriage equality. The dominoes are falling.

  3. WebHybrid says

    Gee, that’s a relief. Couldn’t live without the approval/acceptance of the towering figure of authenticity, Marie Watsername. I’m surprised she can even speak at all with so much collagen in those lips and botox, etc. in the rest of her formerly nice face.

  4. Barca says

    Of course the bitter queens come out and criticize her looks or the way her son died and the possible impact she and her religion had on his depression. We should be thankful for another ally (though I’m cynical just a bit that she said “civil rights” – what does she define as that…marriage or civil union?).

    She ends with “It’s only a mistake if you stay there.” We are still accepting of the Clintons, Obama, etc. from them evolving on SSM. We should be accepting of her at least for this issue. Of course politically I agree with the Clintons and Obama, et. al. far more than Republicans (and I used to be one), but at least on the issue of SSM we should be thankful they are still not making at least that mistake.

  5. peterparker says

    I’m really happy to know that she supports marriage equality,
    not only because it is one more voice on our side in the battle for equality but also because it is bound to make the lives of many gay Mormon youth a little bit better. Bravo to Marie Osmond!

    And as for you, WebHybrid…I wonder what *you* look like?! I think Marie Osmond looks amazing!

  6. danswon says

    She’s obviously a nice person. It’s just a shame she has to filter reality through this “god” nonsense.

  7. Mary says

    As a cultural conservative who came to support SSM, maybe I could give Marie a little advice on how to defend her newly-held political view. Here is the best argument for SSM from a culturally conservative viewpoint. Isn’t it hypocritical to condemn gays (especially gay men) for promiscuity and then deny them marriage, something that could make them monogamous? A cultural of gay monogamy may not exist now, but it may need institutional support to be established and thrive. As for the jolt that some still get when seeing a same-sex couple wed, well, every tradition has to start somewhere, right?

    To say that you support gay rights because God made them gay (and that’s what she’s implying) is bizarre. And should you base social policy on what your children desire, no matter how much you love them? Nor should anyone familiar with the Bible deny that God tells us to fear him as well as love him.

    I always liked Marie, but she’s starting to make Sarah Palin sound intelligent.

  8. Boston says

    I’m sorry, but I must have missed the part where she expressly stated that she supports marriage equality.

  9. says

    I think her openness regarding her support for SSM is fantastic. I never would have guessed she held that progressive of a view given her church and family. Good for her.

  10. Bryan says

    Watching the rats desert the SS Gay Hate now that it’s sinking is marvelously entertaining.

    Watching the naive mistake this for action based on principle is less so.

    But what’s really disappointing is the failure of journalists to draw obvious parallels with the period in American history when public racism became unacceptable. Just think of the hundreds of hysterically hypocritical quotes to choose from.

  11. Bob says

    I had seen this on-air.
    Notice that she CAREFULLY AVOIDS stating clearly a position that is contrary to the morhole church, but she pushes the other mormons a bit on the issue.
    Yes, commenting on her looks is fair game, because she has modified them to keep up her career: she is so botoxed that she could not show the sadness when she spoke of her son. In the old clips, you could see her upper teeth all the time.

  12. robroy says

    Some of this picking apart every person who comes out for marraige equality now for not being Harvey Milk from the start is getting tiring. We’re gonna judge her for plastic surgery or botox- will we toss Cher, Dolly Parton & Liza Minelli as well since they must also be phonies. And the part about God created her gay is actually reaffirming that homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice or some temporary response to ‘evil’ society. Its reconciling her belief in God and her belief that homosexuality is a geniune orientation.

    As someone who really struggled with their own identity I am not going to fault every late advocate for not leading the march. Especially those who never actively campaigned or fought against us- which Clinton actually did.

  13. Jack says

    We gay people are doing ourselves a tremendous disservice but not at least trying to get this tremendous chip off our shoulders.

  14. doug105 says

    I agree jack musting forgiveness can go along way.
    Just keep your eyes open.
    How can one ask to be forgiven when you have none.
    And no I don’t believe in fairy tales.

  15. Francis says

    She may not have expressively said she’s for marriage equality, but her comments regarding being inclusive, loving and being for the civil rights of her daughter work almost as well and are a definite positive and step in the right direction in making it easier and bringing support to the many struggling and closeted gay Mormons.

  16. Francis says

    Marie Osmond said more or less that we are created gay and that God loves us as gay. That’s actually a way more important thing to say than stating marriage equality support. That’s actually supporting US as who we are. That’s a big deal, especially given Marie’s status as one of the most notable Mormons in the country. Comments like hers can spur at the very least a debate within the Mormon community on the issue of homosexuality where there hasn’t been too much of one. That’s a very positive thing and we should commend her.

  17. Francis says

    Remember too she’s basically bucking the views of the rest of the Osmond family and the Mormon church at large, so yeah, she may not have specifically said she’s for marriage equality but she did affirm our existences as gay and she does support her lesbian daughter as who she is. It’s a great thing.

  18. Jeff says

    Marie is progressive and taking a stand. She is on our side!!!. She also looks fantastic!!!

    Diane Sawyer also looks rather stunning for being 67 years old.

    I want some of that magic age reducing stuff that they have.

  19. Tom says

    So are the same douchy commentators here that tore her a new one and expended energy hating on her going to apologize, or keep desperately continue to delude themselves into thinking that they are somehow relevant in any way ?

  20. GB says

    You thankless bitches. You even rip people who support you. Maybe you react better to non-support. You’ll have to regardless.

  21. Firestorm says

    It took a lot of courage for Marie to publicly refute the Mormon church’s dogma and openly support gay people.

    The best part is that the LDS church isn’t going to kick her out or penalize her because they don’t want to lose their 10% cut of that sweet Osmond cash.

    It’s nice to see a rich Mormon using their fame and fortune to help us rather than f*ck us over. *coughromneycough*

  22. Merv says

    Wow, all this criticism for Marie, but nothing for the other Osmonds. Putting on an anti-gay rally in spite of Marie and her daughter is the epitome of assh*lism.

  23. ***** says

    It is nice to see that Marie Osmond is offering her view on the application of civil rights to all people, including her lesbian daughter. It is nice to get her support considering that she has just recently started a new television show and now has access to old and new fans, famous guests, and the opportunity to be influential to attitudes about GLBT people, especially if her contract gets renewed. She may not reach the same audience as Ellen, but she may possibly become a vehicle for good works and influence to a different group of people.

  24. dh says

    If this is the reception people get for coming over to our side, why would the switch? Save your venom for people who are actively opposing us.

  25. Aussie54 says

    I think it’s wonderful that Marie is supportive of her gay daughter, but I’m ashamed to say her message was completely lost to me, because I couldn’t get past looking at her lips. What a pity such a beautiful woman would choose to disfigure herself so much. :/

  26. mark says

    Marie has had a lousy life. She was raised in the spotlight by an overbearing and abusive dad. The loss of her son was terrible. I saw a lot of love in her description of her daughter. This is a real person struggling with life like everyone else. Why would anyone want to criticize her for loving and supporting her children?

  27. mike says

    Neither here nor there about Marie Osmond, but the commentary on this thread is awful. What a bunch of catty bitter people

  28. Icebloo says

    This is so fake. Marie is trying to save her career.

    For YEARS people have asked her and Donny if they support gay marriage and every time they have avoided the question. Now their family is exposed for having fundraisers to raise money for the extremist anti-gay marriage lunatics and Marie is panicking about her career. She currently has a talk show on mainstream TV and she needs to keep that revenue pouring into her bank account. Like a true religious person she sides with the people who she thinks are going to make her the most money. The shift in attitudes towards gay marriage is brining out all these fair weather friends who never helped us when we really needed it.

    Fu#k you Marie Osmond and your family of freaks ! We don’t need you any more. Gay marriage is coming to the USA without your help !

  29. truthteller says

    Bravo Marie!
    Her words are filled with love and respect, not only for her daughter, but for all gay people.

    What are you doofus complaining about her looks for. It’s not like you’re going to have sex with her: YOU’RE GAY!

    Pay them no mind Marie and continue spreading love!

  30. DannyEastVillage says

    If any of you c**ts ever have children or actually love someone -and then go through half of what she has gone through – without your party-drugs, I’ll be very surprised.

    She’s your friend and all you can talk about is – botox? Can’t wait to see what you do to YOUR face when you’re her age.

    If you were what being gay meant I’d be a homophobe.

  31. Gus says

    The Constitution does not give a damn what your religion does or does not say about civil marriage.

  32. Bill says

    Good for Marie. You can’t have grown up with all that hair, that makeup, those clothes, those dance routines – ALL THAT CAMP! and not have at least one semi-gay friendly bone in your body.

  33. Bill says

    Good for Marie. You can’t have grown up with all that hair, that makeup, those clothes, those dance routines – ALL THAT CAMP! and not have at least one semi-gay friendly bone in your body.

  34. Paul R says

    Umm, there is a balance between appreciating her support and recognizing that she had terrible plastic surgery. I’ve had it three times, twice because of accidents, and you don’t let someone do something to your face unless you know they’re good.

    My parents are deeply religious, and even they checked out two of the doctors before letting them cut me up. It changes your life, usually for the better. She has a lot more money than I’ll ever have, yet she had poor work done. It’s not a reflection on her character, but her judgment when it comes to physicians.

  35. says

    The Marie Hate in here is truly baroque. I’m glad to see a Mormon woman’s love for her daughter trump the propaganda she’s been fed for years. Right now some parent is throwing their LGBT kid out into the street. That Marie rejects that is quite admirable. Maybe it will give another parent pause

    We’re everywhere — but the Ali Forney Center isn’t getting any emptier.

  36. Ken says

    Very nice. I see nothing to criticize here. I welcome her comments. Some of the other Osmonds don’t agree. Good for her.

  37. Jay says

    I am very happy that Marie Osmond has endorsed marriage equality. I think she looks wonderful.

  38. Mario says

    I think it’s easy to call out people like Marie as cowards for supporting SSM only after it became politically/socially safe/acceptable. She can never compare herself with the courage of those who supported their gay family members when homosexuality was condemned by the majority. But we fought to change people’s hearts about us, and she did. Move on.

  39. jamal49 says

    Gee, Mary. With friends like you, who needs enemies? Surely Marie Osmond doesn’t. And, I am absolutely certain Marie will do very well without your, um, “enlightened, culturally-conservative viewpoint”, which isn’t all that enlightened, judging from what you have written.

    See, Mary, you’re making a very big and very arrogant conservative assumption here, one filtered through your culturally-conservative, myopic lens, that this whole SSM thing and its sudden (and in many cases, grudging) acceptance by cultural conservatives such as yourself, and society in general, is all about helping us poor, promiscuous gays establish a culture of “gay monogamy”.

    Now, I know that for cultural conservatives such as yourself (and most conservatives as a rule), something doesn’t exist until (a) it becomes too big and too much of a nuisance to ignore any longer; or (b) society changes to the point where conservatives become a culturally- and/or politically-endangered species.

    Now, I just hate to break it to you, Mary, but there has been a LONG tradition of monogamy in the gay and lesbian community. It’s just that no one was paying attention; especially “cultural conservatives”. Further, regardless of the lack of official recognition, there are thousands of gay and lesbian couples who have been together from the day they met and, in spite of the general disdain of an indifferent and bigoted society, have managed to create whole and wonderful lives together across decades.

    Believe me, I have enjoyed immensely the great conservative “walk-back” that we are witnessing since November 2012 as conservatives jump aboard the SSM bandwagon to where conservatives are now espousing the ridiculous view that “marriage equality is a conservative value”. Well, for the record, it’s not and it never will be.

    Believe it or not, Mary, just as there are many of us Queers who will wish our gay brothers and sisters who want to get married long and happy lives with their respective partners, there are just as many of us Queers who look at this as not about “marriage equality” but about CIVIL RIGHTS and CIVIL EQUALITY.

    Now, as for the “promiscuity thing”. Mary, it’s a definition that is purely subjective. I know that for “cultural conservatives” the bar for “promiscuity” has always been set pretty low. But, one man’s (or woman’s) promiscuity might very well be another man’s (or woman’s) healthy sex life. How a person wishes to conduct his or her private sexual life is his or her business and no one else’s. Not everyone aspires to monogamy and it’s high time that we stop idealizing monogamy as the standard to which everyone’s private sexual life should be held.

    I can recall a time when many gays and lesbians viewed marriage as not an ideal to aspire to, believing that it was restrictive and oppressive in its conformity, a symbol of an intransigent patriarchy, a tool to oppress women, and something that thankfully we gays and lesbians would never have to deal with.

    Well, times have surely changed, SSM looms on the near horizon, and certainly this is a good thing. But, again, not just because of marriage equality but because of the hope that full CIVIL equality will be achieved in all aspects of American life for ALL LGBTQ people.

    I read what you wrote, Mary, and I am reminded of a dear friend, now departed, who used to say as an aside whenever someone tried to impress us with his “liberal bona fides”, “well, that was very white of him, wasn’t it?”

  40. Homo Momo No Mo says

    I actually know Marie, Donny and Alan, their older brother who emceed an event here in Utah this week to protect marriage as it is currently defined. Yes, she is speaking out against the current policy of the LDS church, Marie has never been one to quietly fall in line submissively. Amidst her own battle with depression, multiple divorces, the loss of her son, and the push back from her brothers when her daughter came out at 17, (her LDS classmates which was nearly 95% of the student body were ruthless), she’s always been one to make sure the underdog had a voice. Did you know she co-founded The Children’s Miracle Network that donates millions to kids around the nation who’s families couldn’t pay for life saving medical treatments? She has been, for as long as I have known her, a champion when one is needed.
    As far as all the work she’s had done…I maintain that she and Donny are Vampires. They haven’t aged in 30 years. They only come out at night (their shows in Vegas are post Sunset) and don’t get me started on their famous pearly while teeth:-)

  41. MIke says

    So many examples of plastic surgery gone wrong but every time I come across Marie on some commercial for her talk show or on some shopping channel I’m always impressed how beautiful she is. Of course she’s had “work” done, but it’s quality.

  42. Mary says

    Jamal49, I would have expected a diatribe like this from Little Kiwi or David Ehrenstein, but you’ve always been so nice to me that this is a real surprise. Have I done another “fails to clarify what she means and so is falsely accused of stereotyping gays” error?

    I’m glad that Marie is accepting of her lesbian daugher and that she supports SSM. And no, I don’t believe all gay people are promiscuous. I’m well aware that there are gay couples who’ve been together for decades, reared children together, and in general, given monogamy a good name. However, it is well-known that there is also a great deal of promiscuity among gay men. My point was to show sympathy for gay men and realize that some of the difficulty they have with monogamy has to do with society’s historic refusal to santion their relationships – this lack of support removes an incentive that any couple, straight or gay, would have in staying together.

    Of course, monogamy is not everyone’s goal. And it doesn’t need to be. But a society with too many promiscuous people, either straight or gay, won’t be a very healthy place. It is in the nation’s best interests to promote monogamy as a societal IDEAL (not necessarily as a mandate for every last person.)

    You are right, of course, that SSM is not a conservative policy. Changing the definition of marriage is in fact a very radical thing to do. This is just why you’d need a conservative sounding argument to bring right-wing people on board with this. If straight people believe that gay rights and SSM will lead to a substantial portion of the country turning into Greenwhich Village, then gay rights as a cause is doomed.

    As for proving that I’ve become more liberal, I have no need to do this. At about age 50-51 I came to support gay rights after opposing it for over 30 years. This wasn’t a liberal thing to do – it was downright radical……. And yet your’re complaining?

  43. says

    Good for her. If you’ve seen any interviews with her over the decades, or read her writings about her life, one thing becomes very clear: she was brought up to not only not challenge her church, but MALES. old-school mormonism – man = king, she = underling.

    so this is good, and brave for her.

    what i’d like more of? Marie (and others) talking directly and specifically about how it feels to have family members who actively work against her own child.

    people try to keep “politics/religion and family separate” – but only when it comes to calling out those of “their own’ who are working against one of “their own”

    it must hurt Marie. it hurts countless families. that angle needs to be brought to the forefront.

  44. will says

    Snarky gay men need to STOP trying to one-up each other with the bitchy comments — and stop biting the hand, generously offered, that supports us. It’s almost like you’re unconsciously willing us to fail. This was a beautiful comment from Marie and I’m not going to try to dollar-book Freud psychoanalyze her.

    Just graciously acccept the hand that is offered in good faith.

  45. Jeff says

    Her work done is fine, it just needs to settle in a bit. In six months it will have relaxed perfectly. But it really does not matter one bit in regards to same sex marriage and her support. She could have a sex change, and do gay porn and her support would still be valid.

    But she looks stunning.

  46. jamal49 says

    Mary, I apologize for the diatribe. I appreciate that you’ve been mostly an engaging writer here and I have appreciated your perspective from time to time.

    Maybe it was getting off work at 7:00AM this morning and maybe it was this or that, but maybe I simply misread what you wrote and I will admit that I always, I repeat, always become indignant when someone assumes that we gay men are these errant, promiscuous creatures and all we need is a little marriage monogamy and we’ll be happy and fine and just like everybody else.

    Look, I get tired of the labels. You want to claim that you are “culturally conservative”, then so be it. From what I read, it sounds more like you are a thinking person, unafraid to change your points of view, on logic and facts and then go with them. That is very, very admirable.

    I mean, I’ll say I’m “liberal” but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to march down Pennsylvania Avenue singing Le Marseillaise at top voice and screaming “down with capitalism; up with marx” in spite of what Michelle Bachmann says.

    See, this marriage equality thing is great. I welcome it. I mean, I am long past thinking that I myself will ever get married to another guy, but I know so many couples who WILL get married, who WANT SO MUCH to get married. I will be very happy when they can. I love all those wedding/proposal videos that Andy shares here and at my low points, they always make me think that love really is all that matters.

    I have a friend whose son I’ve known since he was a baby and her son got married last year as soon as NY State made marriage equality the law. He’s sweet, his husband is adorable, they both are happy happy happy and now there’s talk of children (adopting, which I think is great!).

    And such stuff does my heart and soul good. But, lost in all this stuff about marriage is that in 41 states, there isn’t marriage equality and in 38 states I can still be fired from my job or kicked out into the street from my rental home or apt just because I AM gay. And the bigotry? Forget it. I’m sure you’ve seen or watched or read or listened to what some of your conservative “friends” have been saying as of late on this topic.

    Regardless, the push for marriage equality perhaps is THE essential civil rights issue right now. But, I will forego marriage for myself if it means that some LGBTQ kid doesn’t get beat up by bullies at school or on the street or his parents or family members don’t bully and harass him to the point that all he (she) can think of is suicide. I will forego marriage if it means some trans kid or adult doesn’t get bashed or rejected or evicted or harassed or fired or run out of town or run down so much that, again, they think their only option is suicide. I will forego marriage if it means that no one gets fired, evicted, beat up, bashed in, run down or wore out just because they are gay.

    I love Towleroad. There are some damned good people here who write though-provoking, thoughtful, well-reasoned things. You are one of them. I think Little Kiwi is great (most times) because he is very passionate if at times just a little, uh, over the top. Even David Erhenstein has his moment or two.

    I value everyone’s opinion here. Sometimes I don’t agree or I get a little, um, outraged, but if I am wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it. And, there are some people here who write such funny stuff, zingers as it were, that they make my day. Life is grim these days and I need all the laughter I can find.

    Although I may have flamed a diatribe at you and it wasn’t such a cool thing to have done, somewhere in all that mess I wrote, I hope there was some halfway decent point that made sense to you or to anybody. Next time, I’ll think before I rant. So, again, my apologies.

    If tomorrow is a holiday you celebrate, I wish you (and everyone) a very Happy Easter. If not, then Happy Sunday and may God/Goddess Bless Us All.

  47. GB says

    When you’re her age you won’t be able to afford cosmetic surgery. Wonder what you’ll look like?

  48. Bill Michael says

    It took a lot for her to say what she thinks keeping in mind that the Mormon Church could “ex-communicate” her. Thanks Marie, at least she’s not a mindless zombie.

  49. says

    Marie actually publicly gave support to marriage equality and her lesbian daughter in 2009:

    – she’s just reaffirming it this week because Alan’s an ass. (His rally for ‘traditional marriage’ at the Utah Capitol had more protesters than attendees. People of all faiths showed up with love and equality signs to silently protest, including Mormons. Outnumbered by a 3-1 margin. At the UTAH CAPITOL!)

  50. GRivera says

    Screw Marie and her Mormon family. That god she speaks of is in their minds! These freaks are the worst kind. Mormon’s suck! They knocked on my door during Prop 8! SCREW HER AND THE MORMONS! She felt sorry for her daughter when she came out? IS ANYONE MISSING HER POINT??? SHE IS SAD!

  51. GRivera says

    By the way, I still say her boy killed himself because he was gay! They will never admit it – BUT THEY KILLED HIM WITH THEIR JUDGEMENT!

  52. Sam says

    Good grief. I suppose her detractors here would prefer that she come out in opposition to same sex marriage? You just can’t win with some people. And by the way, the comments on her botox, etc. are ridiculous. What in the hell does that have to do with her view on gay marriage or your life? Get over it and yourselves. If she had let herself go and was overweight and wrinkled with grey hair, these same hateful queens would be the first ones to criticize her.