Minnesota Senate Panel Advances Marriage Equality Bill in 5-3 Vote

The Minnesota State Senate Judiciary Committee voted 5-3 this afternoon to advance a marriage equality bill to the full Senate for a vote, Minnesotans United reports:

DibbleSenate File 925, authored by Senator Scott Dibble (pictured) and co-authored by Senators John Marty, Branden Petersen, Tony Lourey and Terri Bonoff, would remove limitations on marriage for same-sex couples from Minnesota state law, while also protecting the important religious freedoms of clergy and faith institutions to practice their religious beliefs free from government interference or persecution.

Minnesotans United Campaign Manager Richard Carlbom released the following statement upon passage of SF925 through the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“This is truly a historic day for Minnesota and a victory for all Minnesotans. The passage of this comprehensive legislation today signals a turning point in our state’s history, and we look forward to seeing Senate File 925 come to the floor of the Minnesota Senate for a full vote. What the Senate Judiciary members proved today – and what we heard from numerous testifiers who spoke passionately in support of this legislation – is that marriage is defined by the love, commitment and responsibility that two people share. Minnesotans want to see our shared values represented in our state law, and those values simply do not include excluding some people from having the freedom to marry and pursue happiness just because of who they are. It is time to extend the freedom to marry to the thousands of loving and committed same-sex couples who ask for nothing more than to be treated fairly and equally by their government.”

A Minnesota House panel is also considering the bill today. We saw testimony from that hearing earlier here and here. We'll update, of course, when we hear news.


  1. candide001 says

    @sargon so you don’t think it’s counter-intuitive or illogical to think that alabama would legalize ssm before california? politics is not random chaos.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    CANDIDE001 “Intuition” for one is not “intuition” for everyone else. Use a better word. Your intuition is not my intuition. In politics strange things happen. Was it logical or intuitive that a Catholic nation like Spain would have civil marriage equality BEFORE a progressive Scandinavian nation like Finland? Finland does not have it yet. So much for “intuition”.

  3. Robert says

    I agree with others, what does what is happening in Illinois have anything to do with what is happening in Minnesota? I’d say both have about equal chance of passing marriage equality.

  4. DB says

    Candide001, Minnesota has always been more liberal than Illinois. Minnesota has voted for Democrats for president longer than any other state (excluding DC), since 1972. Illinois has only voted for Democratic presidents since 1992. All major offices in MN are held by Democrats, in IL one of the state’s Senators is a Republican. IL has far more Evangelicals and residents of Southern ancestry than MN. MN is mostly mainline Protestants (especially Lutherans) who large support equality for all of God’s children. MN has a long progressive tradition, not so with IL.

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