1. Gus says

    OMG! One of the twins is a Republican trying to shut the liberal up.

    See all the naysayers, we can’t make our kids automatically liberals or conservatives. Just like you.

  2. says

    Rational, calm, ordered……such a happy beautiful family…….
    These Dads are an exemplary demonstration of what love and care gay Dads can bring to a home and a family.

    Seeing and hearing these Dads and happy cared for kids means I couldn’t be more proud of our community in standing up taller and stronger than those who criticise us.
    Many straight families don’t have such caring parents.
    Thank you for this vid, Andy, what a wonderful endorsement for gay Dads, gay families, and rational non hysterical gay parenting.
    To Paul and James, thank you for sharing your solidity and coherence….you have set the bar very high for all of us.

  3. Kyle says

    Awesome family. Adorable kids. Examples like this make it hard to deny the legitimacy of gay family life and the equal footing it deserves. Everyone in Minnesota and elsewhere should see this, especially lawmakers.

  4. UFFDA says

    Bravo and ditto for JACKT – Paul and James seem to be shining knights of all the best that is American, dazzling men by any standard. What a pleasure to have been able to see them and their darling boys all in a wash of light it seems.

  5. greg says

    Can you IMAGINE a bohemian mixed-race couple being asked to do the same gig? No. Let’s stop worshipping well-off white men under 50. True they are hot, cute, whatever. But they were chosen to advocate for a reason; they are palatable as Bev Hills 90210. Stop pretending these guys have it all.

  6. Cburg says

    *ignores troll greg*

    What a beautiful demonstration of marriage, commitment and love. Those children are so lucky to have such amazing parents.

  7. UFFDA says

    GREG – bitter much.

    I’m sick of “bohemian mixed race couples” and the like presented as representative. Such couples dismay the majority and we need better PR in order to win the respect of the mainstream. Don’t like it? Too bad.

  8. says

    @ GREG :
    For God’s sake can’t you admire the honest love and affection these dads have for their children and rejoice in their happiness and their activism, in their success they still plead for equality and gay rights.

  9. Rosa Snarks says

    @Greg: Ever hear of Claudette Colvin? Didn’t think so.

    Colvin was a teenager in Birmingham, AL who was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white woman on a public bus…nine months BEFORE Rosa Parks did the same thing. And yet, Rosa Parks became the poster girl for civil disobedience and resistance to the unjust treatment in the South. Why?

    Unfortuantely, Greggy, packaging and messaging matters. Besides being a teenager, and relatively less-educated than Rosa Parks, Colvin, by her own account, didn’t have the right “look”. She was darker-skinned and coarser-haired, and the civil rights leaders of the time were looking for someone with whom they felt Whites would better relate visually. In addition, Colvin became an unwed pregnant teenager, which also made her a less sympathetic for a civil rights symbol, at least by the standards of that time.

    Equality advocates in Minnesota are obviously trying to find a mainstream couple with whom voters can identify–someone who LOOKS like them, someone with kids, someone with the same concerns, people who are accomplished SUV-driving, suburb-living professionals.

    For better or for worse, the transracial daddy-mister-son leather-wearing trio in an open relationship just wouldn’t project as sympathetic a symbol for the purposes of marriage equality. But there’ll be plenty of time for bohemia when the dealin’ gets done.

  10. UFFDA says

    Thanks ROSA for an informed, clear and mature statement that explains to GREG what he should already know.

    Besides, there are a lot more of Paul and James than there are of…what?..Bo and Taco?

  11. Rosa Snarks says

    58 years ago today, as a matter of fact.

    >>Ms. Colvin made her stand on March 2, 1955, and Mrs. Parks made hers on Dec. 1 that same year. Somehow, as Mrs. Parks became one of Time Magazine’s 100 most important people of the 20th century, and streets and schools were named after her, Ms. Colvin managed to let go of any bitterness. After Ms. Colvin was arrested, Mrs. Parks, a seasoned N.A.A.C.P. official, sometimes let her spend the night at her apartment. Ms. Colvin remembers her as a reserved but kindly woman who fixed her snacks of peanut butter on Ritz crackers.

    “My mother told me to be quiet about what I did,” Ms. Colvin recalled. “She told me: ‘Let Rosa be the one. White people aren’t going to bother Rosa — her skin is lighter than yours and they like her.’ ”

    Ms. Colvin said she came to terms with her “raw feelings” a long time ago. “I know in my heart that she was the right person,” she said of Mrs. Parks.<<

  12. Spawn of Regnerus says

    Should be noted that if you listen through to the end of the (lengthy) clip, you’ll be treated to the sight of Glenn Grunehagen citing the thoroughly discredited Regnerus study as a reason to vote against marriage equality. It’s obvious that he has no clue what he is talking about, that he probably hasn’t even read the Regnerus study, and his blithe references to it as the “gold standard” suggest that he is completely unaware of how savagely the study was torn apart. But Grunehagen was the target audience for Regnerus’ study–people too dumb to understand his pseudo-academic flimflammery, and/or too bigoted to care.

  13. irwin says

    I wonder if they expect their children to be gay; I think they should raise them straight so perhaps they have a shot at reproduction, none of this gender neutral nonsense.

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