Obama Speaks Out on SCOTUS Marriage Cases

President Obama spoke with the largest Hispanic television networks this week on the topic of the Supreme Court and marriage equality.

Univision_obamaObama spoke with Telemundo, saying, "I think it is time for the justices to examine this issue," NBC News reports:

In the interview, Obama reiterated that the federal government should recognize the unions of couples in states that allow gay marriage.

“I certainly believe that those states that have made a decision to recognize these couples as being married, that the federal government has to respect that decision by the states,” he said. “That's traditionally been how it works. States have defined marriage and the federal government has followed the lead of the states.”

“I think not only is it right and fair but also consistent with our Constitution to recognize same-sex couples,” added Obama, a former professor of constitutional law. “It doesn't mean everybody has to agree from a religious standpoint about this issue. It does mean that it is very important for us to remember that we're a nation where everybody is supposed to be equal before the law.”

He also spoke with Univision:

“I never predict what the court will do,” Obama said. “But I used to teach constitutional law, and there is certainly a strong basis for determining that in this age, given what we now know, given the changes that have been taking place in the states around the country, same-sex couples should be treated fairly and have the same rights benefits, be able to transfer property, all the rights and recognitions that heterosexual couples do.”


  1. Jake says

    Bad PR on those new TIME magazine covers. The women’s aren’t bad but the men’s are hideous. Setting the cause back… See on TIME website.

  2. Jeff says

    Millerbeach, it’s just that the women look sexy and sleek, while the men look a bit dorky, especially the one in glasses. They could have gotten some guys who were smoking hot, but I guess decided gays are on enough of a roll right now. Sure I would have rather seen two guys who look something like an older Taylor Lautner & a younger Brad Pitt, but whatever.

    Still to have these on the new stand and at checkout counter across the country screaming MARRIED GAYS HAVE ARRIVED!!! is kind of cool.