Orange County, CA Man Convicted of Murdering Boyfriend

An Orange County man was convicted on Wednesday of murdering his boyfriend, then stealing his money, his car, and other items, the L.A. Times reports:

FuentesProsecutors said that in June 2010, Fuentes had been in a relationship with Pedro Cerecer for about a month, and that by June 5, Fuentes had plotted for several days to kill Cerecer and steal his property. On that day, prosecutors said, Fuentes went to Cerecer's Santa Ana apartment and waited for Cerecer to fall asleep.

Prosecutors said that Fuentes beat Cerecer with a decorative rock, killing him. He took Cerecer's credit cards, cellphone and household electronics, including a flat-screen television. He loaded it into Cerecer's Toyota sedan and fled.

Fuentes faces a minimum of life in prison without parole.


  1. David Hearne says

    Notice to all 47 year old men- That 23 year old gift from South of the Border isn’t really interested in your wrinkled butt or your cooking skills. He wants your car and credit cards. OF course, when you picked him up on Santa Monica BLVD., it’s understandable that you thought he wanted to love you long time.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Hearne “…isn’t really interested in your wrinkled butt…”

    Whose butt is wrinkled? Speak for yourself, old koot.

    But the rest of your message rings true. Stay away from rough trade. In fact, when it comes to making whoopie stay away from Gay guys who are much younger than you. Stick with those closer to your own age–even if the thrill aint there.

  3. jakeinlove says

    ok, this make absolutely no sense at all. If all he was going to do is steal the TV, electronics and put it in the car, why would he need to kill him?

    This sounds like a little made up or Fuentes is REALLY the stupidest person alive.

  4. David Hearne says

    Derrick –

    I hate to break it to you , Baby, but if you will get someone to take a well lit shot of you naked from the back you’ll see it. I didn’t say it had to be prunelike. It can be just a little ripple…. but it’s there. A little deeper crease where the butt meets the thigh, perhaps. And the unavoidable telltale sign of aging, that little bit of crepe on the lower back. Even Gregg Avedon (praise be upon him) has this at 47.

  5. Howard says

    @Derrick. Had I followed your advice and only dated guys my own age I would have missed out on the Great Love of my life.

    My husband is 16 years younger than me and we have been deeply in love for 11 years now. Much wiser advice would be to always trust your instincts.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @Howard & Luke.

    I apologize. You’re both right– follow your instincts. Problem my instincts would’ve led me to the thug in the mug shot at the top of this story.

    But let’s say a guy is 40 and he starts a relationship with someone who is 25–I see nothing dangerous in that.

    But if I, at age 55, started seeing someone who is 25…well, I’d better die before retirement age because I know damn well all my savings will be gone.


    cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Been basting in them every night for 30+ years. My butt is the only beautiful thing I have left.

  7. Chitown Kev says

    Am I wrong for laughing at what david hearnee said…because he is right.

    I suppose that if said 20-25 year old really seems like he’s on the ball, then fine…but with an age diff. like that, get to know the guy.

    That was his boyfriend after a month?

  8. Scooter says

    Just look around, age is no guarantee of wisdom. Just because one has been on the planet for over 40 years does not mean they have some intrinsic point if view that comes with such age. People often remark that while their body has aged, their point of view, what they feel has not. And since so much emphasis in our modern society is placed on how one feels, why is it a shocker that people get in line for exhibiting the same behavior they have for the first 40 years? So, the victim probably taken by the attention of what he thought was an attractive, caring young man. It is unfortunate that his judgement was probably clouded by how he felt. How many murdered folk listened to their feelings and went willingly to their doom? Versace, Sheppard…are you really saying these folk somehow deserved to be murdered for how they felt?

  9. David Hearne says

    “cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Been basting in them every night for 30+ years. My butt is the only beautiful thing I have left.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly”

    You grease your pussy. I was talking about the outside.

  10. Gabe R L says

    David Hearne:

    You are wrong about Gregg Avedon. I’ve seen naked pics of him when he was a lot younger than 47, and his bum looks the same as it would later.

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