Poland: In Protest of Lech Walesa, Gay and Trans Lawmakers Take Front Bench in Parliament – PHOTO


Poland's first gay lawmaker Robert Biedron (right) and first transgender lawmaker Anna Grodzka took seats in the front bench of Parliament today as a protest of Lech Walesa's remarks earlier this week that gays have no right to sit there, and should even be kept "behind a wall".

The Guardian:

Both are members of the progressive Palikot's Movement party, and party leader Janusz Palikot arranged for the two to sit in, relinquishing his own seat to Biedron.

"Lech Walesa is an important symbol for us all and for the whole world," Biedron told the Associated Press before attending the session. "I respect him and I'd rather he used other words – words of acceptance and of respect for other people."

…The first row in the semi-circular lower chamber, or Sejm, is reserved for party leaders and prominent lawmakers. Biedron and Grodzka – who have been in parliament since 2011 – usually sit in the third row.

Walesa said this week he would not be apologizing for his remarks.

"I will not apologize to anyone," the former president said in an interview Monday. "All I said (was) that minorities, which I respect, should not have the right to impose their views on the majority. I think most of Poland is behind me."


  1. enough already says

    Unless you know that Poland thought Hitler was way too soft of the Jews and that Poland has been suffering a tremendous population loss of young women and virtually all gay/transgender people who could leave since European integration, then you won’t be able to understand just how important, how earth-shaking it is for this woman and this man to be sitting right there in the front.

    This is wonderful news. Good news. Poland has so much to offer the rest of the world, but the culture Walesa represents has to go, first.

    I hope these tender green shoots of spring flourish.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    Forget about it, Lech. You may think most Poles are behind you, but the western world now sees you as a bigot. You’ve tarnished your name forever.

  3. know history says

    oh yes Poland who lost 6 million of its’ citizens – half of them Jewish- which welcomed the Jewish population expelled from western countries- Middle Ages- which has the most people recognized as a nation “as righteous” people in Israel concerning the Holocaust – that Poland

  4. Joseph Singer says

    Walesa apparently thinks that just because he was a hero to the people in facing down communism it gives him the right to put other people down. Despite what he says he doesn’t respect gays and lesbians and believes they should go to the back of the room and not make such a fuss.

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