Poll: Majority in Minnesota (53 Percent) Oppose Gay Marriage

A new poll shows Minnesotans aren't quite there yet on marriage equality, the Star Tribune reports, from a poll they took of 800 people in the last week of February:

MNFifty-three percent of Minnesotans say the state statute banning same-sex unions should stand. Only 38 percent say legislators should overturn the law this year, while 9 percent are undecided…

…Outstate, 73 percent respondents oppose allowing gay couples to legally wed in Minnesota, with only 27 percent favoring such unions or undecided…The Twin Cities area remains the core of support for those who want to legalize same-sex marriage, with metro area suburban residents narrowly siding with those who want to change the law.

In Hennepin and Ramsey counties, 57 percent want the Legislature to allow same-sex marriage, with 35 percent saying the law should be left as is. Metro suburbs are more closely divided, with 46 percent favoring legalization and 44 percent who want the ban to stay.

The numbers surprised House Speaker Paul Thissen:

“There have been a number of polls on the issue. The trend in general is moving toward acceptance of marriage equality,” said Thissen, a Minneapolis DFLer. “There will certainly be more conversation on this. Our members are talking to their constituents, which is more important than any poll.”


  1. Gigi says

    Question: Are you in favor of radical homosexuals redefining the definition of marriage and ruining the marriages of every heterosexual couple in the world?

    53% said: No.

  2. Fruit-for-Peace says

    Gigi, it was either that or, “Do you want all those dirty queers spreading their dirty AIDS germs all over your Lutheran alters?”

    Actually they’d be more worried that a lunch served after a “gay” wedding would be a menu that did NOT include jello and tater-tot hot-dish. 😛

  3. Peter M. says

    “The poll found that a clear majority of men — 64 percent — oppose changing the law, with 24 percent in support. Another 12 percent are undecided.”

    Pardon? 64 percent oppose marriage equality and only 24 percent support it? I didn’t know the men of Minnesota were that bigoted and homophobic. Very disappointing news.

  4. Simon says

    Anti-Christ agenda of anti-gays :

    Hatred is the greatest sin which goes against the greatest commandments of Christ. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Christ has clearly mentioned that the way to have eternal life for his followers is through his commandments to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. He has mentioned that those laws are above all other biblical laws of any other prophets.

    Religious homophobes promoting hatred and discrimination are anti-Christ who do not believe or pretend to believe in Jesus Christ but do not acknowledge Christ’s commandments to love God and to love thy neighbor as thyself, to be the highest of all biblical laws. The anti-Christ, like the devil, is a master of quoting biblical verses except those greatest commandments of love from Christ, they avoid using Christ’s name but use other names, even ‘God’, to bring all sort of biblical verses or ‘facts’, to lie and to prove their justification to hate. Anti-Christ deceive people that those 2 commandments of love were not above all laws for Christians, and they are around in many organizations pretending to be of ‘religious’ faith.

    The issue of homosexuality, same sex marriage and many other issues (sexual/non sexual) are different forms of a test of the Christian faith on that choice of who they really believe in the end, to love (Christ and His greatest commandments) or to hate (succumb to temptation of verses NOT from Christ’s greatest commandments to justify discrimination).

  5. candide001 says

    The wording was a little biased.

    Minnesota state law currently bans same-sex marriage. Do you think the state Legislature should or should not legalize it?

  6. Brian says

    Men are substantially less accepting than women on gay rights in virtually every poll, which makes a mockery of the Rick/Jason mantra that women are much more homophobic than men.

  7. David Hearne says

    I pay no attention to polls. The concept is outdated. When I am at my mother’s house, the (landline) phone rings a couple of times a night. She looks at the CID and it says “out of area” or a spoof number (paging Kiwi) or some name she doesn’t recognize and she doesn’t answer the phone. I haven’t had a landline in ten years. My two sisters (in their 50’s) and nieces/nephews, my aunt, and my cousins all use cell phones and don’t take polls. I have one friend who still uses a landline, and he doesn’t answer “unknown caller” either.

    These polls are meaningless. It cracks me up when the polling companies claim to have compensated for the “error” and the media buys it because somebody at Megapoll has some degree in statistics or something.

  8. Chitown Kev says

    Personally, I think that they should have allowed the fact that the people of Minnesota didn’t want a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to marinate for a year or two.

    That they didn’t want an amendment to the constitution didn’t mean that a vote FOR marriage equality could win through the legislature (maybe it could win through the courts).

  9. Francis says

    Not surprising. The constitutional amendment banning marriage equality barely failed, not even a full 51% voted for it. The states we can truly say legitimately support marriage equality are seemingly the three West Coast states, Maryland, Delaware and the Northeast states (bar Pennsylvania) and Iowa. Maybe Illinois. So that’s about 13 or so states out of 50 states. Hell even in definite blue states marriage equality barely passed on ballot (ie. Maryland and Washington with 52%) so we have a long way to go although progress has been made.

  10. chris says

    I live in Minnesota and I do believe it’s close but it may be too soon to pass gay marriage here. When the “no” amendment vote happened last November, a lot of the support came not necessarily from people who favored gay marriage but who didn’t favor the legal torture of a bound-to-be-declared-unconstitutional-eventually amendment to the constitution.

  11. DB says

    When marriage was redefined in 1967 by the US Supreme Court to include inter-racial couples in Loving v. Virginia, over 75% of the population opposed legalizing inter-racial marriage. Progress for full marriage equality has been relatively rapid. It is important to remember that civil rights of individuals and minorities should never be put for a popular vote. Whether 1%, 99%, or 55% of the population supports marriage, it is a fundamental right protected by the constitutional principle of equal protection before the law. American law exists to protect the rights of the minority from the tyranny and biases of the majority. Technically it is irrelevant what percentage of the population supports equality.

  12. Billy says

    Honestly, I’m surprised we have that much support. I am surrounded by family that loves me, “supports” me…very loving, caring people. People who would defend me to the death. And I can say with certainty that 80% of them oppose gay marriage.

  13. Billy says

    Honestly, I’m surprised we have that much support. I am surrounded by family that loves me, “supports” me…very loving, caring people. People who would defend me to the death. And I can say with certainty that 80% of them oppose gay marriage.

  14. Billy says

    Honestly, I’m surprised we have that much support. I am surrounded by family that loves me, “supports” me…very loving, caring people. People who would defend me to the death. And I can say with certainty that 80% of them oppose gay marriage.

  15. Peter M. says

    Billy wrote “And I can say with certainty that 80% of them oppose gay marriage.”

    Well, then 80% of your family don’t “defend you to the death”. The good ol’ “Love the sinner, hate the sin” comes to mind. Let me guess, they are against marriage equality because Jesus told them so?

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