Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) Comes Out for Marriage Equality

WarnerSenator Mark Warner (D-VA) came out for marriage equality late this afternoon in a post on Facebook:

I support marriage equality because it is the fair and right thing to do. Like many Virginians and Americans, my views on gay marriage have evolved, and this is the inevitable extension of my efforts to promote equality and opportunity for everyone. I was proud to be the first Virginia governor to extend anti-discrimination protections to LGBT state workers. In 2010, I supported an end to the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy, and earlier this month I signed an amicus brief urging the repeal of DOMA. I believe we should continue working to expand equal rights and opportunities for all Americans.

Warner is the second Democratic senator in two days to suddenly evolve on marriage equality on the eve of two Supreme Court cases considering the issue.

Last night, Missouri senator Claire McCaskill said she, too, had evolved.


  1. Steve says

    Good for Senator Warner. The more allies, the better.

    Can anyone point me to a list of Senators and their official stances on marriage equality – yea, nay, or no comment?


  2. says

    If he supported the repeal of DADT in 2010, then this evolution is not so “sudden.” Sudden is Karl Rove saying he doesn’t mind the GOP being neutral on same-sex marriage. Or was that even Karl Rove? Suddenly I’m not so sure.

  3. Lars says

    @Manny: It was Rand Paul, but no less sudden or significant. Karl Rove is the one who said he could imagine a 2016 GOP nominee who supports marriage equality. Also a very unexpected turn of events.

  4. says

    this is what’s happening – from now on, any Democrat wishing to be taken seriously, or ever have a hope in running for Pres, will have to match Obama’s stance on Equality.

    mic drop, folks

    we’re gonna see Dems compete to see who can be “more pro-Equality” while the GOP will struggle to be “anti-gay but in a way that’s not totally anti-gay even though it is via some half@ssed neutrality”.

  5. Francis says

    These announcements are sort of cheap at this point because as Kiwi put it, it’s clearly politically-minded as much as it personal. Basically, people are now wanting to say how they’re all for equality and make public statements about and get applauded for it. In a way, marriage equality has become a pet issue for a lot of people.

    At the same time—-it’s starting to become COOL to be gay positive. And gay accepting. And cool to be gay. And I never would have expected to say that about the United States of America even 12 months ago. President Obama speaking out for marriage equality changed the game.

  6. says

    exactly, Francis. even if they “don’t mean it” – it shows that we’ve already won. Any viable candidate for the Democratic nomination, from now on in America, will have to support Equality.

    game. changer.

  7. robroy says

    Credit where its due- Biden put the issue to the forefront.

    And I have to agree that anyone voting to roll back DADT was already on board for a big one. The big prize should go to Sen. Claiborne Pell who came out as pro lgbt 20 years ago.

  8. Randy says

    Please. politicians don’t lead — they follow. They carefully parse every stance to see how it will play with the electorate, and has nothing to do with whether it’s the right thing to do.

    The good news is that the electorate is way ahead of the politicians, and once they are start to realize that, the Democrats will cascade our way. It’s starting now. The republicans will take longer as they have to buck the party heirarchy first, but cracks are finally showing.

    I predict that within a year or two, the GOP will be split down the middle with half opposed to anything gay, and half totally supportive. The dems will be totally supportive.

  9. Steven H says

    Mark Warner is up for reelection next year. He’s very popular in Virginia (for good reason), and the Old Dominion becomes a little bluer every year, but this is still a very brave move.

    Warner’s ahead of Virginia on this, so I gotta believe he means it. He’s a stand up guy, and is well-respected so–who knows–maybe he can change a few minds.

    Plus, if DOMA is overturned (and even if it isn’t), Warner’ll be a solid supporter for the rights of gay and lesbian service members.

  10. Owen says

    @robroy Even bigger credit to another (now former) Senator of Virginia – Chuck Robb who voted against DOMA in 1996 despite Virginia being (likely) pretty anti-gay rights at the time.

    Alright people from Pennsylvania and Maine: time to bombard the offices of Bob Casey and Susan Collins until they get on board.

  11. ohbear1957 says

    “Sudden is Karl Rove saying he doesn’t mind the GOP being neutral on same-sex marriage. Or was that even Karl Rove? Suddenly I’m not so sure.”

    Maybe it was Ham Rove.

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