Tokyo Disneyland Hosts Lesbian Wedding


Tokyo's Disneyland hosted a gay wedding on Friday which went viral on social media there, the NYT reports:

“My partner Hiroko and I just held a gay wedding at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Even Mickey and Minnie are here to celebrate with us!” Ms. Higashi, 28, wrote in a Twitter post that also had a picture of the newlyweds posing with the big-eared Disney characters and a flower-festooned cake. Her entry was reposted more than 6,000 times, drawing largely positive responses.

“Congratulations,” replied Masaki Koh, a Japanese gay porn star. “Your wonderful wedding will bring inspiration and hope to many people who still hesitate to take the first step. I was also encouraged that Tokyo Disney Resort was so understanding.”

The lead-up to the wedding was not all smooth sailing, however:

She reported on her blog and on Twitter that she had inquired about weddings at Tokyo Disney Sea, a part of the Disney Resort. But when it became apparent to the organizers that her partner was female, Ms. Higashi reported, she was asked if one of them could wear a tuxedo — so that other visitors to the park would not feel uncomfortable.

Her posts set off the first stir on Japanese social media sites.

A week later, the organizers at Milial Resort Hotels, a subsidiary of the company that runs Tokyo Disney, got back to Ms. Higashi with good news: both brides were welcome to wear wedding dresses (or both tuxedos, for that matter). “Mickey Mouse supports gay marriage!” Web headlines declared.


  1. johnny says

    My thoughts exactly, Goodcarver.

    They can’t possibly do that here because the rabid Right Heteros (by far their main demographic) would start foaming at the mouth and boycott Disney forever.

  2. Yaoi says

    Same sex marriage is not legal in Japan, so how did they get married?

    I’ve been planning to move to Japan for a while but am afraid if I fall for someone there we might get separated because I wouldn’t be able to get a spouse visa.

  3. Yaoi says

    “Mickey suports gay marriage in Japan…how about in the US?”

    Haven’t they had LGBT weeks in Disney for a while? I remember going to Florida Disney with my family once when I was really young (in the 90’s) and there were a lot of same sex couples there.

    Can’t imagine they would be against gay marriage.

  4. Billy says

    Your name here is Yaoi? Really?

    Anyway, yes, American Disney is extraordinarily LGBT friendly. This is a big step for a country like Japan, though. For such an advanced country, they are absolutely in the dark ages when it comes to gay rights. Even their treatment of women is pretty terrible.

  5. Yaoi says

    What’s wrong with my name being Yaoi on here? It’s the same name I use on other sites including Steam.

    It’s short, fun to say out loud, easy to remember, rarely taken by others, shows that I’m gay, and also shows that I’m an anime / manga fan.

  6. DB says

    It’s awesome that more gay married couples in Japan are having formal weddings. However, Japan, like all other modern Asian countries, does not legally recognize the marriages of 10% of their families. It is looking like either Taiwan or Vietnam may achieve civil marriage equality before Japan.