1. Randy says

    Good grief those Five-Minute people are stupid and annoying.

    I may have lost 5 IQ points just by listening.

    There is plenty of data on same-sex couples raising children, all of it indicating that the children turn out OK (or BETTER) than those raised in straight homes.

    Churches not only SHOULD lose their tax-exempt status, they never should have had it in the first place. Level the playing field, and treat these businesses like any other.

    Don’t even get me started on blaming the victim for fighting back against religious intolerance.

  2. Dback says

    USA TODAY had a very interesting, in-depth article about why certain critics and men (usually straight men) hated “Les Miserables” so much. They theorized that 1) the story hits you full-frontal and doesn’t encourage any sort of emotional “hiding,” which makes straight men uncomfortable, and 2) it’s a musical that isn’t a pop jukebox musical (like “Mama Mia” was), and straight men love to complain about musicals and how awesome they are as straight men for sitting through them. (Because, you know, women just love sitting through mindless shoot-’em-ups and “Battleship” to make their boyfriends happy–or at least keep them from whining.)

    Let’s not mince words; if the average straight guy was in charge of moviemaking, it’d be almost nothing but explosions, gunplay, hyper-masculinity and women showing their boobs. (Quentin Tarantino, line one.)