1. borut says

    Come on, Madonna, don’t be so naive. Putin and the likes of him are not interested in understanding Pussy Riot or hearing what the young gays in Russia want for their future. They are interested in power, and feeding the hate of the masses towards minorities is the easiest way of obtaining and preserving it.

  2. conniefrancisscottkey says

    With the throwback (1986?) hair and makeup and writing of her own copy via a rough spunky cuss-filled delivery, it seems like Madonna is finally becoming…Madonna.
    This is the girl who sang Lucky Star and wore the cheap torn lace and rubber bracelets, right? The slutty brash dance club scenester from Michigan who hit NY and happened to make it really really big. I hope she stays with this version of her. It not only suits her, it seems like it is her (less pretense, brattiness, accent, faux authority, well, maybe a little of that, lol).

    And as for the substance, first, this should’ve been more about AC, but he’ll get this joke, right? And, start a revolution? Honey, you’ve been sort of helping us fight the war that started (publicly) in 1969 in the West Village for quite a while. Thanks. Nice to see you’re still here, and that that person seems more like you than your other personas. Stick with it, girl. And please put out another album on par with Ray of Light before you pull a Garland or Garbo on us.

  3. conniefrancisscottkey says


    The Garb-land reference isn’t literal, but meant more in the sense of a grand exit, and I do think that the gladiator/chariot/superbowl/cheerleader Madonna is capable of a grand exit. 😉

  4. John says

    Madonna can blow smoke up my ass anytime. Now where is her Revolution? We really need a revolution where people do things to get LGBT freedoms and equality not just talk about it or “blow smoke up one’s ass”. We need more action, where are our leaders like Malcolm X and Martin King?

  5. conniefrancisscottkey says

    Thanks! I remember dancing to Lucky Star as a young teen seeing an interview or blurb with her in it at the time. She’s come full circle, the material gal. If I get nostalgic, it’s kind of sweet (and very good marketing, lol).

  6. conniefrancisscottkey says

    Thanks! I remember dancing to Lucky Star as a young teen seeing an interview or blurb with her in it at the time. She’s come full circle, the material gal. If I get nostalgic, it’s kind of sweet (and very good marketing, lol).

  7. Josh says

    How much money was donated from her Tour to the HRC or any other LGBT organization? NONE- She is full of it. Remember Prop 8? She said nothing! She didn’t care. I am not buying it! Let’s start a Revolution with her name on it, but without any of her money! Yes, nobody can write her script …because she think she is better than all of us. Zzzzzzzz….too little too late Madonna!

  8. iban4yesu says

    “Painful to watch.”

    The exact reason why I am not watching!

    But, why is she wearing the scout unifrom? Is that a Girl Scout uniform? Otherwise, is she sending a hidden message of the fence-sitting?

  9. AriesMatt says

    Interesting comments. I also feel like she’s come full circle since her early days, but MUCH more articulate and poised at the podium. Although not perfect, her delivery was very entertaining and has the right message. Hopefully, this video will be watched by gazillions throughout the world and taken to heart.

    I am wondering, though, why the video cut off before her actual handing out the award? What the whaaa???

  10. john says

    She looks a great deal like Bette Davis as she became old. Lots of pancake makeup and a youthful hairstyle that is somewhat unflattering, like a circus mirror. Strange.

    Still happy to have her voice. She’s a force and people do listen to her.

  11. Thomas says

    I don’t really care for Madonna, consider myself more of a Lauper/GaGa fan, but props to Madonna for showing up in a boy scout uniform. That is hilarious.

  12. Alchrist2 says

    Madonna is a hero. Those who write such rank and thoughtless comments on websites like this one with no sense of historical reference or education are in dire need of reconsidering their stance. It is so pointless to put down the actions, appearance and impact of those who actually move forward with pride, poise and self-confidence. Learn from her. Don’t denigrate. It isn’t becoming at all.

  13. Molc says

    She’s no Gaga or Cyndi Lauper-she hasn’t really done much except offer glib platitudes and usually condescending rhetoric from concert stages. “Cry rivers of tears over bullying” Right-except when she does it herself. This just seems like an “I’d better do something moment” because others are doing it.

  14. Stephen says

    Uh YEA…I could not bare to click the “play” button either guys. Madonna is starting to look a little like “she only comes out at night to feed”. Happy St Patrick’s Day !

  15. Declan says

    Cyndi Lauper is doing so much more for the gay community (with her True Colors Fund and Foundation) while Madonna is only interested to open gyms around the globe…It’s a shame Cyndi Lauper’s career is not sucessful as Madonna’s !! We so should support Cyndi !!

  16. Bryan says

    A strangely uninspiring delivery of a well-intentioned mediocre speech… A clearly heartfelt, wandering recital of clichés.

    No harm, no foul, and certainly nothing to get upset about, but certainly a missed opportunity.

  17. Mark says

    If everyone who “could not bare (sic) to click the ‘play’ button” had spent time getting an education, maybe they wouldn’t be so afraid.

  18. Isaak says

    Amazing to think that a new generation has no idea how much Madonna did in the 80s and 90s for gay rights. We really wouldn’t have the general acceptance we have today without her. She really started something at a time when no one else would. Sure, Liz Taylor was campaigning for AIDS research but Madonna was putting gay people into the mainstream when we just didn’t exist. It’s sad to hear younger people belittling her contribution – you really should show her some respect.

    That said. she sounds drunk in this speech?! And the only part of her face that moves are her lower eyelids! She looks very uncomfortable and never really fleshes out any ideas. What about that revolution?!?!

  19. Paulie says

    It’s as if some of these comments were posted from an alternate universe, especially those seemingly unaware of Madonna’s history with the gay community.

  20. aj says


    You mean her history of exploiting gay men for their money? Her history of kissing women for attention and for the purpose of titillating men who think that we gay guys are gross?

  21. Josh says

    When it comes to who is the real “ally” of the LGBT Community: The beautiful and talented Cyndi Lauper takes the prize. Let’s don’t forget Cyndi has been our friend since the 80’s. Her sister is a lesbian and her best passed away from AIDS (remember the song True Colors and Boy Blue?) Cyndi Lauper is the real deal. I appreciate Madonna’s effort but Cyndi deserves much more success and praise!!

  22. Chicklets says

    I love Madonna’s music (even the newer stuff), but i dont understand the belief that she did so much for ‘gay rights’. She featured homoerotic imagery in her videos. She dressed androgynous in her videos. So what ‘gay rights’ are we talking about here? She was def a friend to our community back then, but a gay rights advocate?

  23. DeeperStill says

    This place used to be really awesome. Now it’s a total downer. There are SO many other gay blogs out there, none of which is cursed with these never ending hateful, ignorant comments. It doesn’t matter what subject is featured, hate is in 95% of the threads.

    Goodbye, Towleroad…

  24. millerbeach says

    …then from Artpop’s POV, she IS old. She is in her early 50’s, and looking good, as good as money will buy! She might want to ease off the facial surgery, as she hardly looks like the little cutie I remember. Oh, and thanks for the 12 minute warning. Wow…12 minutes? You’d think they were lovers…LOL

  25. jd says

    “It’s as if some of these comments were posted from an alternate universe, especially those seemingly unaware of Madonna’s history with the gay community.”

    It’s called the Gagasphere. The newer strategy is to point to Cyndi Lauper as the example, since Gaga’s kinda on the outs with humanity at the moment.

    BUT I suspect that they’re mostly fake/planted so some guy on Examiner can write a story about it and get clicks.

  26. jd says

    “Madonna should be shot dead like Lennon. She is THE ENEMY.”

    Case in point. I bet there’s a story about that comment on Examiner already. Seriously, half of this Madonna v Gaga stuff is manufactured.

  27. al says

    WOW so ICONIC!! All hail the Queen of Pop!! I am a gay who is 40 years old so i am very SATISFIED with whatever the queen of pop has done. She once said “wear a condom ” to us gays and thats why she is the greatest GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST!! Shame on you lady gaggag!

  28. iban4yesu says

    The(L.A.) Frontier rag’s editor quips:

    “…GLAAD says Madonna wore a Boy Scouts outfit as part of GLAAD’s year-long campaign to end the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay scouts and leaders. I bet the Boy Scouts are thrilled to learn they’ve been put in the same class as some of Madonna’s other outrageous award and performance costumes like “Like A Virgin” and Jean Paul Gaultier’s conical-breasts bustier.”

    That woman is a shrewd fence sitter unless she acknowledges all (or some of) her past Sapphic relationships, such as Sandra Bernhard, Model Jenny Shimizu, or/and that club promoter Ingrid sumthin’! ;-P


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