1. Gigi says

    I watched for a bit but then my husband made me stop when I started throwing things at my computer and screaming at the HATERS. There was some old f#ck on the panel who was a christianist and people from his church kept coming up, reading “stats” and talking points from hate groups. They brought their children up and discussed things like anal cancer and how “white” gay men have more than 1000 sexual partners in their lifetime…yet they die 20 years sooner than straight men. That’s a lot of sex in a very short period of time. Almost doesn’t seem possible.

  2. Patric says

    Repeating my post from yesterday’s thread just so that Rhode Islanders know whom to contact (Conley and Raptakis):

    There are four solid yes votes on the 10-member Judiciary Committee (Democrat Erin Lynch, Democrat and lesbian Donna Nesselbush, Democrat Stephen Archambault and Republican Dawson Hodgson) and three likely no votes (Frank Lombardi ; Michael McCaffrey, the committee chair and an opponent of equality who has co-sponsored a mini-DOMA law for the state; and Harold Metts).

    Among the other three, Metro Weekly is reporting that Paul Jabour is now saying that he will vote to pass the bill out of committee, which would give us five votes and mean that we only need one of the two remaining votes to advance to the Senate floor. In his re-election campaign last fall, Jabour had expressed that he personally favors CUs but would be “obligated” to vote for equality if his constituents let him know “overwhelming[ly]” that they support passage. and and

    Leonidas Raptakis, owner of a Greek restaurant, had been seen as a likely opponent but had expressed that he’d be inclined to support a bill if it provides for a popular vote. and
    Metro Weekly is now reporting, however, that Raptakis is withdrawing his support from the referendum bill favored by the haters and noting that calls into his office are heavily tilted in favor of equality, but not yet committing his support to the equality bill.

    If we don’t win over Raptakis, that leaves William Conley as the key swing vote for getting this bill out of committee and to the Senate floor, where the vote would also likely be close. William Conley, a Democrat who graduated from Catholic University’s
    Columbus School of Law, is very involved in his local parish, represents a heavily Catholic district and has been described as an opponent of equality but said in recent months that he’s been “listening to the positions of both sides” and, as such, my be persuadable. He needs to be contacted, especially by members of his district. and
    and and and

  3. says

    it’s pretty amazing that people can be convinced, or convince themselves, that the religious rights, freedoms and liberties of others somehow negates, trumps or diminishes their own.

    not one intelligent argument has ever been made about why gay couples should not be allowed to legally marry.

    this gets more preposterous with each passing day.

  4. Believer1 says

    Why would a tradition that has been on this earth and has touched every society for thousands of years, be redefined to include homosexuality? Marriage is between a man and a woman for a reason, including the continuance of family, from generation to generation. For those that are Christians, yes, it is a sacred union as stated in the Bible, ‘a man shall leave his mother and cleave to his wife’. It also states the role that a husband is supposed to take as well as the role a wife is supposed to take. It is not unconstitutional to continue to have traditional marriage. Any other form of marriage would not have ever been recognized by the founding fathers!

  5. Todd says

    @Believer1…the gay community is winning this battle, and war. You and your side is just giving yourselves early cancer due to the stress our gay success is causing you. WE’re winning baby! and this is just the start for us!


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