1. says

    If that was true we wouldn’t have so many guns. If we want to stop terrorism (especially domestic) we need social programs and education reform. People that can’t slip through society’s safety net are less likely to be crazy terrorists. Hey, if I’m wrong, at least everyone will be smart enough to realize it…

  2. anon says

    Sometimes I think Americans love to be terrorized. Since this bombing is nearly identical to the still unsolved Atlanta Olympic Park bombing back in ’96 (law enforcement has assumed for a while that the perpetrator has since died), I’m going to assume the FBI will start there. It has none of the hallmarks of Al Quaeda, except for the loner would-be Times Square bomber, but even that is not a good match. The key here is not overreact. The Boston Marathon should take place again next year on schedule and other sporting events should go on as scheduled.

  3. Bill says

    Unfortunately, in an example of someone who thinks that “nobody ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public,” there were a series of pops-ups overlaying the video of our president’s press conference with some nonsense about looking up your arrest record.

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