1. Jeff says

    He is such a clueless monster–and to see him and his stupid wife given so much airtime in the media because of that disgusting Bush library opening makes me ill.

  2. SayTheTruth says

    I still remember his second victory pandering gays as the end of civilization. I don’t blame moron but those huge numbers who followed him, that was the creepiest part.

  3. Clayton says

    “Now that I don’t need to demonize gays in order to be reelected, I’ll make a statement that says I’m maybe, kinda, sorta rethinking my previous positions, and imply that I’m maybe, kinda, sorta sorry for my party putting so-called ‘marriage protection’ amendments on 30 state ballots to turn out my base.”

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Even though I’m just down I-35 from Dallas I don’t think I’d make it through President Idiot’s new library (were I so inclined to visit). I’m certain library security would throw me out for laughing hysterically throughout the facility.

  5. Brad says

    George W. Bush belongs off the stage all right. He belongs in a war prison cell doing hard labor for his crimes of taking the country to war under false pretenses. Who cares what this jerk thinks?

  6. Dubya says

    “I’m not intelligent enough to observe what’s happening in the nation regarding same sex marriage, and comment on it in any meaningful non-political way. And I lack the courage to admit my past mistakes on the issue, and the humility to ask forgiveness. My just-born granddaughter could well turn out to be a lesbian, but I’m too short-sighted to realize that she may resent me for the shameful acts of my administration.”

  7. JONES says

    Agree fully. And let us not forget that a primary role in using anti-gay furor to mobilize that hate wing base was brought about by none other than current gay rights darling Ken Mehlman.

    How many lives were destroyed because of this mindset and now it’s convenient for him to say that he’s ‘off the stage’. This disconnect is the major problem with politicians today. There are few actual civil servants, most are this type of smarmy politician that live in a reality vacume where they never face the daily hardships caused by their greed, bigotry, and lust for power.

  8. ratbastard says

    Some enterprising ‘reporter’ should ask him about his opinion on our so-called war on drugs, about many people sitting in prison right now for doing things he himself admittedly has done. Ditto our current president, Mr. Obama.

    Did Mr. Limbaugh ever answer if he still thinks drug addicts should be executed?

  9. ratbastard says

    @Paul R,

    Hold on there,partner: he isn’t by any stretch solely responsible for Afghanistan and Iraq. They are bipartisan approved wars [sorry, conflicts, police action, whatever they call a ‘war’ that hasn’t been declared a war by congress].

    And what about or current ‘progressive’ president, who FULLY backs GW’s ‘wars’, and has added his own take to them? Our current ‘progressive’ president who LOVES GW’s Patriot Act. When was the last major ‘progressive’ anti-war demonstration? Where’s Cindy Sheehan?


  10. Paul R says

    Engage in all the semantics you like, but if you honestly think that decade-long violent engagements aren’t wars, you’re just playing games. Thousands of people dead on both sides doesn’t make it not a war to people with dead family members just because he took nearly unilateral action and Congress essentially looked the other way.

  11. thom says

    PLEASE MAKE AN EARLY EXIT FROM THE STAGE…NOW.You have had WAY 2 many 15 minutes of “fame” in your lifetime.
    I would think his Hall of Mirrors cannot reflect anything meaningful. I resent $500 million given to build the damn thing. How can this facility show anything whatsoever positively important?(except the wars he started and didn’t finish and making the nation’s debt load to soar to unimaginable heights.) Guess there’s no “interactive” gizmos at this joke-house that just opened that are gonna show THAT.Go Away. Forever…

  12. says

    Beleive it or not, he did more FOR gay marriage than against and most people think. With him promoting a Constitutional Amendment along with his Republican collegues, he awoke a sleeping giant.

  13. andrew says

    It is most unfortunate that he was ever on the stage. Thousands of American military forces were killed or wounded in his, Cheney’s and the Neo-Cons decision to take this nation into the totally unnecessary war in Iraq. Tens of thousands of Iraquis are dead and over a Trillion dollars wasted. It is clearly one of the worst decisions ever made by an Anerican President. He should not only stay off the stage, he should hide under a rock somewhere.

  14. Richard says

    This ignorant tool, this baboon of a man, is still afraid of Tony Perkins. Marriage equality is the one position he should have shared with Cheney. He is a disgrace, a worthless person who wrecked the country because he lacked courage and insight. Rot in Texas, you clueless, self-made hick.

  15. ratbastard says

    @Paul R,

    My comments regarding the word ‘war’ were sarcasm.

    Our world in 2013 is driven semantics, from political correctness to corporate-speak. Although I think Huxley had it closer to the mark with Brave New World, Orwell was right on the money with newspeak.

  16. XoMoDe says

    I actually miss the Bush era. Something I never thought I’d say. No, I didn’t (and still don’t) approve of the Iraq War, but in hindsight I generally liked his ideals moreso that I recognized at time.

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