Paul Cameron Tells Rob Portman to Renounce Marriage Equality Support for the Sake of ‘Son You Love’

Dr Paul Cameron, prominent health researcher (in the field of smoking) turned anti-gay activist, called on Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) to renounce his support for marriage equality in a press release this week:

"For the sake of the son you love, urge him to marry a woman," Cameron says.

CameronFrom the lengthy press release:

For the same reason society is concerned about the health effects of secondhand smoke, Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court should oppose the rush to nationalize same-sex marriage. Litigating for “marriage equality” is like suing to suspend gravity; as a matter of science, gay marriage is very clearly unequal in terms of procreative and mortality prospects…

An April NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll found that 50 percent of Americans imagine with Rob Portman, against the empirical evidence, that people are born gay. Ted Olson, the GOP lawyer who argued for gay marriage in the Supreme Court is sworn to tell the truth, falsely wrote in the Journal that homosexual orientation is “a characteristic with which they were born and which they cannot change.”

In fact, twin studies show that homosexual interests are not DNA-determined like race, gender and eye color, so gay analogies to the Civil Rights struggles of the last century are inapt. How else does one explain how Ellen DeGeneres’ first ‘lifetime partner’ could abandon homosexuality for traditional marriage? Senator Portman’s son was no more “born with” homosexual preferences than anyone is ‘born with’ a sexual taste for children — both are acquired and can be controlled.


  1. JONES says

    “For the sake of the son you love, urge him to marry a woman.”

    Urge the son you love to live a morally diseased existence so that religious fanatics won’t be made uncomfortable.

    This man is a Doctor? What a joke.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    I’m telling you, these rightwing homophobic extremists like Cameron are f**king idiots. How can this man claim to be a doctor – PhD or MD – and make statements like this? It’s incomprehensible. Worse still, how can any rational preson believe his BS?? I know, way too many.

  3. Ted says

    “For the sake of the son you love, urge him to marry a woman…” LOL. Like that will make him any less gay.

  4. EchtKultig says

    NOT an MD. He’s a discredited psychologist who’s been kicked out of their professional body. In 1983.

  5. Mike says

    Sexual orientation is likely epigenetic. Twin studies showed that there was definitely a biological origin to homosexuality, however the differences proved that it was not merely genetic. The new studies of the epigenetic origin of homosexuality look promising–and demonstrate that homosexuality is not “acquired” at all.


  6. says

    I’m sure if you were to look at Cameron’s computer browser history you’d find lots of interesting websites.

  7. Chris says

    Yeah, urge his son to marry a woman so he can live an unhappy, self-loathing, false, existence, in a loveless marriage that is not true to him, and he does not really want. Idiots.

  8. jamal49 says

    I simply have no more patience for these ignorant horses’ shanks. Cameron is wrong anyway. There is ample biological and genetic evidence that “homosexuality” is innate and immutable. It is a human condition.

    Read the horrific bigotry in Cameron’s statement: “Senator Portman’s son was no more “born with” homosexual preferences than anyone is ‘born with’ a sexual taste for children — both are acquired and can be controlled.”

    Makes me want to get my baseball bat and hunt Cameron down.

  9. says

    Yeah, I’m sure that the women who are dying to marry Will Portman are just lining up around the block.

    What I find almost as galling as the blatant heterosexism in Cameron’s statement is the blatant misogyny – a total disregard for the life of the woman that young Will should be urged to marry.

    Sexism is heterosexism’s just-as-mean, just-as-stupid older brother.

  10. Ninong says

    The guy is a complete nut. He taught psychology at Fullerton Theological University. He was kicked out of his professional association 30 years ago.

    He claims he was sexually attracted to men at the age of three, that he had his first homosexual experience at the age of four, that he had a much more satisfying heterosexual experience at the age of five and that he has been fully heterosexual since the age of eight. WTF? That is the craziest sh!t I have ever heard!

    He has been completely discredited academically but the right-wing fundie crackpots love him because he has that Ph.D. behind his name and because he says the sort of sh!t they believe.

  11. Manuel says

    WTF is Andy Towle writing?

    Cameron is not a prominent researcher in any aspect of public health. He hasn’t conducted any legitimate research in decades. He runs a tiny anti-gay outfit in Colorado Springs, which consists of himself, his wife and his son. That is his full-time job. Why is Andy Towle pumping this charlatan up as a prominent researcher in the area of smoking and health?

  12. Mary says

    No one with respect for the institution of marriage could tell a gay man to marry a straight woman. Marriage is hard enough when two people love each other and are attracted to one another. But a sham marriage? What for? Will Portman’s orientation won’t be changed by this. Today a sham marriage is just likely to add to the divorce statistics in a few short years. Not exactly a way to promote “traditional values.” A loving same-sex couple who wed and stay together benefit society more.

  13. Sean in Dallas says

    Ay, the constant comparison to pedophilia. Die already, old fool. We could use the compost.

  14. Jim says

    Since when was Paul Cameron ever a “prominent health researcher in the field of smoking”? He has ALWAYS been a gay-hate monger and crackpot pseudo-psychologist since his early wackadoodle days in Nebraska. That’s how he’s made his living for the last 30 years. This man has NEVER been a legitimate researcher. Way back in the distant past–circa 1978–he briefly dabbled in studying the effects of passive smoking but published nothing of consequence and contributed nothing to the field then or later. His ONLY prominence and claim to infamy is as a mouthpiece for gay hate.

  15. Jerry says

    It’s amazing how many people are taken in by this quack’s phony scientific credentials and opinion. I also don’t see much advantage to giving this homophobe coverage on gay websites.

  16. GB says

    The real test will be time. As always the hate comes out on any opposition. It’s merely another opinion, not an attack. If you’re secure in your views, don’t be so threatened.

  17. Michaelandfred says

    In fact, until VERY recently there was no genetic indicator for skin and eye color, and the new “possible” evidence still hasn’t been completely authenticated I believe. It’s just a hypothesis. But as long as we are going down the road of the ridiculous, there should be a far simpler way. Show US the heterosexual gene. Any of us can make a baby. That’s biology.

    So with billions of “heterosexuals on the planet, finding the straight gene to prove they all actually exists should be a snap. If they can’t, and since statistically FAR more go from “straight” to gay, I hypothesize that there are actually no heterosexuals. Just confused gays.

    Show me the gene Dr. Cameron. Seeing (and doing) obviously are not believing. I want proof YOU exist. Where do they dig these people up?

  18. Cycledoc says

    From the Southern Poverty Law Center: Cameron dresses up his “studies” with copious footnotes, graphs and charts, and then pays to publish them in certain journals. Cameron’s work has been rejected by both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association, yet his ludicrous statistics are frequently referenced in sermons, news broadcasts, politicians’ speeches and even court decisions.

    He’s a hack.

  19. El says

    Also, on the gay-gene/straight-gene topic:

    How come the recent studies on sexual attraction’s connection to epigenetics, published in “The Quarterly Review of Biology” et al., hasn’t yet been featured here on Towleroad (as far as I could tell, and I’m usually following closely)?!

    Or google it folks, it makes a lot of sense if you’re familiar with the topic(s)!

  20. Chris says

    Dear Dr. Moron;

    1. Anne Heche is OBVIOUSLY Bi Sexual. (Face Plant)

    2. Single Straight men live as long as Gay straight men. Married Straight couples live as long as Long-Term committed Monogamous Gay couples.

    3. New studies (yes…studies with actual reality-based statistics) show that both Single gay men and Single straight men live longer now than they did in past years…close to 70 years of age.

    4. Single Gay men live slightly longer than single straight men because culturally, we take better care of ourselves…but that slight gap is narrowing. As it should and will. Straight men have learned from us to take better care of themselves.

    5. Stop pretending studies done fifty years ago by YOUR OWN BIGOTED FRIENDLIES were the first, last and only studies ever done.

    5. Get back to us when Ellen maries a man.

    Your position in ever single regard makes you look like an intellectual idiot.


    A gay man who actually did the f*ckng research.

  21. JJ says

    1) The analogy to the black civil rights movement is not that black people and gay people are the same. It’s that white supremacists and straight supremacists are the same.

    2) Whether being gay is a choice or not is irrelevant. The Constitution protects choice. “Liberty” means choice. “No State shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” protects choice. Indeed, when the Constitution was founded, it _only_ protected choice. Differences in immutable characteristics were considered perfectly good reasons to discriminate. The idea that the law should not discriminate on the basis of immutable characteristics did not even begin to make it into the Constitution until after the Civil War.

  22. candideinnc says

    As a doctor, let me give you some advice. Beware of quacks who use degrees to hide ignorance and bigotry.

  23. Bernie says

    Paul Cameron is one of THE most dangerous wingnuts in the world!!!!! He will spout anything about gay people and call is science/research. He completely off the reservation of the far, far, far right…….and him telling Mr. Portman how to treat his son is beyond the pale……..If I were Mr. Portman, I would tell Mr. Cameron to shove it where the sun don’t shine….but then again, Mr. Cameron may enjoy that

  24. Daniel in MO says

    “Twin studies show that homosexual interests are not DNA-determined like race, gender and eye color…”
    So what chromosome is religion on again? Because I can’t seem to find that information online.

  25. FrankC says

    Mr. Cameron, your world is over.
    The world is his who can see through
    its pretension. It’s over Paul.

  26. says

    “‘How else does one explain how Ellen DeGeneres’ first ‘lifetime partner’ could abandon homosexuality for traditional marriage?'” I bet that he wouldn’t say that a straight couple divorcing is evidence that the institution of marriage is unsustainable. A double standard at its worst…

  27. Rich F. says

    Paul Cameron should be strapped into a testicle-kicking machine, and subjected to mechanical kicks to the testicles every five minutes for a solid month.

  28. Bobby says

    Cameron’s work has been discredited one thousand times over. He’s a nobody with a diseased mind.

  29. Dan CCobb says

    If I am “born” with a heterosexual orientation and have “acquired” my homosexual orientation… how do you explain the absence
    of the heterosexual orientation??

    That’s the one question these snake oil salesmen can’t answer. If I truly am oriented –instrinsically– toward heterosexuality… why is it utterly absent in me. This doctor’s unconvincing theory seems to be an argument (a poor one at that) for BI-sexuality: all males being born heterosexual and then acquiring the homosexual element, all together would make for a bi-sexual male. These anti-gay people are so hyped up on bashing gays that even massive holes in their theories don’t dissuade them from believing their inane theories.

  30. Dan CCobb says

    This man pays his mortgage from money shoveled to him by right-winger political neandrathals.

  31. Hey Darlin' says

    Another use of the “unequal in terms of procreative and mortality prospects” jargon that has become the bigots calling card. It’s interesting they all use the same printer for their cards. You can tell all the hate speak originates at the same exact source. What’s truly terrible isn’t who you commit your life to, through marriage. It’s being so narrow-minded that you commit your life to being so easily lead by your nose even when you were supposed to be educated enough to definately know better.