Colombian Senate Rejects Marriage Equality Bill 51-17

The Colombian Senate voted down a marriage equality bill yesterday, Reuters reports:

ColombiaThe bill was rejected by 51 out of 102 lawmakers in the Senate – with 17 in favor. The negative vote was widely expected, given that lawmakers from the ruling coalition had made an alliance to oppose the initiative.

Several hundred people rallied in Bogota's main colonial square as lawmakers debated the proposal to allow people of the same sex to marry. Colombians for and against the bill faced off in the Plaza Bolivar, with some critics of same-sex marriage waving banners that read: "1 man + 1 woman = marriage."

Colombia's Supreme Court issued a ruling in 2011 that requires the Congress to act on marriage equality by June 20, 2013, or else gay couples can apply for civil unions from notaries.


  1. George F says

    There is a positive on this:Colombian LGBT activists have been incensed by this failure and are already planning their next move.

    We knew the outcome of this beforehand -no surprise when the conservatives won yesterday… however the subject is getting a visibility it never had before … Give us a little bit more time …we are 49 million people here…it takes time to change such a large amount of minds and hearts!

  2. says

    Considering the recent victories in New Zealand and Uruguay, this is very sad. However, it looks like activists are already planning their next move…so it’s not over yet.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Best advice is to boycott Columbia in every way shape and form. No tourism, no Federal funding, no voluntary assistance, no online purchases and reject all Columbian pleas for favored status until they grant equality to all of its citizens, including their own LGBT community.

  4. unokhan says

    colombia is an openly fascist country, a mafiacracy… while one feels sympathy and solidarity with the gay citizens of colombia, on a global scale this rejection vote could be regarded as an ironically positive development.

  5. George F says

    Ha ha David Hearne! that’s cruel and funny.

    Colombia is a complex country… very divided-its youth is overwhelmingly liberal in these matters- and unfortunately in the last decade has been politically hostage to conservative interests.

    @ bandanajack : let’s keep the good work for another 50 years at least!

  6. ratbastard says

    No justice, no cocaine! No justice, no cocaine!

    Where would the gay community be without cocaine and meth? How many bars and clubs would have to shut down, and people lose their jobs?

  7. Rex says

    Hold Off On The Boycott Nonsense Unless You Idiots Are Ready To Boycott The USA and Other Countries Would Do not Nationally Recognize Marriage Equality. That’s All :-)

  8. David Hearne says

    Rex – I wasn’t aware that America produces cocaine. Thanks for the enlightenment. Hand me that straw will you?