Anti-Gay Leaders Threaten Leaving GOP: ‘We Resent the Insinuation We Have Treated Homosexuals Unkindly’

The leaders of 13 social conservative (and hate) groups including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, James Dobson of Family Talk Action and Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony List have sent a letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus (pictured) demanding the RNC reaffirm suppport for DOMA and a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

PriebusAs I mentioned yesterday, the RNC, which is holding a three-day confab in L.A., plans to vote Friday on a similar measure submitted by state party leaders.

The WaPo reports:

“Republicans would do well to persuade young voters why marriage between a man and a woman is so important rather than abandon thousands of years of wisdom to please them,” they write. “We respectfully warn GOP Leadership that an abandonment of its principles will necessarily result in the abandonment of our constituents to their support.”

The group argues that existing gay GOP groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud shows that there is no need to change party orthodoxy to create a bigger tent. “We deeply resent the insinuation that we have treated homosexuals unkindly personally,” they write.

They also suggest that better communication with social conservatives, “the experts on how to articulate those positions,” would have avoided some of the gaffes made by Republican candidates last year.


  1. David Hearne says

    Republicans make themselves increasing irrelevant with every word they utter so SING OUT PRIEBUS! Hilary 2016!

  2. says


    yes, because LCR and GOProud are sterling examples of well-adjusted homosexuals in no way crippled by self-loathing and familial shame 😉

    call their bluff, GOP. where they gonna go, eh?

  3. Tom in Long Beach says

    In a secular society there is no rational reason to withhold marriage equality. Slavery and treating women as property were also traditions that endured for thousands of years.

  4. JONES says

    It’s always the same meme … how can we better communicate our message?

    Get a clue … it’s the message that is abhorrent. We’ve heard your message and we reject it completely.

  5. Jonathan says

    “Insinuation”? What insinuation? No one’s insinuating they “have treated homosexuals unkindly personally”. People are stating it unequivocally.

    But I find the construction of that sentence very interesting. It’s almost as if they’re acknowledging that they treat LGBT people unkindly institutionally, legally, publicly, but how dare anyone even insinuate that they are in any way PERSONALLY unkind to individual LGBT people.

  6. bs detector just blew fuse says

    The “insinuation” that you have treated homosexuals “unkindly.” Um, just quote verbatim from Phyllis Schlafly’s book “The Positive Woman,” or from James Dobson’s spittle-flecked homophobic sermons, or the vile homophobic bullsh*t Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer have spewed out for c. 25 years.

    And Lou Sheldon? Please!

    Crazy Orwellian.

  7. woodroad34d says

    Don’t your eyes go bad if you don’t have enough light? Maybe that’s why so many Republicans are blind–they’ve kept their heads up their a**es for far too long.

  8. Daya says

    The Young Citizens are not dumb. They hear the Right wing members yelling about what 10% (at most) of the population wants to do that in no way infringes on the rights and responsibilities of the other 90%. Objectively, that just seems very unstable of those vocal Right-wingers.
    Most of us stay away from people babbling crazy stuff on the street. Enough said…

  9. Steve says

    Like they have any choice. They need the Republicans infinitely more than the Republicans need them. Fundamentalist Christians will vote GOP even without those tiny, irrelevant fringe groups

  10. aj says

    PLEASE SPLIT OFF FROM THE GOP!!! It will gaurentee that NO TEAPARTY,CONSERVATIVE,or GOP Candidate will ever win an election again….

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The thing is, the dominance of the GOP by these anti-humanity groups is probably what is keeping it from growing. Without them, they might just get the big tent they’ve touted for so long. Libertarians and Independents may find the GOP more attractive without all the anti-people crowd.

  12. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    Feel free to resent the insinuation. It changes not one whit the objective FACTS over the last four decades or more from the social conservative establishment.

    Need anyone bring up the legendary William F. Buckley’s threat to punch Gore Vidal in the nose ? There is quantifiable objective fact out there. Perhaps such cognitive dissonance is to be expected from the crowd who continue to wholesale traffic such reality-challenged memes. Aargh.

  13. Graphicjack says

    So now it’s the Republican’s job to convince young voters that your vision of marriage is correct? Is that because you’ve failed at it and you want them to do it for you? Look, you can’t win on any argument you try at this point… People just don’t believe your bullsh!t anymore. You’ve had over 40 years to come up with good reasons since Stonewall, and with out community coming out and ordinary people getting to know us instead of being some invisible monster in the closet, people just don’t believe we’re not worthy of equal rights anymore. You’ve lost and you can leave the party and all that does is help us… Or if you convince the GOP to continue to oppress us, they will go down with you.. Win-win at this point. Accept you’ve lost and move on… Of course they won’t because look at how these a$$hats still try to overturn pro-choice laws… Haters gonna hate…

  14. TonyJazz says

    So, this means that these Republicans would support the equal right for EMPLOYMENT for gay people across the country?

    (and yet they claim to not be anti-gay?????)

    Please ask these fools to take a course in basic logic….

  15. Alex Parrish says

    I am sorry to observe that tea-partiers breaking-off from the GOP might be exactly what the GOP needs to regain its balance and relevance. It could be the best thing that happens to the GOP. Not so much for the Tea party. On the whole, those of us with a liberal agenda are better-off if the crazies are steering the GOP towards the cliff, but then, part of me thinks it might be good if the US actually had a viable second party to choose from — just on general principles.

  16. Clayton says

    Here is contact info for the hospital. You know, just in case anyone has any questions:

    Contact info (from Reddit):
    Administration: (816) 276-4101
    PR: (816) 276-9475
    Ethics Compliance Officer: (816) 276-3306

  17. Sean says

    Oh no, what will become of the GOP without the batshit crazy people? Sorry, Phylis and the rest of you idiots, the dems don’t want you and your kind are pretty irrelevant to the discussion. You have no power anymore and will continue to lose more and more of it. You think screaming louder will make your voice heard, but nobody is listening

  18. Joe in Ct says

    Clayton, is the RNC in the hospital? Let’s hope they recover. Bigotry is hard to cure.

  19. Michael says

    Please, by all mean, split off from the GOP. It’s already on it’s last legs and this will just chop them off at the kneww.

  20. Jack M says

    Can we send them to the moon? Maybe we can take up a collection.

    “Thousands of years of wisdom?” Hysterical!

  21. jamal49 says

    aj, yours is the most sensible suggestion here. Let the gang of 13 leave and it will guarantee that the GOP is finally tossed on the trash heap of American history, where it belongs.

  22. disgusted american says

    That ole bat Phyllis Schlafly isn’t dead yet??

    Posted by: Paul | Apr 11, 2013 11:56:11 AM

    Nooo – the CRONE of CALDOR (bewitched reference) is still breathing……DRAT!!!!

  23. david from Edmonton says

    It is amazing how absolutely clueless these people are. Republicans as a whole are the most intolerant bigotted people you can find. Not only have they been unkind to the LGBT community, they are intolerent towards the pood and marginalized and people who are not white and rich. They are mired so deeply in the past they can’t ever see what is happening in society and moving with those changes. They are becoming irrelevant and need to know that. They are the “stupid people”. They want a constitutional amendment for marriage but absolutley ignore the requirement of separation of church and state. They are the Bible Thumpers that like to use single passages out of context and ignore the other teachings as they are not convenient. Get with it people and stop being so hateful.

  24. Kyle says

    They’re being disingenuous by claiming that their anti-gay reputation is based on their opposition to same-sex marriage. In fact the groups listed have a long history. What about your opposition to decriminalizing gay sex? To anti-discrimination measures? To ending titular anti-gay discrimination (as with DADT, Boy Scouts, etc.)? To modest same-sex partner recognition? What about your support for reparative therapy? For discriminatory policies (like banning gay people from being teachers or harsher penalties for the same sexual crime if it involves gay sex)? For Uganda imposing the death penalty on gay people (in the case of the FRC)? What about the lies you told about gay life expectancy, gay mental health, gay relationships and much more?

  25. JoeL says

    “The group argues that existing gay GOP groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud shows that there is no need to change party orthodoxy to create a bigger tent.”

    If there were any doubt as to how destructive GOProud and the LCR has been to the LGBT struggle for equal rights- this sums it up. As long as they continue to appease the Conservative right and allow them believe that equality is not a priority- and that gay Republicans will support, defend, and fundraise for GOP no matter how anti-gay the party platform is- there will be no need for the GOP to change their attitudes.

    Thank you GOProud and LCR for your continued support of discriminatory policies. When you demand nothing you get nothing.

  26. Rob says

    These people are breathtaking liars!! They make there money keeping their followers in a bubble. The Republican Party exists to elect candidates to office at the local, state, and national levels. That’s it. These groups through their rigid ideology have marginalized this political party. If the party allows their continued influence the party will fail. Threaten all you want the world has moved on.

  27. simon says

    It is good news. They are going to join the Democratic party? That means they are leaving the political field.

  28. Sean in Dallas says

    Not only have you treated homosexuals unkindly personally, you’ve done it INSTITUTIONALLY. PUBLICLY. POLITICALLY.

    Join us in the oxygen-rich air of Earth! It really helps your reasoning!

  29. Caliban says

    This would be hilarious if it weren’t so revolting. You resent the *insinuation* you’ve been unkind to gay people?! OK, first off, nobody is “insinuating” it, they’re stating it outright. Secondly, those saying it are armed with FACTS. (You know, facts? Those things you reject in deference to a book written at the tail end of the Bronze Age by nomads who couldn’t find their way out of the frigging DESERT? Those things.)

    So far the LEAST offensive things you religious nutballs have compared gay to are napkins and pens. Usually it’s kiddy-diddlers and dog-f*ckers. You continually and deliberately LIE about gay people, their actual lives and goals, but YOU’RE the victim here?!

    OK, to borrow some of your own reasoning, how about this? I’m not against the Christian Right, I’m just pro-lion.

  30. woodroad34d says

    When someone takes reality and warps it to suit themselves, isn’t that a mental or emotional breakdown? …an inability to face reality on it’s own terms shows stunted rationale skills and it’s frightening that these disturbed people have any modicum of influence. I keep thinking of the Thatcher years in Britain and how everyone hated Thatcher, but wasn’t it the people who voted her in for several terms? I feel shame for the people who give these idiots any sense of power.

  31. Mitch says

    I am a better judge of how I am being treated than you are of how you are treating me.

    Unkind, yes. No equality? Proposing amendments to ban me from receiving the same legal rights and protections that are available to you? Blaming me for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and political unrest in Korea?

    Make no mistake about it: you are being unkind and worse.

  32. anon says

    These groups are fighting for their very existence. If gay marriage becomes popular their funding will go to zero. Keep in mind that outreach and grant matching programs help to sponsor many of these pressure groups, and so they really can’t bite the hand that feeds them.

  33. Chuck Mielke says

    So, they want to whitewash their treatment of gays, claiming they’ve never personally treated homosexuals unkindly? Are they incapable of recognizing that “the personal is political”? Yet how hypocritical: they want to claim there’s a “war on Christmas/Christians,” because of citizens want to uphold the First Amendment, claiming that they are being “persecuted” as Christians through that activity; but homosexuals can’t make the parallel claim because Republican attacks haven’t been personal? Lies and blindness.

  34. Bill says

    @Tom in Long Beach: Tom’s comment, “In a secular society there is no rational reason to withhold marriage equality,” does not go far enough because withholding marriage equality can cause real harm even if civil unions are given the same legal rights as marriage.

    For an outrageous example, read

    Basically, a San Mateo County (California) prosecutor tried to deposit a check from her domestic partner. The bank called the wrong person with the same name, decided the check had been stolen, So they called the police, and the police arrested her, threw her into jail, and left her chained to the wall for two hours while denying her access to the medication she had for diabetes (an act that could be life threatening). She sued (no surprise – what happened to her was outrageous) and the f*#&$*#ing judge decided to have her pay the bank $50,000 (attorney fees) under an anti-SLAPP law.

    This travesty of justice would not have happened if the prosecutor and her domestic (same-sex) partner had been married.

  35. Joseph says

    Don’t expect leadership from the RNC’s head, little Miss Nancy Reince Priebus. He’s already distanced himself from the reform initiatives that were floated a few weeks ago. But he should realize that a backlash from Evangelicals is the least of his worries.

  36. Christophe says

    UNKINDLY?? The trail of rank hatred these malignant egophrenics leave behind over the last 30 years alone has been jump-the-shark barbaric, depraved, inhumane, immoral, unprincipled, utterly wicked, openly contemptuous, merciless, traitorous, despicably behaved, criminally motivated, pathological and lawless – but one wouldn’t say merely “unkind.” Good riddance.

  37. david from Edmonton says

    …… and I have to say the Log Cabin Republicans are sell outs. i think it anathema to be gay and support the Republicans.

  38. says

    the reason the GOP is decades behind in terms of LGBT Issues is *BECAUSE OF GAY REPUBLICANS*

    think about it – these gay republicans are the “gay friends” and “family” that the GOP like to pretend they care about. GOProuders. LCRs (like Matt Salmon Jr, whose GOP Mormon dad totally isn’t anti-gay despite being against gay marriage, gays adopting, and being disappointed that his son is no longer in reparative therapy….)

    so, what can we glean from this? that gay republicans do such a piss-poor job of “representing gays” that their own blood doesn’t think they’re worthy of Equality.

    not the same deal with liberals. whatever we gay liberals are doing, it seems to be working.

    so how about it, gay republicans? realize your tactics have failed. when you lay down in the mud so people can walk all over you they won’t ever expect anything else from you.

  39. Bill says

    After the national election last year, Karen Hughes, a former adviser to Georgie, said she hoped that all white Republican male candidates and politicians would never utter the word “rape” again. Well, it won’t be long before some of the few level-headed Republicans, whose brains aren’t between their butt cheeks, will hope for the conservatives to keep their mouths shut about gays and gay marriage. But until then, let the idiots have free speech! They all deserve each other.

  40. Curtis says

    Until I hear from their mouths that they believe in slavery, the subjugation of women (get back in the kitchen where you belong Mrs. Coulter), the death penalty for various activities (playing football, eating shrimp, farming intelligently, arguing with your parents (I know you are only six but you said you hate I have to throw stones at you until you are dead), among others, then their opinion, beliefs, and feelings are hypocritical and a double standard and thus void of weight, credence, and intelligence (duh) and we would all be better served if they learned to not be idiots or at least realized that they are backwards, warmongering douches with nothing to contribute beyond as example of how not to be and history will remember as standing in the way of basic human rights.

    (Mic drop)

    I’m done.

  41. Jay says

    If calling people abomination and unnatural, being prejudice, condemning people to hell and driving many to take their own lives is the anti-gay idea of kindness, then I truly don’t want to know what being unkind means to them.

  42. Bernie says

    talk about denial……….“We deeply resent the insinuation that we have treated homosexuals unkindly personally,” they write. This is just comedic fictional writing…..The junk they spew about gay people is pure hate……

  43. Javier says

    Please keep them this will make it easier to divide and conquer the Republican party. They have hate in their hearts… they need to own it now. This is their base after all… is it not?

  44. Rich says

    Let them leave. Please, let them leave. It will finally allow a progressive, thoughtful, forward thinking America to move ahead in the future.

  45. DC Arnold says

    Galloping Leaping gall of hatemongers to claim resentment of being portrayed as they actually are. Countdown to being fringe asshats begins now.