1. USC Trojans Fan says

    Did anyone else get emotional seeing this? Just got flash backs to what Ellen did for us in media, then a full circle moment to what Jason did for us in sports and it got to me a little. Wasn’t expecting that. Dang.

  2. Donovan says

    @ USC Trojans Fan
    nope. hard as it is to admit, slightly teared up a bit myself. Never thought I’d see this day. I’m an oldie, and back in my day, gays couldn’t even attend a sporting event. if people knew you were gay, they’d tear you up.
    although Collins is getting his share of awful hateful comments, that’s not the narrative for me…..the narrative here is we have our first openly gay mainstream athlete.

  3. SailorInVirginia says

    Growing up my cousin and I knew we were both gay, and knew we both came from ultra conservative anti gay families. We knew we were tired of sneaking around. We were tired of making up stories about dating girls and having to introduce female friends as girl friends. We knew it got exhausting.

    I also knew that it was destroying him emotionally, mentally, even physically. He was forced to live a lie, play a role, and sell his soul. All while having no one to turn to. I decided as hard as it was, I would take the leap of faith and on that summer day in 1992—I came out to the family. The entire family.

    I was met with un-invites to birthdays. Met with back stabbing. Trash talking. Discomfort and bad experiences from relatives. That lasted for a year. Right around that time, my cousin decided it was time for him to come out to our family.

    He was met with indifference about him being gay by family, to support, mostly apathy, to ‘whatever’

    He thanks me to this day for taking the punch. I’m glad I did. Both of us are better for it.

  4. Adam says

    I wish people would stop imposing the role model notion onto Jason. It’s Jason’s call, not theirs.

  5. MateoM says

    I wish Adam, an alias of Rick/Jason/Ratbastard/David Hearne would stop posting on Towleroad.

  6. Duration & Convexity says

    @ Adam
    Spoken like a professional troll. Amazing how many (just one, but let’s pretend ur not posting under different names) trolls we’ve had really act out since this amazing story broke. Not liking how galvanized the gay community is, ey?

  7. andrew says

    @Duration & Convexity: Adam is a jerk, but I find it amusing that YOU should say: “Lets pretend ur not posting under different names”. Does USC Trojans Fan agree with you? LOL!

  8. JONES says

    “You’ve done your part.”

    If everyone does even a little part, lend support any way you can, then we can get this done.

    LOVE Ellen