1. Ryan says

    Finding Nemo could be my favorite Pixar film, so I’m excited about this, but I worry that it’s been a while since Pixar’s had its last great original film.

  2. Kun says

    I’m happy but I’m not sure about that “finding Dory”… I’m afraid it’s going to be a rehash of the original story with Dory instead :-/

  3. heyguys says

    It could be just an origin story. “Finding Dory” could also mean all the characters are trying to find out where Dory came from. She spends the film trying to track down her family.

  4. tim says

    My guess is it will be a prequel…maybe explaining how Dory got the short term memory loss. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the movie about 50 times. thats what happens when you have lots of nephews and nieces, lol.

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