1. RMc says

    Faux news moron complains about amount of media coverage given to Marriage Equality while adding to the media coverage given to Marriage Equality. Irony is lost on that pontifical ignoramus.

  2. Ant says

    You cant come to the show interview next time unless the KKK , ant-interracial marriage group are present. All three groups will have equal plot of time to discuss your bigotry.

  3. Matt S says

    If this issue is as unimportant as this guy thinks it is, why are people on the right fighting so hard about it? Why is congress spending $50 million on it?

  4. Taylor says

    This is the “new” right wing meme, which is actually an old one we have heard before. What they fail to mention is that almost the entire GOP, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, and innumerable well-funded groups have made it their mission (and spent millions) to target this one supposedly inconsequential group. So we are being “selfish” for being forced to fight back and beg our case at the Supreme Court for 2 days? Yes, we just love the spotlight and so sorry for making a fuss.

  5. BG says

    The pro bias was evident online at NBC, CBS and ABC. The foregone conclusion patrol was out in full force. “The New Normal” hasn’t completed one season, but you know gay and patient never went together. The proponents “know a gay person” I just wonder if they know the same gay people I’ve known most of my life? Some must play touch football. And how could anyone so good looking possibly be anything like that old effeminate man who works in the greeting card shop?

  6. Jim says

    I’m ashamed to admit I used to think this bone head was hot years ago when he was on network news. Now, he’s just another insipid ditto head for Fox and Friends.

  7. Markt says

    Forget about the percentage of people who are gay. Think about the amount of money that has gone into DOMA, the many state constitutional amendments to outlaw gay marriage, proposition 8, etc. Based on money spent by the opponents – it’s very newsworthy.

  8. Bill says

    I bet some “fine southern gentlemen” like Bull Conner are kicking themselves for not thinking of that excuse in the 1950s and 1960s: after all, Blacks are under 20% of the population.

  9. FFS says

    1% of Americans possess 99% of our nation’s wealth, and yet Fox “News” covers their interests 24/7.

    Apply your very same reasoning and then explain that discrepancy, math wiz.

  10. says

    this is like the ninnies on facebook sayign “ugh, there are like OTHER important issues…”

    yeah. there are. so let’s get this out of the way so we can move onto those other important issues. oh, wait. that’s right. stalling and wasting time on “gay” is actually what Conservatives do when they haven’t got a legit fiscal plan up their @sses to talk about.

    here’s an idea – LGBT Equality is both the right thing, and inevitable. so stop delaying it, join the progressive movement, MAKE IT SO, and we can move onto all those other issues you pretend you both care about and are informed about.

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