1. Asher says

    I don’t know Sara personally, but I’ve been in close proximity to her at a number of events lately. In person, she has a glow about her that is really quite lovely. When I used to see her on Roseanna, I never thought of her as pretty, but in person, she is really beautiful. I know that’s quite apropos of nothing, but I’m really happy to see her happy!

  2. John says

    Read this on another site today – now that is a great story and a great romance. I hope and wish for the best for them – they deserve all the love and all the best.

  3. KDNA says

    an amazing love story/proposal like this makes me ask: what is everyone so afraid of? if it looks like love, and it sounds like love…aww, you know the rest.

  4. Rascal says

    If any biblical reference should be considered particularly relevant to our times perhaps it ought to be the warning by Jesus, “beware those who come in my name.” The idea that it’s Sara and Linda’s love that should be considered shameful rather than the condemnation of it proves how tragically blind ideological devotion really is.

    Think for yourselves, people. Think with your hearts.

  5. Adam says

    I have never trusted female homosexuals. Why? Because they are female. Female sexuality has a strong fake element to it because women do not need to be aroused in order to have sex. They don’t deliver gametes during the sex act, unlike us men.

    We men deliver gametes and we deliver them regardless of whether we engage in hetero or homo sex acts. We need to be aroused to ensure delivery.

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