1. Shawn C says

    English translation:

    Guy 1: “Miss you, Theo Ekenborg [name of a guy]”

    Guy 1: “Who’s that?”

    Guy 2: “It’s …”

    Guy 2: “It’s my boyfriend.”

    Guy 2: “We’re celebrating our … one year anniversary”

    Guy 1: “Congrats! One year, that’s not easy”

    In the end you hear another guy in the background saying “I know who it is. He’s damn good looking”

  2. Griffin says

    That’s WAY too progressive and cutting edge for America. But we’ll eventually catch up to Sweden in another 20 years or so, maybe.

  3. dorishin says

    thank you! Open up as the songs says at the end, indeed! It may just be optimism with all the SCOTUS stuff last week and the coming of spring. But after all the bullying stories and deaths that are so important but so sad these last few years, there seems to be a lot of positivity for a more accepting future. My hope is bolstered.

  4. GregV says

    I guess it takes all kinds to make up the GHSGLSSALBTQIA2SM&M (gay, homosexual, same-gender-loving, same-sex-attracted, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, intersexed, allies, 2-Spirited and Mermaids&Mermen) Community

  5. andrew says

    Just think, their ancestors were the fierce Norsemen who terrorized much of Europe for several centuries. In an Irish prayer book dated around 900 is the prayer: “From the fury of the Northmen, Oh Lord deliver us.” Now the descendants of the fierce Northmen are all warm and fuzzy and leading the way to a more humane and tolerant world.

  6. Onnyjay says

    Umm, one year, congratulations. My partner and I, 30+ years. Not easy but never a doubt