Letter Containing ‘Suspicious Substance’ Sent to Obama

Yesterday, a substance testing positive for the deadly poison ricin was intercepted on its way to Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS). Now word comes that a second letter containing a "suspicious substance" was intercepted by White House mail handlers, and it was addressed to President Obama. CNN reports:

ObamaBoth letters arrived Tuesday at off-site postal facilities set up after the 2001 anthrax attacks and have been sent to laboratories for additional tests, authorities said.

"A letter addressed to the president containing a suspicious substance was received at the remote White House mail screening facility," Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said. The Secret Service, FBI and Capitol Police are investigating, he said.

Shortly after that announcement, Capitol Police were checking out reports of suspicious packages or letters in two Senate office buildings. The first floor of the Hart Senate Office Building was evacuated shortly before noon.

UPDATE: Yes, it's ricin.


  1. JJ says

    The FBI has a sad track record of accusing the wrong person and utterly destroying his life before quietly dropping the case. They accused Bruce Ivins of the anthrax attacks on such weak evidence that many of the victims came to his defense. He eventually committed suicide. They accused Richard Jewell of the Atlanta Olympics bombing and leaked his name to the news media who aggressively hounded him and fostered a presumption of his guilt before he was eventually exonerated.

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